Rewardical Review: Expectations vs. Reality

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Rewardical Review: Expectations vs. Reality

Introduction to our Rewardical Review.

Rewardical is the Slightly Radical Rewards Token from the Zing Network. Like many shopping rewards programs, you can earn points for merchandise. With Rewardicals in your account, you can also earn things like Bitcoin, Cash Back, and Non-Profit Donations. In addition, you can earn silver bars and home business building items offered through Strong Future International, the affiliate program for all Zing Network Properties including TripleClicks online retail store, Eager Zebra Games, ECommergy, and Localvantia search.

Rewardical Review: Expectations vs. Reality 1

Rewardical Review Shopping Rewards That Make Sence Online And Offline.

Rewardicals are handed out by merchants online through sites listed in the Rewardical search engine and offline through Localvantia Search. Just log into Rewardical’s website and fill out an easy claim form. Once the seller reviews and approves your claim the rewards are added to your account and can be used immediately. One of our most popular items is Bitcoin rewards followed by cashback.

In addition, what you can review millions of members also donate a portion of their earnings the charitable groups around the world. In addition, dollars spent on TripleClicks also generate money for global charities as the Zing Network and Carson Services give back to all of the communities they serve. My Favorite is Make-A-Wish International because helping terminally ill kids live out their biggest wish is just plain amazing.

Claim Rewardicals Rewards Points using a simple online form.

Still, over 1 million users enjoy business-building rewards for their affiliate marketing accounts with SFI or Strong Future International which is one of the largest online retail affiliate programs.

Affiliate members can build out their down line or team below them in SFI’s Network Marketing system and amplify their own results or achieve new payout ranks from turning in Rewardicals for things they need and use. Things like gameplay with Eager Zebra Games and T-Credits used the bid and win as Astro Auctions can also be used the earn valuable Rewardicals. In addition, you can purchase referrals and earn a piece of the pie when they generate sales as long as you yourself become a Bronze Team Leader or above. Don’t worry you don’t have the spend a dime the be an SFI affiliate.

I have been an SFI affiliate for over 8 years and get paid every month. I would love the have you in my team of affiliates and will help you every step of the way they achieve your home-based business goals.

What Can Rewardicals Shopperr Rewards be turned in for

What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliates promote companies and products by doing reviews like this one or placing paid and free advertising that sends visitors to the website. When a visitor you send through your coded link makes a purchase you earn a commission or percentage of the item purchased. I explain in more detail the following post.

With Affiliate marketing, you can build a business in as little as 2 hours a day in your spare time and around 10-20 hours a week. You can be earning a part-time income in as little as a few months and a full-time income in as little as a year or two. Consider Affiliate Marketing as a NO COST SIDE HUSTLE and get trained today through the post on this blog.

If you are looking the really make a business of affiliate marketing click the link below for the best AM training online.

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Andy Anderson

What are the ways they earn these shoppers Rewards Points?

The easiest way is the shop online and offline retailers who provide the points. Zing Network has 2 powerful search engines. The first is Rewardical which will show you online merchants, hundreds of them who offer Rewardicals on any of over 80,000 items and services. Their other search engine is Localvantia which is a huge opportunity for SFI affiliates as they add thousands of local offline stores to the search system.

Every new local store added the Localvantia Search Engine or online store added the Rewardical Search will pay you 1 point for every 10 points the merchant hands out. Local stores and services like the Dallas Texas Contractor in the image below. As well as hundreds of global-local merchants. Imagine a merchant doing 20,000 in monthly sales, handing out 1,000 Rewardicals earning you 100 Rewardicals just for the introduction? How many local and online merchants could you introduce to the program?

Localvantia Search Merchant Example

You can see many Rewardicals online merchants in the image below. The green number on the right side shows how many Rewardical shopper rewards program tokens are earned per $20 spent with the merchant. In addition, if you are an SFI Affiliate and recruit friends and family you earn 1 reward point for every 10 they earn. I personally am already earning nearly 4,000 points a month from this alone.

Just look for retailers in Rewardical Search or with Localvantia Offline Search Engine and shop for the things you already but and BAM!!! You earn cash value rewards points you can also redeem for any of the thousands of products on TripleClicks.

Earn Rewardicals by shopping online or offline

In addition, you can earn Rewardicals playing Eager Zebra Games many of them free the play) and via the one of a kind Astro Auctions on The games are fun and easy and can be mastered with a little playtime and you can create leagues and challenge friends, earning both points and cash when they purchase additional plays or shop online.

Earn Shopper Rewards playing free Eager Zebra Games

What kind of cash rewards can you earn with the Zing Network?

I have personally earned rewards like the following from my account with Zing Network. While not typical and driven by referrals and my own shopping habits these earnings are 100% obtainable and you can even surpass them. With over 10,000 ways through TripleClicks and over 100,000 ways the earn online and offline you can add Rewardicals fast.

Rewardicals stack up from transfer buying alone which is a practice where you simply change from the stores you currently shop as the shopping with Rewardical shopper rewards program retail merchants. Want your local store the offer Rewardicals? Join the SFI Affiliate Program and refer them and earn 1 reward point for every 10 points they hand out for life. Just one merchant could pay you 10,000 Rewardicals a month or more.

May and Juse Cash Cashouts through the Zing Network

Pros of the Rewardical Shoppers Rewards Program

  • The system is a year old and is backed by the Zing Network, a Division of Carson Services which has been in business for over 30 years.
  • The Zing Network has over 8.6 million members and grows by over 4,000 members a day.
  • Thousands of reward items including more than 8,000 products as TripleClicks Online Retail Marketplace.
  • Hundreds of online merchants representing over 100,000 products and services through 2 powerful search engines.
  • Opportunity to build a home-based affiliate marketing business.
  • Bitcoin and Cash rewards.
  • Available in over 190 countries.
  • Share the system to earn rewards points.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Earn points playing free Games as TripleCllcks.
  • Earn 10 rewards points for every t-credit bid on the one of a kind Astro Actions.
  • Easy the claim rewards through a simple online form.
  • 12 options the collect rewards.

Cons of Shopping Rewards through

  • While most merchants, 99% are on the up and up occasionally as with all programs of this nature a bad player slips through the cracks and turns down legit claims.
  • Cash rewards are handled through your account with Strong Future International and require a $20 minimum payout.
  • Easy cash rewards not available in all countries due to banking regulations.

Summary of our Rewardical Review

In all the total reward and ability, to cash-out in Bitcoin, Silver Bars, Cash, or TripleClicks Gift Certificates as well as build your own home-based business make Rewardical shopper rewards program a win all around. Below I will even be offering you a coupon code for your first 25 Rewardical rewards points free just for reading my Rewardical Review. Fact is just sharing with a couple of people can generate tens of thousands of points a month as their referrals down 10 levels also earn you Rewardicals Shopping Rewards Points.

  • Who do you know who shops online or offline?
  • How many stores and services do you know could offer and benefit from a rewards program bring both new customers and helping existing customers decide to come back?
  • Can you use cashback for things like Vitamins, clothing, hair care, restaurant meals and more?

All of these can add up the steady cash rewards or even donations the charities like Make-A-Wish International. The best part is by going the and entering the code below you get 25 free Rewardicals the take a no-cost no-risk trial of the system.

Earn 25 Free Rewardincals, Just for signing up!
promo code: b1a977

Looking the add your online business the visit this link and get started today. I would love the see you reach our network before your competition does. Remember every merchant online or offline wishes the get more new buyers and increase repeat purchases. If you don’t join your completion will and the program is 100% free unless we generate new sales for your business.

The first 1,000 Rewardicals that you issue are on us.


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20 thoughts on “Rewardical Review: Expectations vs. Reality”

  1. Thank you for this great post, In depth and easy to comprehend, I appreciate you for creating a nice awareness about rewardical, it is a good feeling to know that one can get rewarded and still make money while shopping online, Your review shows the system is legit and rewarding. I will check the link and sign up right away. 

    • Thanks for stopping in Charles. What I like best is that unlike other programs you can earn residual points down 10 levels if you bring friends who bring friends etc..

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for this informative review of “Rewardical”, and I found it’s useful. I love the idea of giving cashback to us, and the way to play games with your friends via Eager Zebra Games sounds a lot of FUN! I used to know all the drawbacks before I joined any programs, so the cons part of this program helps me clarify some concerns. For the 3rd point, cash is not available in all countries, is it possible you could list out the available countries for a better study?

    • All I know is they are in 197 countries and those not covered are mostly restricted by their own government laws from participating. Most countries that don’t allow online shopping for fear of losing trade dollars and hurting their local economy are coming around though so expect that to grow. Thanks for a great comment, Matt.

  3. Unfortunately, rewardicals is not available in all countries but I’m sure it’s down here though. I am happy that you have brought this up and I am glad that I can actually make real rewards with rewardicals. It’s good to see that a few a people have also mad emoneg. I will be withdrawing to my Bitcoin wallet. This will be a better idea and j am one who loves shopping so it’ll be a good one for me. I’ll make use of that search engine you have mentioned to search a suitable place. Tha ks!

    • Hi John, in actuallityRewardicals are available in most countries but cash options are not available in every place due to banking laws. For some reason, some countries make it hard to bring money in or out. There are other nations with trade restrictions such as State Sponsors of Terror.

  4. Great review you have done up here concerning Rewardical and I must say that I was not disappointed at all with this platform. They indeed offer everything as claimed by them and that is a good one. They are also being backed by a great platform too. I like the fact hat the reward they give strictly varies but all of them in very high quality demands. Thanks so much for this review. Thumbs up

    • Thank Mattias, Rewardical and the Rewardicals tokens are a great program and adding the Zing Network’s other properties with a single sign-in you can do so many things with the network to earn rewards points.

  5. Hello Anderson, thanks for taking the time to put up this post. There are lots of people who are willing to make money online and are in search of a good source. Looking at this system, it seems to be very nice. Some people go out to buy lots of stuff and do not get a discount at it, now registering with this program gives you a greater chance to get some money back for what you buy, and its affiliate market program is just so cool. I’ll love to give it a try, do I have to register?

    • Dane, I give you a registration link on the page with your coupon code for 25 free Rewardicals. Just go to and enter code  b1a977 during your registration. You can register one time and use the same login to join and connect the otherrZing Network Properties.

  6. Hi Andy,

    It’s great news to know that Rewardical is not another scam. Among the growing number of scams and products that under-delivers, it’s a relief to know Rewardical are legit and their parent company is in the business for 30+ years.

    I am happy to see they do offer a portion for charities. Heard a lot about SFI and also joined them a few years before. Wow, 8 years as SFI affiliate is awesome.

    A lot of pros and only a few cons that too they are not a big concern ($20 minimum payout is a lot better compared to many other programs).

    You have provided all the required information and for sure you are saving people time. Indeed, Rewardical a win all around!

    • Hi Paul, I remember you from the SFI Forum. I think you can attest that work and dedication are needed as an affiliate in any program and the Zing Network and SFI are no different. Thanks for being a part of this review.

  7. Oh wow, this is very good. I am happy that you can render help by doing a detailed and honest review on rewardicals. This is something I’ll definitely go in for looking at the income potential of the programme. I believe that zing has done a great job to reward shoppers with this points that can be cashed as probably anything. It’s a good move. Tha k you for adding your coupon for the free points. I won’t forget that. Thank you for sharing.

    • Not a problem Henerson, by adding the coupon I get 2.5 credits just giving you a free trial of the system. A single article can get me 25-250 points from referrals and more when they actually put the program to work for them. Like I said in the post, I get over 4K points per month already and some people are earning 20,000 or more referral points a month.

  8. This is really amazing, I must admit. Having a program that can give you some amount of monkey from purchase you make on goods is really cool, how do they get to know the amount of good i have bought? Also when iy comes to reviewing new people in the business, does it have to be me whobl introduces them in form or referral?  Lastly how much do you have to pay to be a member?

    • Chloe, they have a claim form. You simply enter transaction details including the pre-tax amount of the sale and the merchant will get a message to confirm the transaction. It’s really that simple.

  9. Wow, Rewardical has an A+ rating on BBB! that is simply massive and that alone can attest to the credibility of this platform. I like the diversification of the several rewards they give which would make the whole experience much more awesome since you cannot always say what they would give you for your shopping experience. Further, Zing is an established business and I am sure that they would not be backing this up if it is not legit. Hence, Rewardical is worth trying out

    • Hi Shelly. When I first joined SFI most of the Zing Network didn’t exist but SFI has been around for over 20 years and parent company Carson Services for more than 30 years in retail affiliate marketing. They have a robust training system as well as being an industry leader in sales and paying millions of dollars in monthly commissions. I have seen negative reviews come and go in that time and few of them even have facts about the program which is why they have a BBB A+ across the board.

  10. Thanks for the great and detailed review on Rewardical. I have heard of it prior to this but never fully understood how it works until now. The fact that you can earn rewards by just buying things that you already buy frequently from specific vendors is pretty cool. I also like how I can potentially build a side business from this through affiliate marketing. This seems very legit as they have been in business for so many year, and I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

    • Awesome Joe, I will be glad to have you on my team. The entire Zing Network is on the grow and the Rewardical has been given out over 424 million times to date. That’s a lot of cash rewards and other purchases just from free rewards for things you already do.


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