The How-To In Online Affiliate Marketing

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The How-To In Online Affiliate Marketing .

The How-To In Online Affiliate Marketing – The No Marketer Left Behind Method.

Affiliate marketing for those who do not know is the safest and easiest way to make money online. That’s not saying it is easy or without failure risk but most people who fail quit before success can happen having chased some fictional idea of getting rich quick. Nobody on the planet gets rich quick without a rich relative dying or a lucky lottery ticket. I mean if it were that easy we all would do it.

The learning curve to affiliate marketing.

Training to affiliate marketing is not always cheap but going without a solid system placed in proper order is a mistake that also kills many fledgling businesses. You would be surprised at the number of skills you already have but also how easy the skills you don’t have can be to learn. My brother Martin just told me about an 8-year old who has made over $20 million dollars doing toy review videos on YouTube for example. If an 8-year-old can do this you can too.

What is online affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically getting paid to advertise or present a company’s products. You get paid a percentage of each sale or a dollar amount on each action the company requires. Companies get an expanded marketing program and you get free to join business allowing you to put all of your investment and effort into what pays you.

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No Marketer Left Behind is a Promise made to bring you the best education in Affiliate Marketing.

To get started you will need to gain a new toolset or knowledge. You will need to learn how to build blogs and websites using WordPress to have a home for all of your offers, a place that is laser targeted to the customers in your niche or interest group, a Knowledge of search engine optimization or SEO basics, and to learn about advertising and marketing so you spend less, make more and build a list of subscribers to market to over and over again.

Marketing and Advertising are not the same.

Advertising presents a product or service. A blog review is a product that promotes a product through marketing. You advertise the existence of a review and then the review takes over and builds a story of the product, the brand, and your relationship with the brand positive or negative. If you want the how-To in online affiliate marketing to work for you then you will have to learn to be a review specialist. You will need to learn to offer real value, build your brand, and growth your reputation in a niche that you love.

A good online affiliate marketer knows the differences between Advertising and Marketing:

  • Advertising = Product, service, or brand awareness. This is how people get to know you are there.
  • Marketing = Telling the story so people get to know the brand and its products and services in intimate detail. This is where trust is built and sales actually happen.

Email Marketing for Online Affiliate Marketing Success.

At some point in your journey, you will have people who not only visit your blog and buy your products but also want to subscribe for more training, more great money-saving reviews, and they need a place to get updates about your new post and hopefully a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter as well with exclusive content, not on the blog itself. For example, subscribe to our blog based newsletter in the yellow and red box at the top of the page.

You will need to know how to present your marketing to your readers and how to over-deliver on service and value to keep them reading and hopefully buying. Industry-wide every subscriber on your list is worth between $4 and $9 a year in income. It is possible to build a list of 100,000 or more people so don’t take list building as optional. It’s where high 6-7 figure incomes happen.

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The How-To In Online Affiliate Marketing – What Is A Niche?

One of the most important things besides knowing your, “why” for being in this business is to develop a tight niche market or a couple of good niches that you are passionate about. Starting out you need to find something that you love doing like playing pool, playing golf, working out, playing video games, etc.

You will need to boil down from these primary high competition niche areas and find a sub-interest like “Golf for left-handed golfers”, or “Best war and combat video games”. These will be lower competition and thus much more lucrative. A niche is a group of people interested in the same thing and you can bet with 4 billion online users there are at least 1,000,000 people who share your interest. That is a massive opportunity to earn income online.

Getting the affiliate marketing training is there a source we recommend?

I have been a satisfied member of Wealthy Affiliate for the last 5 years. The training is so good I will be starting a Local SEO company in early 2020, that can make me 3,000 to 8,000 in monthly residuals and up to $15,000 a month in website design fees. I already had 11 years in affiliate marketing when I started Wealthy Affiliate but in the time since I have learned and am I learning so much I didn’t know.

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Andy Anderson

Let’s see an example:

I was a search engine marketing insider having co-owned a semi-successful search engine and social media hybrid. Yet I have learned more about Search Engine Optimization when it comes to Google in the last year than I knew as a competitor to this giant.

Instead of optimizing for search terms in the blind I now use a powerful tool called Jaaxy which has a light version that is included in membership at Wealthy Affiliate. You get a free trial as a free member of Wealthy affiliate but the full version is priceless.

With a free membership, you get 2 sub-domain sites that you can learn on and grow into low to moderate-income but professional hosted sites on your domain name always earn more. As a result, the premium membership allows you to host 25 domain names of your choice, and a total of 25 sub-domains.

The hosting includes a powerful content suite with a spell check and grammar checker. It also included a powerful security suite and a speed suite. All of this on blazing fast servers that include Kraken Image Optimization. There is a lot more and I would list it but this post is a mile long if I do. Instead, read our full review in the box below and then join us for a free trial of the community and support and all the free member benefits and training.

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Summary of: “The How-To In Online Affiliate Marketing” article.

In the process of this article you learned some of the basics of what you need to learn in online marketing, The How-To In Online Affiliate Marketing is boiled down to a few easy to learn skills. They just take time to master and implement. In our path to reshaping my business, I have focused on helping you find the best training for all of these skills and I added it to the bottom of this post.

You are now armed with enough knowledge to see how valuable the right structured training is and discover the value in a platform that includes all of this for under $50 a month. I hope to see you take me up on my free trial offer and will toss in my 3 million monthly visitor formula should you decide to upgrade.

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  1. Thanks for this great article because by its information I have got my eyes and widely opened and I have got to know all about affiliate marketing and I have also got to know the difference between advertising and marketing because I really didn’t know but by this article I have got to know more thanks admin keep sharing 

    • Yeah, most marketers fail not knowing the difference between marketing and advertising so they just share their affiliate links everywhere and fall flat on their faces. Glad this could help you with your online affiliate marketing business.

  2. I just love the business model of Affiliate Marketing. I have not seen or heard any other simpler and stress free method of selling than Affiliate Marketing. Great clarification there on Marketing and Advertising. Most of the beginners get it wrong in the early stages of their businesses.I am yet to start email marketing as I am still learning the fundamentals. The tip on over delivering value is an eye-opener. Thank you for these insights.

    • Glad to help Carol, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. The biggest was trying too hard and pushing too many hours. My health and mental health paid for it but along the way, I learned to appreciate the training and support of a good community and hope we can someday network together.

  3. Wow, great article! I like how the article is not trying to pressure you to join some scam program they’re “supporting” like most other websites talking about making money online. I am just so careful reading about things like this on the internet because there are so many scams out there. I’m going to check out Wealthy affiliate!

    • Thanks, Wilson. I aim to only to provide great training and amazing tools. I don’t deal in many biz op programs and prefer things that help people to succeed in affiliate marketing not get rich quick scams.

  4. This is really cool. It has always been a dream of mine to quit my regular day job and make a full-time income online. But you know that is easier said than done lol. The thing is that it’s so many scams online that promise you your going to make this certain amount of money in this certain amount of time. Then when you invest into their program, it be a load of crap. Now you lost your investment and you still don’t know the first thing to make money online. I know this is true because this exactly what happened to me. But I am still interested in learning how to make money online and your article just inspired me even more. Do you have any recommendations on a legit program where I can learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing? Great article, very helpful.

  5. This is great information because even a small learning curve can scare away some learners who don’t want to waste their time. Having a network of support is super helpful for someone who gets stuck on tutorials and needs to have a couple of quick questions answered in order to stay on track. Thanks for pointing out how this can help point new affiliate marketers towards success.

    • Thanks, Aly. One thing I promise to everyone who joins my team at Wealthy Affiliate is to support and help them on their professional journey. I have 16 years in Affiliate Marketing and have built websites and blogs with millions in monthly visitors. I can help in just about any situation and if not I know where to get your answers.

  6. Reading through your blog, I just realize that I have a high competition niche. Although I knew that my niche was popular when I started it, I picked it because I really like it and I enjoy writing about it and everything that concerns it … Is it advisable to have another blog with a niche that is less competetive? I don’t want to stretch myself too thin though …

    And what is a good way to build a subscriber list? I would like to start a newsletter, but I am not well informed yet about how to get subscribers …

    • You can recover by shifting focus on the current blog and narrowing down your target market. Just because a blog starts more generally does not mean you can’t start making it a specialty blog from this point forward.

  7. Newbie here at the affiliating marketing world.. I do believe if an 8 year old can make money off youtube then so can I building content on my site.

    I truly believe I found my calling and my career. Just wish I found it sooner. 

    This article explains all on the how to, and it could definitely benefit alot of people. It’s very well structured and detailed with a lot of information..

    Great read, keep up the great work!

    • Thank you, Genia. I hope it helps both new and struggling marketers find their voice in the online affiliate marketing world. There is plenty of room at the top and we can all earn hundreds of thousands of dollars we just need the skills in an easy to follow the system. For me, I have found a ton of success before and after Wealthy Affiliate membership and it looks like I will be at WA the next decade or more.

  8. Hi thanks for this article.affiliate marketing is a very good site.There are so many scams site online that promise you your going to make this certain amount of money in this certain amount of time. Then when you invest into their program, it becomes totally different.thanks for sharing on how to in online affliate marketing,I learnt more although am currently working with the site.its totally the best.

    • There is a huge top end to affiliate marketing. Anything you can conceive has an audience. That audience has needs. If you have the information and products to solve those needs and desires then you can make a boatload of money, but you have to have training, drive, and longevity. The latter is your ability to not quit when things seem to be going the opposite of your dreams and making minor adjustments not major turnarounds until success comes.


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