The best work at home jobs a Wealthy Affiliate Review

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What is the best work at home jobs? How can you start a business online, fire the boss, and add financial stability? In our Wealthy Affiliate Review, we will cover how to get the training succeeding online using your experience and passion.

Wealthy Affiliate Review How do i become an Affiliate Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate Review Overview

Today we are going to talk a lot about Wealthy Affiliate University and how it can help you turn your current work or life experiences into a full-time income and allow you to work entirely from home. Regardless of if you are reading this before or after we win the war against COVID-19 the Corona Virus or not we have all experienced a cataclysmic life-changing event.

People have been laid off by the millions as companies thin or close operations to avoid the spread of illness. Millions more are forced to perform their daily work from home. The latter actions prove that your experience regardless of what you do can find a home in the digital age online. Wealthy Affiliate University helps you bridge your skills to digital marketing and profit from being an online affiliate marketer.

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim owners of Wealthy Affiliate University

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005. The company back then was a lot different from the juggernaut of today, which shows a dedication to perfecting the best training center online. Everything from elite hosting to elite keyword research tools is included for less than dinner for 2 twice a month.


What are the best online jobs?

Well, you may have guessed by now we are fond of affiliate marketing. There is no other business or job online that allows as much freedom as being an affiliate marketer, but what is an affiliate?

Affiliates are people who bring skills and information to the public answering their questions and providing solutions to their needs. These needs often have product-based solutions and when products are listed on the affiliate’s blog or website with a special tracking link the affiliate will get paid a portion of the sale called a commission for each purchase by one of their readers.

As a prospective affiliate, you can choose your school studies, your job experience, or your favorite hobbies as niche or topics of your blog or blogs. Wealthy Affiliate University shows you how to do this in a quick and easy manner. In no time at all, you will have your own blog, be writing content you never knew you could write, and in just a short time you could be making more money than you ever dreamed of.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Center Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course

There are thousands of how to do affiliate marketing courses online but not many stacks up to Wealthy Affiliate and definitely not for the price and benefits. Most of these courses teach you to affiliate marketing by teaching you only to promote their systems, products, or course. They don’t teach you how to select a niche outside the Make Money Online niche and leave you often under-informed. Worse yet you can be out thousands of dollars for little to no return.

Wealthy Affiliate offers two courses. For many, they will choose to take the Affiliate Boot Camp and make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate in the home Business niche markets. The average marketer, however, knows nothing about online marketing and actually has other interests and experiences like Dog Grooming, or Knitting, Wood Working, or Sports Cards and Memorabilia.

With the Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course, you can apply what you know about the things you love and develop a great blog that actually makes you boatloads of well-earned income. That’s not to say you will make money doing this but we have far more success stories than your average 2 million-member training center.

Andy Anderson's Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial one of the best online jobs

Wealthy Affiliate and the Affiliates Boot Camp

In the affiliate boot camp at Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn a streamlined training system that narrows down your training to one niche area. Make Money Online and it focuses on how to directly promote Wealthy Affiliate. This training as a Premium Member can be worth thousands of dollars a month and an annual all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas once you reach the 300 annual sales club. Don’t worry dozens do it every year.

What do 300 monthly subscriptions look like money-wise? At $23.50 per month subscription or $235 per yearly membership, you can see where this is quickly an Upper 5 to Six-Figure Income. Add in the fact you will earn off other products reviewed along the way and various side income like paid advertising and you will soon have your head spinning about income potential.

Don’t get lost in that. This is a real business with real work and time required and while you can get your first 10 lessons free there will come a point to invest in yourself and your business. With determination, investment, and time you will find success but take any of them out of the equation and you will fail. I personally recommend that anyone who joins WA Upgrade as soon as possible to unlock their full potential and be prepared to give it at least a year to make money that is life-changing.

Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge

Every year Kyle Loudon start’s with hundreds of affiliates who make a commitment to a year of premium membership and personally mentors us to help develop our own 6 figure business built around the affiliate boot camp and earning income through the Wealthy Affiliate Training system. The ultimate goal is to see each of us in Vegas within 2 years and the training and scheduled task are intense.

So far in 7 months, we have learned everything from self-motivation to content creation, including using different methods and styles to tap into the billions of visitors coming out of YouTube. We have written over 70 articles, published over a half-dozen video, and more if we are 100% up to date on the plan. I am behind on YouTube videos as I was waiting for my new Boom Mic to and Video Camera to come in from

Vegas Super Affiliate Convention

What Happens in Vegas?

I will state right now that I have not made it to Vegas yet but have it on my plans hopefully next February when the conference is held.

In Vegas Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate roll out the red carpet for super affiliates. They wine them, dine them, give out massive bling, and in between, you will meet dozens of the World’s Best Affiliate marketers. Many of them have earned well over $1,000,000 online.

Steak Night in Las Vegas at Wealthy Affiliate  Conference

You will also discuss upcoming changes and additions to the platform, and get an insider’s scoop on how your business will change over the coming year. Each Super Affiliate will also have a say in many of these changes. Kyle says that sometimes they go in with a plan and the affiliates will speak up against something and change the course of history and business in this think tank of marketing talent.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Tools & Benefits

What you learn – How to install a WordPress Blog and set it up in 24 hours or fewer to do business online. Legal compliance like privacy statements and affiliate disclosures and the new Online Data Privacy acts like GDPR and it’s California clone. You will benefit from templates and suggested text outlines for these important documents and get a better understanding of how copyrights work.

Learn how to engage subscribers acquired through sound search engine marketing practices. I have personally turned my own training into a potential 6 figure Local Search Engine Optimization business called dotLocal SEO. Just one WordPress based Website Design could generate up to $1500 in income with included SEO services. I have blogs on baseball and Hemp CBD Oils in development. As well as this blog and one on CryptoCurrency and Early Retirement that show promise as my business grows. I have learned to turn a profit in each business, scale-up, and build a great life for my family.

Tools You Get:

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Lite Membership. (read Jaaxy review here)
  • World-Class WordPress Hosting for 10 Websites
  • Site Speed Suite
  • Site Security Suite
  • Kraken Image Optimization
  • GeneratePress Themes
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback
  • 24/7 Rapid Support
  • Live Coaching Webinars Weekly
  • Daily Access to hundreds of marketers via live chat, true peer support.
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course
  • Unlimited Income Potential

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

The Pros are a mile long:

  1. Great Training
  2. Top Tools
  3. Peer to Peer Support
  4. 24/7 Tech Support
  5. Amazingly fast servers and the best hosting for WordPress around.
  6. Jaxxy Lite included in Premium.
  7. Live Weekly Webinars
  8. Constantly Updated Training
  9. Super Affiliate Challenge
  10. An active community of professionals generating training of their own
  11. Lucrative Affiliate Program
  12. Choose any niche interest
  13. Value in the Thousands of Dollars a year.
  14. Priced at just $495 a year or just $49 a month.
  15. Free 10 lesson trial including a subdomain blog to let you get used to building your site and learn to affiliate marketing before you upgrade.
  16. $19 first month offer within your first 9 days.

Cons against WA Membership

  • Not everyone can afford it but most can’t afford to not have this training and these tools.
  • Many of the videos are still being updated to show the current version of WordPress.
  • Sour Grapes Reviews On Web by former affiliates who quit too soon or competitors who just don’t know WA.
  • Billing support is a little slow and since it’s 100% service-based there is NO Refund for people who decide after the upgrade that they just can’t handle the training.

Summary Of The Best Work At Home Jobs A Wealthy Affiliate Review

Come on now this program has been online since 2005 and trained over 2 million affiliates at that time. There are bound to be minor glitches and bumps, but with Wealthy Affiliate, you will find very few outright flaws. When looking for the best work at home jobs. You can not deny that starting the business of your dreams and earning money from your passions is not appealing.

When you read through this review you will surely see the value for your money. You know you can’t afford to miss this offer but maybe you need time to come up with the money. Take our free trial and give it a week to see where you are. Cut waste from your budget, eat out less, take on some extra freelance work like writing resume cover letters or something on Fiverr but make this happen for you and your family.

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38 thoughts on “The best work at home jobs a Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. Well, I  received lots of good information from this post on Making Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate.  Your personal journey reads like a tough one.  It’s good to hear that you have rebounded & are making a full recovery with your new online business. 

    I noticed that you don’t discuss money or ROI in your post. It could be influential to mention this to give your readers a clearer idea for what to expect.  I do see the added value in the WA membership details though. This is very thorough. 

    Thank you. 

    • By design, I don’t discuss money because what I earn for example is no bearing on what another affiliate may earn. I know people who started the same days as me who are still struggling after 4 years and others are way past my earnings having written up to 5 times as much content. I personally let a domain expire on accident and lost a site with over 100 posts and started over with this blog a year ago. Do I have 4 years of content on here? Nope, so I have a year of monthly income built from this blog and make money from other projects but not even close to where I will be a year from now.

  2. Hi Andy!

    I think wealthy affiliate is the best place to learn and create your online business. All the aspects of an online business are explained in a simple manner, easy to understand and step by step training that you can take at your own convenience.

    I am glad that I joined and my websites are growing every day.


    • I am ecstatic with my decision to join back in 2016. The program is pulling my family back up on its feet and myself back from some very bad times mentally and emotionally. I highly recommend people looking for the best online jobs to consider affiliate marketing and read this Wealthy Affiliate Review. Thanks for your comment.

  3. WOW the las Vegas trip sounds fun and exciting whilst also being useful. Have you been before? Just curious! By the way I wanted to read the article as I am deciding to join WA and sounds good. I wanted to read the cons part especially as I wanted to know the other side to this affiliate program and can say agree with you on them. Thanks for this information!

    • While I consider Wealthy Affiliate the number one opportunity for affiliate training online I would never candy-coat the cons of a program to sell more memberships. I would not last very long if I did in this business where honesty is your best friend. I have done a couple prior reviews of Wealthy Affiliate that actually rated the free trial higher, but adjusted my score this time because it really shows only a fraction of the greatness of the Premium membership. Which is a  lot to say considering this free membership to paid memberships is one of the best selling hops I have experienced with around 16% of my referrals going premium for at least 3 months. I haven’t made Vegas yet but I will be there as soon as possible.

  4. Hello Andy, wealthy affiliate is very well respected for so many reasons and for all of these numerous reasons, majority of them are good and their success story keeps increasing by the day. Its training is great and as an affiliate, I really love it is easy for beginners to understand. Its whole program is great and how wealthy affiliate platform is well built to give all that is needed for anyone to develop its business online is one outstanding feature indeed. 

    • I have been online marketing as an affiliate since 2004 and have amassed quite a success story but nothing near the potential I have rebuilt my life with Wealthy Affiliate’s master plan for affiliate marketers.

  5. Quite an interesting review you have written about wealthy affiliate and I couldn’t agree more with you with the things you have srivbled here. The platform is just the perfect and right one for anyone. With proper planning and dedication, anyone can make their money with wealthy affiliate. Just stuck with the laid out plans and guide with slight modifications.

    • Thanks, Rodarrick, for another great comment. I am humbled by the feedback I get every time I review or recommend the WA system to people. There is just so much meat on the bone to believe for many. I hear all the time that people actually pass on the offer because they can’t believe how much we get for the price we pay. I am here to testify that the value is real and this site is proof.

  6. Hello Andy. Great to see your work here again on your platform. The wealthy affiliate university is probably one of the very best when it comes to teaching all one needs to know about affiliate marketing. I can say this because I have also tried other training online but wealthy affiliate stands out. The fact that Kyle and Carson actually give a free opportunity makes it even better. Your post is well detailed too. Very good.

    • Hello again, Henderson. I couldn’t agree more. I have spent thousands of dollars on my training and most of it is contained in this one system at WA for a fraction of the price. Even if there was no world-class hosting and Jaaxy was an add on, even if they had upsells the value is there in training alone to make this a mega-seller and massive value.

  7. Now is the best time than ever for all of us to take a step back and think of another way to work from home. For me the corona pandemic has opened my eyes because I cannot go to work and I am stressing out over my financial situation daily. 

    Thanks for your unbiased review on Wealthy Affiliate. WA seems like a good platform for all those who are new to online marketing. The training should help us have a website that pays, it may not happen over night but you have to start from somewhere right? In my opinion $49/month is not a lot at all, I think of it as a way to pay myself and I cause my knowledge for making money. 

    Will try the free trial.


    • Hosting a single site on a good WordPress Host with half the site tools is around $15-$25 a month. WA hosts up to 10 for you, plus they give you a premium Keyword Research tool worth another $30 a month or more. Add in all the training, top priority support, and community and it’s easily another $149 a month value, plus weekly live webinar and Q&A sessions and you have around a $350-$500 a month value for that price if bought separately through other providers. I know I have paid similar pricing for far less. There is no offline business you can start for less with as high of upside, and you can’t touch most MLM for less than a $60 a month auto-ship of products you neither want or need.

  8. This is a well-written review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

    With changes evolved around the world, many people have chosen to work at home for supplement income.  One of the best work from home ways to start our own business or simply to be an affiliate promoting other products.

    As a newbie who is just starting out, it is always good to start with a program with good backend support.  Wealthy Affiliate is one such program.  Not only is there a community of like-minded people, but the founders are also people who are passionate about what they do as well.

    However, one has to still note that how fast one progress is still dependent on how much one is willing to put his efforts into live actions.

    • Training, Application, and Effort combined with consistency are what they teach. WA gives you every tool you need as shown in this Wealthy Affiliate Review and can help you create the best online jobs.

  9. Than you for your excellent in depth article on Wealthy Affiliate Andy.

    Having been a member at Wealthy Affiliates I am in agreement that by signing up you can access so much training information that it will keep you going for years. Plus if there is anything you don’t understand there are thousands of members always on hand to offer assistance.

    My one query would be have you come across anywhere that offers nearly as good a service as Wealthy Affiliate or a service which is worth signing up to compliment Wealthy Affiliate.

    • About the only compliments needed are a good autoresponder and a funnel builder if you wish to offer a product of your own. Also if in the Make Money Online niches you might use a funded proposal like Prosperity Marketing System to help low-income people bridge the gap. Click Funnels is spendy but great and Rocket Responder is really affordable and unlimited everything e-mail marketing wise.

  10. Hello thanks for this article.wealthy affiliate university is absolutely the best when it comes to teaching  about online is very easy for new beginners. I  read and also learnt alot of good information from this post on Making Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s good to hear that you have rebounded & are making a full recovery with your new online business.

    • I owe a ton of my recovery to WA and blogging. Just like journaling, you can see huge improvements in your mental health through blogs. For me, it is liberating me from being trapped by social anxiety. I know I can contribute a lot to others and that makes getting myself out there a bit easier.

  11. A very well detailed overview of wealthy affiliate and what it entails. This is really great to see here. I actually just joined wealthy affiliate two days ago and to be honest, the platform has not disappointed. I already created my own website and also, wrote the first blogpost. Truly, the trainings have been very helpful and simple. Thank you for your review here. I just hope a lot of people will join the platform back and see how good it is

    • Me Too. Everyone looking to start an affiliate marketing business should get the right training instead of heading in blindly and do so through a structured system filled with support. Others have said you can learn everything on Youtube but will it make sense if you learn an advanced tactic on day one and can’t even set up your blog 3 years later?

  12. It’s a very fantastic job you have done with your wealthy affiliate review here. If j am to be honest, I have not seen anyone who’ve so much detail about the platform like you have done here.its really good. I just joined wealthy affiliate and I was looking to see how it works fully online. It’s a very good place with so much information. I have been getting along pretty well. I am very glad I joined. I endorse the platform to anyone who wants to learn new stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    • Both new and old-timer affiliates like me swear by WA and it’s extensive training. We have big names and small fries using the platform and I have met some of the most amazing people there. Like you, I fully endorse the program. Thanks for stopping in Riley.

  13. Hi Andy,
    All aside, you’re strong and determined for a successful comeback. This said, you’re probably a horse to bet on. God Speed to you.
    I see you have given plenty of up front information and with enough excitement evident to hold the reader’s attention. Definitely a post that will motivate people who know what you are talking about to pull the tirgger as they say.
    As one with a lot less experience in these matters than you have, I wonder where you go with this from here. You have to be you. Being myself, I might break this down into two or three helpings, as they say with links between them which makes google happy as they see you site as an educational, information reader serving site. Then another single page with your instruction to your ready and the affiliate link for WA and a link there from each page.
    Not sure I’d say so much about personal setbacks etc., but as I said you have to be you. I say this to open the idea it may more narrowly focus potential conversion to the program whereas more cheerfulness with a eye toward benefit for your readers to draw the flies with honey as the expression goes.
    Keep swinging the wood and knock it out of the park Andy, Chris.

    • Hi Chris. Rest assured I know where my heart lies in sharing so much about my troubles. There are millions of people with Mental Illnesses such as mine who need to know there is a way for them to turn their positive energy into a better life while also doing something therapeutic. I fully believe that people with a disability should have the same liberty but don’t know what is available to them.

      Thanks for the great comment.

  14. It’s a very precise and informative article provided to your audiences.

    Facing the economic situation adversely affected by this pandemic, more and more people are forced to stay at home (no matter voluntarily or involuntarily) . It is a time for people to think how to push forward in their lives.  Wealthy affiliate is one of the outlet.  With so much information in your article, including the background, operation, cost, pros and cons, people with intention to start up their online business, they can easily make up their decision.

    Your efforts are much appreciated.


    • Hi, Dolbe, we seem to be in utter agreement. In a COVID world and a post-Corona Virus world people will need people to learn skills from, learn about their hobbies from, or even get news and opinions from. All of these make for great business opportunities and Wealthy Affiliate University is the place to get the skills to start them.

  15. Hello Anderson, its nice to see a platform that can truly teach you all you need to know about online businesses and also provide you with tools that are important to you which can help your business grow as well. One very important thing bout Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you learn and grow at your own pace. Having a beginner friendly platform like such is rare and an opportunity to have a chat with the founders of a platform is just great 

    • I love our regular live chats with kyle and Carson as well as Jay Neill who does our live Webinars each week. In addition, you get time with so many 6 and 7 figure bloggers in the members’ area, helping people up while building their brand and future partnerships. Nothing like it anywhere else.

  16. This is an eye-catching review that gets straight to the point. It really grabbed my attention because there is nothing more that I would like to do than have a sustainable income based on home working and get rid of the boss. I have never heard of the University of WA before. You explain it well.  You make a striking case to join this affiliate programme and you have helpfully explained who the owners are. I like how you describe how affiliates are people who bring solutions and help answer questions, thereby filling an important and independent niche in online information. Your own personal experience is also highly impactful. And you go on to describe in considerable detail the process.   This is a helpful page and I am most grateful for the advice. I have bookmarked it for a return visit. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Trevor, for such a great breakdown of what I have tried to convey. The only thing I need to not is the UNIVERSITY of WA would be the University of Washington, a State College here in the US. Wealthy Affiliate University is not an actual college but packs the training of one is a great certification course.

  17. I have only been with WA for about 5 months and am very excited as where it will take me. I had a telecom business for 30 years until my partner stole it out from under me. Something I never saw coming. WA is my second chance but you can’t be afraid of putting in some work. You get out what you put in and more. Kyle and Carson are great guys who give you all the help you need. Don’t miss out when an opportunity comes by. Great article.

    • Thanks, Larry, You are a great example of what a new member can see and learn. Your Telecom experience could be a blessing as it’s got plenty of room to generate blog posts in deep niche markets. Or you can go another way entirely and explore something you never thought of as a business opportunity like a hobby or sport etc…

  18. Since I got an interest in the make money online I tried to look into what platform could lead me to success. In my search, too many scams appeared and they seem to be true. I like what I read, what I watched on their video presentations and when I went to their package offers all were designed for wealthy people. I couldn’t afford to have any of them.

    I happened to know Wealthy Affiliate through a review like this. And the most part that took me in is Wealthy Affiliate’s package plans, the Free Starter Membership and Premium Membership together with the offered courses and trainings inside. I had been skeptical but as time goes on I learned to love it and able to see that WA is a legit platform.

    I’m happy you included in this review the pricing scheme for to me it is the thing a person examines next to what benefits will they get when they are inside the platform. Wealthy Affiliate, I think, is designed for people from all walks of life. It is affordable.

    Thanks for this review of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s one of the comprehensive I read.

    • One thing that helped me decide to upgrade was the fact that WA has no upsells, only a couple chances to save money you find on your purchase options page with no pressure to take either. They even give you a chance to take a $19 first month offer if you decide inside 9 days to upgrade. That’s 5 whole weeks and a few days to come up with the month for your first full month’s dues. I mentioned in the post that I pay by the year which works out to just under $30 a month. No upsells, just discounts for pre-payment. In fact, the only things I have spent extra on is buying domain names and I use to use the next higher package on Jaaxy. They include the Lite Version for FREE.

  19. Great information in a nicely laid out review.

    As a current member of WA myself all I can say is that my modest investment in the membership has already produced far more than the cost and my total income continues to increase almost every single month as I apply the lessons I learn to all of my streams of income systematically.

    By the way – I always enjoy reading your posts inside of WA too!

    Have a great day my friend and as always, make it count!

    Best regards,

    L.D. Sewell

    • Thank you, L.D. I try to offer some value to every post and while I was pretty bummed about my recent injury and stayed away from writing perhaps too long I love having friends and subscribers like you who have stood by me in this time of transition and came back full force upon my return to blogging. Stay tuned as my Tuesday post was delayed by my Physical Therapy and a couple of other life events but should be out today.


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