Rewardical Shopper Loyalty and Rewards Program

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Shopper Loyalty and Rewards Program by Rewardical

Retail stores and eCommerce sites share a common problem in generating new sales and building customer loyalty. In recent years there has come a new era of point-based rewards for shoppers that have helped to address these concerns. Every program varies in cost and rewards and has a different degree of effectiveness. Today’s discussion we will talk about a viral rewards point system that offers thousands of rewards, cash, bitcoin, or even an opportunity where shoppers can grow your store through referring friends and family.

Rewardical Shopper Loyalty and Rewards Program for eCommerce and Offline Retail Stores

With over 8.6 million members and hundreds of small to mid-sized retailers like you. the Rewardical Shopper Loyalty and Rewards Program is growing by leaps and bounds. Rewardical is pushed by two great search engines in and Localvantia the local advantage search engine for offline retailers.

In addition, Rewardicals are issued up to 10 generations deep when members refer new members to the program making our growth truly viral. There is no loyalty program with as many reasons to see explosive growth as the Rewardical Points Rewards System.

Even Bakeries can use Loyalty and Rewards Progrrams for repeat customers and new clients.

“The best part is that all of this is done at no cost to you. unless we earn you. sales” says founder Gery Carson

The whole program is geared to save you. money right down to having your choice rewards amounts starting as low as 3.5% of the sale. Granted merchants who contribute more tend to see more doorstop traffic but we won’t judge any store based on budget.

Members are then rewarded points based on your settings for every $20 spent in your store and you. get final approval on all sales claims to prevent fraud.

Rewardical’s Anti Fraud System can’t be easier to explain and neither are the easy rewards claims for your customers. When a customer makes a purchase online or offline they are given an order or receipt number by you.. They use the receipt number and the pretax total to fill a short form on the Rewardical website. That form is then sent to you. to compare the receipt number to your ledger of transactions and when you. verify the receipt the user is rewarded their points. 100% control is in your hands.

Why do you? Need a Loyalty and Rewards Program.

In addition to bringing existing customers back to your offline store or eCommerce site the two great search engines of the Zing Network, the parent company of Rewardical drive a constant flow of traffic to your stores. Here is how they work.

Rewardical is for online retailers promoting their eCommerce websites.

Rewardical eCommerce Search

You get global traffic from ob\very 190 countries and growing to your business. In one year’s time, Rewardical has grown to over 8.6 million members and adds around 4,000 new shoppers every day. Many of these shoppers have never seen your business. Others have shopped before but for some reason never came back. This is your chance to get them back in for a new experience. Notice the free numbers to the right in the picture? Those are the number of r\Rewards Points handed out per $20 of purchases by the customer.

Localvantia Search is for local stores and means Local Advantage

Localvantia Search Engine

Every offline retailer and business owner in the world can benefit from Localvantia including retail stores, gas stations, motels, restaurants, and more. In addition you. can see local business services like legal aid, contractors, and mobile wash services or sign companies. This is an offline directory of hundreds of global businesses who all offer Rewardicals as a Loyalty Rewards Program.

What kind of Loyalty Reward is offered to my customers?

Rewardical Loyalty and Rewards Program offers 12 ways to get rewarded including gift certificates for TripleClicks Merchandise, a selection of over 8,000 different products, silver bars, tokens used to bid at auction or play Eager Zebra games, Cash, and Bitcoin. Other items that are optional help them build their business in the Zing Network’s 12 tier affiliate program or include training from eCommergy eCommerce Forums.

In addition, they have a program where you. can choose to send a supply of product to the home office of Rewardical in Lincoln Nebraska USA. Set your wholesale price and they will mark it up and promote it as a reward for our 8 million-plus members. An example would be a Lamp with a retail price of $20 and wholesale of $17 would have the retail price converted to Rewardicals and the wholesale ab\mount you. Set forwarded on to you. as members buy your merchandise.

Explain the Viral Marketing of the Rewardical System.

Members, including merchants, can offer a simple referral URL and Coupon Code like the one I will add below that offers their friends, family, and customers 25 free Rewardicals to try the shopping rewards program out for themselves. The whole system is free to join so most people say sure, let’s try it.

From there you. earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 collected by that member on hundreds of international stores. You can even earn points when your customers and friends shop at the competition. Sign up with other retailers and you. earn 10% of their rewarded tokens as well. Just one other retailer sign up can bring a member thousands of rewards points a month and again they can be turned into cash or bitcoin. I myself have cashed out over $200 in cash rewards in the year Rewardical has been in business and some members are already cashing out more than that per month.

From that point a viral referral system takes hold. You earn 1 Rewardical off every 10 earned by your referrals, their referrals, and their referrals down 10 tiers. This is free business-boosting money and cashback at your own cost.

Rewardical Loyalty and Rewards handed out as of 9/22/2019.

How many rewards has Rewarrdical Given in the last year?

As of 9-22-2019 the total reward given by Rewardical to it’s 8.6 million members is 426,416,487 or roughly 49.58 Rewardicals per member. I personally earn over 4,000 Rewardicals a month and have seen as many as 17,000 in a single month from mostly referral purchases. The system works and works great.

Imagine your business handing out tens of thousands of rewards to a swarm of new customers and faces you. haven’t seen in a while? That’s what Rewardicals do is bring people in and back to your store with buying in mind. Best yet when they shop for other retailers you can earn too by simply joining the SFI or Strong Future International program from the Zing Network where you. can earn cash commissions too.

Are there other ways to earn Rewardicals tokens?

Yes, members who shop online or off can also play Eager Zebra Games, or bid in Astro Auctions using t-credits bought from or earned for free through the hourly t-time drawings. Also, there are none shopping services like Home restoration, business services, gas stations, and restaurants that can offer rewards as well. Go to the movies,

check to see if a theater in your area offers Rewardicals.

Rewardical members shopping your store anywhere in the world

Not sure yet but want to try the system?

Go to and enter code b1a977 or visit this link to get your 25 Rewardical tokens free.

Pros of starting a Rewardical Loyalty and Rewards Program for your business.

  • Drives new customers through the front door of your business.
  • Adds your business to one or both powerful search engines used by shoppers worldwide.
  • Cost you. nothing unless you. make sales.
  • Cost is in your total control with no hidden fees, set it at 5% and that is the most you. will ever pay per transaction.
    Even Hotels and restaurants can benefit from Rewardical Membership.
  • The system encourages a $20 minimum ticket spends. For many retailers, this is increase ticket averages.
  • Encourages existing or former customers to come back and buy again.
  • Cost less than other rewards programs and you. do not have to put thousands of dollars in payment accounts.
  • You get final approval on all transactions, we never tell you. that you. have to pay someone you. know either never made a purchase or asked for an immediate refund cutting fraud out and increasing your profits.
  • You can earn off 10 levels of referral from your store and your customer’s friends and families.
  • Your customers can earn cold hard cash or Bitcoin Rewards as well as any of over 8,000 items on TripleClicks.
  • Offer your customers fun free games to play to earn even more rewards.

Cons of the program

  • Rewardical desperately needs companies like you. to grow the rewards and loyalty system.
  • Rewardical only has 8.6 million customers despite rapid growth and needs companies like yours to help expand it.
  • Manual approvals take time for larger retailers. At this point, automation is only planned for the future and not yet a reality.

Closing arguments for Rewardical Loyalty and Rewards Program

Every business on the planet needs two things. A low-cost way to drive new sales and a way to retain existing customers. With the Rewardical rewards system you. don’t pay a dime upfront, pay only the percentage you. choose, have manual acceptance of all fees. It cost you. nothing but your next 3-5 minutes to get started and we will even place the first 1,000 Rewardicals in your account to give your customers. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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16 thoughts on “Rewardical Shopper Loyalty and Rewards Program”

  1. Thank you for explaining Rewardical. It is something I had heard about a little bit but not gotten a full look into. I appreciate how you explained everything. It sounds like a way to make commission on sales without too much of a start up cost. It sounds great because with Rewardical you can boost your business and gain more traffic, and also we were to go helps you to get people returning to your website to buy more things one day.

    Great review, this will definitely help a lot of people looking to know if Rewardical is a good way to go. I will keep this page in my bookmarks and come back when I am ready to start Rewardical too.

    • Hi C, I couldn’t agree more and with the viral nature, the referral system can have you start with 5-6 friends and be earning rewards from hundreds of shoppers in no time at all. This program works for both retailers and the average citizen off the street.

  2. It really makes a lit of sense making use of Rewardical as a business owner. People love freebies or anything that would avail them the opportunity to be rewarded and as such, I really found this offer by Rewardical very helpful and would be worth trying out.the rewards program is really cool and the fact that it can help with generating a lot of traffic is really great to know of. I’d surely check that feature out too. Thanks

    • I’m looking at it for future blog related paid products as well like special reports etc.. I have also requested they consider letting bloggers purchase a block of Rewardicals that can be used for contest prizes etc.. There are limitless possibilities.

  3. Thank yo for this informative post.

    Reawardicle is quite interesting.  I really like the fraud prevention solution.  I guess the only drawback there is the manpower requirement to verify submissions.  Still, if the benefit outweighs the costs, it would be worth it.

    The reward aspect is interesting too.

    I’m intrigued by this program, as an end-user and business owner.  I’ll be checking it out in more detail.

    Thanks again,


  4. Wow, this has my attention, I have an online business offering my own products, and would welcome new customers, something this program offers. Thanks for sharing , I have earmarked the URL for further studying. I do not see a problem in the commission on sales. How long has this program been around?

    • Rewardical is about a year old and has given out over 400 million points. Their Parent company Carson Services Inc. of Lincoln Nebraska USA is BBB rated A+ and has been in business for over 30 years. The SFI Affiliate program I mention in the full review is a 21-year-old program itself and is the affiliate arm of all Zing Network services.

  5. Hello Andy,
    How interesting is Rewardical. It is capable of generating constant traffic to my store. Members are rewarded with points for expenses incurred and has a very good system to avoid fraud. 

    It is useful for online or street business. I will consult with my partner, I will surely contact you again. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Claudio. The best feature of the program for me is the fact there is no cost unless we help you make sales. How powerful is that?

  6. Hello; Shopping Loyalty and Rewards program seems to be befitting some online marketers? in that, they can collect various kinds of rewards? 

    I notice that this is different from Affiliate marketing companies. I do not know if this is a mistake or I understand it wrong. I saw something like earning $2.00 in the first year If I am right, Many people like myself could not join the Loyalty Reward Program, due to inflation in our country. I hope there is an error somewhere. Because I definitely would want to join.


  7. Hi Andy – This is interesting.  Anything that generates traffic has my eyes and ears.  I am blogger so I’m interested in the purchasing of rewardicals blocks for contest prizes so I’ll be checking in to see how that is progressing.  Will you be posting that on your site?

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. Hi Andy. I really like the fact that it’s totally free if there are no sales made so we technically have nothing to lose. Bring traffic through the front door of our business is something everybody wants. So, joining Rewardical Shopper Loyalty and Rewards Program seem like a no brainer to me.

    I still have a question: For large retailers automation is the only way to go. Are there any plans for this in the near future?

    • Automation is planned for the future and signing a big box retailer could generate the revenue to make that happen sooner instead of later. The system is young but all things will happen in due time.


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