SEO And The Blogger. What Is In A Great Google Rank?

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Just a quick note today on SEO or Search Engine Optimization and how it relates to your Google Rankings and what that, in turn, does for your blogging business. Welcome to our SEO and the blogger discussion.

SEO and the Blogger
Keywords Are The Lifeline for SEO and the Blogger

For our brief SEO and the Blogger discussion, we will first need to discuss your goals.

The number one goal of any blog, for-profit or not is to generate readership. After all, why write something nobody reads? If you7 are like 99% of us and would like to make money with your blog then you need as many readers as possible and unless you have deep pockets for endless advertising you need as many free website visitors as possible. That’s where SEO and the Blogger come together.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization, what is it?

Just 10 years ago SEO was abused greatly to manipulate search rankings. There were tons of black hat practices like link schemes, link buying, keyword stuffing, and more that simply don’t work today. SEO and the blogger have matured and developed into a seamless blend of content with the right words to attract attention once a site is ranked.

Search Engine Optimization is about letting Google know what the page is supposed to be about so Google and Bing can decipher how well you deliver on that promise.

What is Google Looking for in a Blog Post?

What is Google Looking For In A Blog Post?

In the post itself you are looking to sprinkle in your focused keyword or search term around 1.1.5 times per 100 words written in order to have a good keyword density and make Google’s job easier. You have to do this in a natural voice though so Google doesn’t stop and say this doesn’t read right and penalize your page. You might have guessed that I am ranking this brief post for the term SEO and the Blogger, and have sprinkled in the keyword where it makes sense to be.

The recommended weight of your search term or keyword density is 1-1.5% and that includes adding in once in your Title, your first paragraph, your last paragraph, and then add it to at least one subheading. You will need a minimum of 600 words in your post to rank well but having 1200+ words in a post is required to rank for more competitive terms. Needless to say, SEO and the blogger require a great deal of creativity.

Check out the handy Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization FAQ at

Where do you learn of the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Land and sister site Marketing Land is penultimate in our books for keeping up today while Neil Patel and Moz offer the best courses to learn SEO to begin with. Please note none of the 4 links here are sponsored and are offered strictly based on our personal experience with these programs. By using these programs including free training on Moz Blog and especially all the free training provided by Neil Patel and Search Engine Land you can get grounded in SEO and stay up to date with the latest changes announced by Google.

What tools do we use as WordPress Bloggers to generate unlimited free search engine traffic?

The first is a totally free plugin for WordPress called Rank Math. The Rank Math plugin has been free for the last 4 years and is in my opinion the best SEO plugin for WordPress hands down. Rank Math will tell you how you score on all key aspects of search engine optimization and give you both individual page ratings and a total site score. Soon Rank Math will also have a pro version but I can’t imagine what will be in it beyond more analytic and keyword planning help because the core free plugin offers so damned much.

The keyword planning starts with Jaaxy, a tool by our friends at Wealthy Affiliate that also has a light version included in WA membership. Jaaxy is designed to help you find a plethora of red-hot keywords and low hanging fruit to target with your search terms. From Jaaxy we jump to Answer the Public to see what questions in relation to our keywords people are actually asking.

You can input your keyword, and it will give you hundreds of ideas on how to write a post around it people are actually looking to read. Once, you have a few post ideas you can then input them into the EMV Headline tool at American Marketing Institute. This tool will help you work out a final Headline for the post with a strong emotional pull. We also use Ubersuggest to round out search research including a check on our competition for the search term by Neil Patel.

SEO and the blogger are a discussion highly related to great content though.

Related content is a great place to build authority

See search engine optimization is about bringing people to read your post and if people can’t read your blog post then all the traffic in the world will equal no sales, not one subscriber, and a blog that fails on all categories. Not to mention it gets kicked clean our of the search engine rankings within 3 months or fewer if it ranks at all. So always write for your readers.

Are there other tactics and tips for involved in SEO you will share?

Yes, Super Tips from this SEO and the Blogger post include. Use alt tags in every image and good descriptions as well. At least one image should include your targeted keywords. You can leverage videos from sites like YouTube that relate to the content as well even if those videos are done by other bloggers.

You can also use your comments section and responses to your readers to continue the reinforcement of your search terms, and building a good reputation will always be key in growing your authority so be a goodwill ambassador for your blog around the internet on other related blogs. Lastly keep affiliate links to a minimum, use reviews if possible to link to from core content then to the affiliate page, and link out to sources as we did to Neil Patel and Search Engine Land above.

SEO and the Blogger Summary

If you are using Rank Math you will find you don’t need separate plugins for Schema or semantic markup, and sitemaps. You will love the tools involved but will find one thing missing in the current free version. That is support for Google Analytics which we are currently testing the plugin Monster Insights for. GA offers great stats but doesn’t fully help with SEO directly.

Google rankings are also about things like inbound links. We didn’t cover that here because link building is a natural process of great content and social sharing. The more people like your blog and the more that visit it the faster natural linking happens. This blog for example has under 80 posts and has more than 1,000 inbound links, 1500+ comments, and that’s before I hit publish. All of this is for you the reader and because of you doing simple things like sharing our link on social media and on your own blogs as a resource we continue to grow.

That’s it for SEO and the blogger. In the comments below please let me know if a post on link building is something you would like to read?

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12 thoughts on “SEO And The Blogger. What Is In A Great Google Rank?”

  1. Seo is definitely an areas that I really lacked a lot of knowledge on before until you have decided to enlighten my knowledge and make everything quite easier for me. Honestly speaking, learning to know how to maneuver our ways through the hussles of seo can really help a lot in getting the right traffics that will help in the overall nature of the company. Thanks here

    • Lacking knowledge just means an opportunity to learn and start fresh with no bad habits. I am glad you found our blog and have found it so useful.

  2. This is very interesting and informative for a beginner like me. Mostly people don’t know what the use and purpose of SEO.
    Having knowledge about SEO can improve your blogging style and helping your audience to reach post. It means you can get sales on it and your website is doing well.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Not a problem. Out who mission in this post was to get people thinking about natural rankings. In future posts I will likely discuss black hat SEO and why it doesn’t work in more detail, and things like link building and growing authority in more depth as well.

  3. Useful post with great tips to optimize the blog posts for SEO. Whenever you’re creating online content you want to think about the reader first. For the most part, when you focus on the reader the SEO part of the equation will be taken care of without much effort.
    Also, when creating each blog post you want to have one main keyword phrase in mind for each post. From that one focus keyword phrase you might have additional secondary keyword phrases.

    • The additional secondary phrases often need no focus because they are usually what is classed as LSI or latent Semantic Indexing which basically means they are saying the same thing in a different way. I myself am guilty of not using them near enough because they give you the ability to reinforce the keyword without over saturating your post with the samephrase over and over.

  4. Being an affilate marketer have not been easy for me and I have been willing to get more knowledge about the line of business so I am able to make more progress as the goes on. Making us of SEO have been one mind too for a long time, but I really haven’t had the time to learn fully about it in other to apply it’s benefit to my business. I have heard a few things about Jaaxy, what would you suggest I do?

    • First off I would make time to learn, it is your best hope of strong success. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate they teach SEO along with content generation but no lie. Its a long haul project, not an overnight success. It will take at least 30-40 articles on your blog to get the kind of traffic it takes to start generating sales. More optimized content the better your results.

  5. Wow, what a wonderful post on what SEO is and what one needs to do to get good ranks on google. I have been an internet marketer for a while now and I know what it means to just get indexed alone before even going all the way to becoming highly ranked. I like this post and it has really taught me a lot about what I need to do to get ranked. Nice works!

    • Hi Payton. Glad to help with the understanding of good SEO practices for your blog. SEO and the Blogger is a post about getting those rankings through strong on-site Search Engine Optimization practices. To make that happen you use small tweaks to your sites like linking out, linking to other pages on your blog, good headers, and great descriptions. Above all, though your content must satisfy your readers more than Google. Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is about SEO And The Blogger. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it. I like plugin Rank Math of the points mentioned in your article. I used to Yoast SEO for my website but after seeing your article I will use Rank math for SEO later.
    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share it with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

    • Thank you. I love the features and options and the SEO score has helped me get a 98 SEO score from Google Myself according to which I was using in combination with page speed insights to work on my mobile and desktop load times. Also very important for Search Rankings.


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