Udimi Solo Ads Review is Using Udimi for Solo Ads Smart

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Udimi Solo Ads Review Is Udimi For Solo Ads a Wise investment or Should You Run For The Hills?

Udimi Solo Ads Review

Name: Udimi Solo Ads

Website: Udimi.com

Price: $0.40 to $0.95 Per Visitor


Udimi is a registered trademark of Udimicom, Limited

61 Spyrou Kyprianou, SK House, 4003 Limassol, Cyprus, support@udimi.com

VAT Number: CY10365448V, Register Number: CY10365448V

Overall Rank: 4.2 out of 5 Stars

Udimi Solo Ads, Product Overview

What is Udimi Solo Ads? A Solo Ad is a form of e-mail marketing where a company pays a list owner who is building leads in their niche market already to send an e-mail advertisement for their product or landing page. These ads are either sold by the blast or by the visitor and some companies offer little in the way of security for your ad spend.

Social Proof UDMI Solo Ads Work

Udimi Solo Ads is a bit different. They triple screen your advertising investment by using proprietary click screening to prevent junk hits with no live human visitors. Then the advertiser is screened for their real name and required to show a proof of ID before being listed on the site. They are also subject to reviews like those for products on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon.com.

Each seller is rated on their service, delivery, and if the buyer received any sales. Most sellers on the site have rates of sales over 20% and lead conversions for landing pages over 30%. That makes this some of the highest quality list e-mail advertising in the solo ads industry.

How do Buyer and Seller Interactions Work?

36 percent sales conversions proof

Buyers can connect with sellers before the sale as well as after to ask any questions about the process by locating potential sellers in their category on the exchange. Sellers are sorted by the audience, price, and Geolocation. You can also request a set percentage of Tier 1 Countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc…

Many of the sellers also allow for the choice of mobile only traffic, offer over delivery up to 20% extra clicks per solo ads order, and do services like writing your ad copy for you so it will resonate better with their readers. After all, it is futile to write ad copy for one audience and have it lands on deaf ears of a cold market.

Who Is the User Best Suited For Udimi for Solo Ads?

Udimi Solo Ads serves a wide range of niche interest but the most dominant niche markets I have seen are Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Self Help, Affiliate Marketing, and Investment vertices, or categories. Marketers looking for wide exposure for a product can order from one list or 20, and some sellers have a massive reach in the hundreds of thousands of readers for their newsletters, etc… Most of these leads are confirmed buyers which leads to the extremely high conversion rates for sales and leads.

Most sellers are still better served to use a method of the lead capture to increase their sales and thus return on investment or ROI. By using the system to build your list you can remarket the same interested prospects at the right time when they need your product or products most. After all, How many times have you seen an ad for something you really need in between paydays? How many times did you remember that supplier come payday? List building of your own is the perfect compliment to this program.

Udimi Solo Ads Categories

Pros and Cons of Udmi for Solo Ads


  1. Total transparency of advertisers.
  2. Fair range of pricing based on performance as well as the seller’s desired price.
  3. User-Friendly for Buyers.
  4. Security for buyers helping all but guarantees sales on every order.
  5. Trust of a Global Marketplace Licensed in Cyprus with verifiable Company Identification on Site.
  6. Cost is low for sellers and buyers alike.


  • There is always the human error factor involved with advertising. You Ads may not resonate and thus sales not happen on all orders.
  • The cost can be prohibitive for those starting out. While most sellers offer as small of order as 100 Guaranteed visitors and the prices can be as low as $43 for that size order it usually takes hundreds of visitors to seriously entertain strong sales. The more you advertise the more chances you have to attract buyers so the system is geared more to those spending $200 or More per order.
  • Learning Curve somewhat steep for Sellers. You have to have some technologies to know how to use the click filters to ensure you are selling actual visitors.
  • Payment for sellers is delayed to cover the risk to buyers. You need 5 good reviews and 32 days of leeway before receiving your first check. Generally, though this check is sizable and the system will keep you busy making sales.

Who is Udimi Solo Ads For?

As stated above it is mostly for marketers and affiliate marketers looking to expand reach into new warm markets. Udimi Solo Ads Sellers are true social influencers and have spent years and some decades building their list of ready buyers.

Udimi for Solo Ads is a no brainer for some because an ad investment of $1,000 or more can reach thousands of people known to buy products like theirs already, which greatly increases the likelihood of strong sales. With vertices like Health, Fitness, Dating, Investments, and more the ability to range from low to high ticket commissions attracts tens of thousands of affiliates to the network each month. I have personally seen testimonies of up to 300% returns on investment and am I planning a large buy when my book launches in 2020.

CLick Here for Visitors Sales and Opt-Ins

Udimi Solo Ads Marketplace Tools & Training

Udimi has on-site forums and an extensive FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions area for training as well as helpful instructions for the core tools of the site. While they offer only minimal advice on ad copy and lead capture the average seller is an expert in this area and will gladly help you get the most for your dollar spent with them. After all the higher you rate them the more sales they will make and the money they will earn.

In addition, many of these sellers have suggestions on their seller profiles and as stated above most will write the ad copy for you so it resonates with their core audience. The more sales they can drive the better their customer retention numbers will be.

In addition, Udimi offers an affiliate program paying 25% of each Prime Membership sale and 15% of each ad order. They have a great deal of training and tools to help affiliates generate More commissions for facilitating more sales.

Lastly, they have a knowledge base for sellers looking to implement the Solo Ads Filter and get started using Udimi for Solo Ads Sales.

Udimi for Solo Ads Support

Udimi is a registered trademark of Udimicom, Limited

61 Spyrou Kyprianou, SK House, 4003 Limassol, Cyprus


A Help section is found on site with the most asked questions from members like you as well as a range of topics admin has supplied.

Udimi Solo Ads Price

Most sellers fall in a range of $0.40 per visitor to $0.65 per visitors but some stellar list is ranged up to 95 cents per live visitor. Still, far lower than the $3 average click price from the lesser targeted Google Ads click. Minimum order is 100 clicks for most vendors and a $3 fee applies unless you are a prime member.

Prime Membership is $29.95 a month at the time of this post and has money-saving options of 3 months, 6 months, and one year. Udimi Solo Ads takes Pay-Pal or Credit Cards.

Udimi for Solo Ads Banner

My Final Opinion of Udimi Solo Ads

Much of their ads online say sales guaranteed which is a bit misleading but achievable.

If you buy 100 clicks you may get a sale in your purchase but you also may not. This is due to the small sampling of the solo ads marketplace. The best advice is to try to put a larger order together or string together multiple orders to judge the effectiveness of the program for yourself. One Hundred Clicks is not likely to change your life but may change your perspective.

I also highly recommend when starting out to have the seller write your sales copy. Even experienced e-zine and e-mail advertisers are advised to have the seller rewrite their swipe file into a text suited to the reader’s taste and author’s style. This greatly increases your chances of success.

Use a good lead capture page and build your e-mail list, then focus on sales from that point. A good capture page will offer additional information in exchange for an e-mail address and name and then redirect to the product offering after the lead is collected. This will allow you to better inform prospects and cover sales that were not initial buy now reactions.

Udimi for Solo Ads is a winner in my book. I love the fact there is so much insight into sellers and control and security for buyers. I recommend using a service like Udimi Solo Ads over buying private solos from even trusted sources. Please remember when considering the cost that most solo ads on the market these days are run through ad exchanges called safe list. These are not the same poor quality you get with those sellers. I would never pay a Safelist $43 or More for a solo ad, the conversion numbers just aren’t there.

Udimi Solo Ads at a Glance…

Name: Udimi

Website: Udimi.com

Owners: Udimicom

Price: $43 and up

VERDICT: Legitimate Advertising Investment Highly Recommended.

Disclaimer: Author is an Affiliate of Udimi Solo Ads and while there has been no bias added to this review it is still advised that advertisers run a few test campaigns before doing a large ad spend. Each seller is independent from Udimi and the author of this blog does not guarantee that you will make sales or recommend any seller over another. Thank you for your time and readership. Please leave comments below.

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32 thoughts on “Udimi Solo Ads Review is Using Udimi for Solo Ads Smart”

  1. This looks like a good option for me to advertise. I was considering Facebook ads and Google ads but after reading your article, this seems a better way and also quality/price ratio. 
    I also like the fact they offer affiliate program as I could include it in my activities.
    You mentioned the need of some technologies to know how to use click filters. Are they expensive?

    • As to the tech question, it’s more of being able to understand how to use an API Key to connect to a quality autoresponder. They use the API to track click-through from the e-mails and record only human interactions against the orders. If you have built a blog you will likely be able to handle the tech side of set up. No special equipment required.

      One thing I didn’t mention in the article is that they are currently offering $5 in free clicks on your first order so trying the system out is even more affordable.

  2. Very interesting Review.  It seems Udimi does a very thorough job in screening the people who you want to buy from.  That is good

    I would like to know what your personal results are.  

    I read some of the reviews on the udimi site itself, many good comments about people making sales.

    I am considering signing up and giving it a try, especially because the niches that I have , affiliate marketing and health are two of the areas that seems the Udimi ads would help me with

    Great Content, thanks

    • I haven’t ordered through Udimi yet but I have ordered privately with a couple of their vendors before finding them on Udimi. The results were awesome as I built strong list conversions and generated sales to cover the cost. I am planning to make a sizable buy-in or around February when my e-book is ready to launch because of the quality of the service.

  3. Hello Andy!

    Well, Udimi looks like a more serious offer, it is not a scam like there are many on the internet. This is a white flag!

    Now, as far as I am concerned, I would not pay to buy ads, especially from my position of (very) beginner in the Affiliate Marketing field. At least we need to be able to attract an enough number of visitors in a short time in order to justify the initial investments in ads.

    So, we would need experience with advertising, and also some money available for spending as initial investments, when going for Udimi Solo Ads.

    Best regards,


    • I agree with you, Peter. I mentioned in the post that it’s not advisable for those with starter budgets because it can be costly, but even the best blog on the planet will find a time to scale up and build out a followers list. Udimi is a perfect tool for building your list and usually pays for itself around the 500-1,000 click point. This blog is geared towards bloggers and affiliates looking for next-level tactics and that is exactly what Udimi is.

  4. Andy, thanks very much for this post. I have never heard of this company or advertising method. So I will probably have to read your post several times and also find some more basic info to effectively use it on my sites. But I have always found your information to be trustworthy. So I am comfortable investing the time. because I’m sure it will pay off.

    • Thanks, Steve for the vote of confidence. Udimi has a huge reputation among solo ads marrketplaces. They do everything possible to make sure you are not scammed out of your hard-earned dollars and my personal experience is the traffic is better quality than most targeted keyword ads through Google or Bing at a fraction of the cost.

  5. This resembles a decent choice for me to promote. I was thinking about Facebook promotions and Google advertisements however subsequent to perusing your article, this appears to be a superior way and furthermore quality/value proportion.

    I additionally like the reality they offer offshoot program as I could remember it for my exercises.

    You referenced the need of certain innovations to realize how to utilize click channels. Is it true that they are costly?

    • If by additional innovations you mean and AutoResponder I can tell you that RocketResponder is all of $20 a month for unlimited list size and unlimited sends. There is no other heavy lifting needed as a buyer. Sellers will need to get with their tech team to get more information.

  6. Wasn’t sure whether I should trust this site or not but it really does look like a good way to boost my upcoming business of sneakers. Do you think I can generate some profitable sales for an order I place of 100 bucks  to udimi  solo ads. The premium membership fee is quite affordable and that is why I may consider using this to get some sales.  Hopefully I won’t regret having had used my money on these guys. Thanks for the review it was really eye opening.

    • Sneakers may fit into the Health and wellness sector well but I would join free and talk to a few of those in the category who know if their list prefers something more digital in nature such as a workout guide they may then move into other purchases from.

  7. Udimi Solo Ads offer such an amazing advertisement to potential customers in a particular niche that may convert to eventually become a buyer. I think this is the best bet for a newbie like me to get leads for my Affiliate Marketing business in order to make more sales. I’m excited to see that Udimi is legitimate plus I also learnt more about it still from this review.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Vwegbah. Udimi has been around for years and has an exemplary reputation despite serving a portion of the industry ripe with questionable fraud claims. I just read one against Udimi the other day where the person bought 100 visitors and only got 18 leads and no sales. First off if you got 18 leads for under $100 you are already doing far better than Google Ads performs. No sales is sad but hello you only sent one message and to only 100 people. In this case, 18 are still interested and just need more information before buying, and are not lost yet. But even so, it is easy to find 100 people to say no but how about finding 500 who say no? I am betting a bigger order sampling this person would have sold at least enough to be singing praises.

  8. Hello Andy, this is a very clear article and this is my first time coming across any post about udimi solo ads and I am really pleased by what I have seen here about it knowing its a legit site. Its services are very simple and security plays a vital role in any online business and since this site is offering good security for all, that alone would give you interest in it. Best regards.

    • Hi Benson. I too love the vetting they do. I wish as much care was put into sellers on eBay and Amazon as is placed in proving legit publishers for Udimi. Between the secure clicks and the Photo ID required for sellers, they make it easy to ween out fraud as no scammer wants their face and real name sent to law enforcement and no buyer wants to pay for 500 bot clicks.

  9. Hi Andy,

    I come across a lot of make money online programs and products teach to use the Udimi platform to drive traffic to your offers. I often wonder whether it will be a potential source of traffic and your post gave me helpful insights. I am on a budget and bit afraid of paid traffic as you know very well we might lose our money if we don’t do it properly.

    You have provided in-depth and detailed insights and the pros & cons you shared are very helpful in making my decision. After reading your review I changed my mind and Udimi ads are on my list.

    • Yeah, I have studied them for a long time and was like you. Cautious before my first trials. Now I am positive these ads convert higher, are more apt to build your list, and are cost-effective.

  10. Thank you very much for reviewing Udimi. I heard about solo ads and now I understand better how it works. I have two questions related to Udimi and solo ads in general: 1. Is it possible if I want to use solo ads visitors to be my own blog subscribers? 2. Is it good for home improvement and finance niche? I have blogs in those two categories, so I would like to know if it’s worth the investment or not. Thanks

    • It’s possible to generate subscribers to your blog and own newsletter with them as well as convert a back end offer. You can find sellers in a wide range of niche including finance, home remodeling, woodworking and more. Thanks for dropping in Alblue.

  11. Now, It is obvious that this is a good post. I should first commend the level of effort in making this superb website with so much nice features and also writing an article on udimi solo ads review. this is the first time that i am seeing a review on udimi ads. this is well detailed and explicit. thank you very much

    • Thanks, Benny. UDMI has been out there for years and a true leader in the industry but it’s an industry that is one of the best-kept secrets in affiliate marketing. You have the power with them to go beyond your list and reach the targeted sales leads others have spent years amassing for less than Google Ads or even Facebook Ads. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  12. Buying and selling online is really fun and easy and fun for the buyer especially and one thing we all are most concerned about is the security level any of the sites would have to offer to the individual. If Udimi Solo ads can guarantee that, there are really high hopes it will do better than lot more sites online. Do they have an app which can be used to transact to aid easy connections between buyer and seller?

    • The UDMI service includes a traffic tracker to make sure you get what you paid for before the seller is paid. It’s the most secure service among solo ads sellers I have seen. They do everything in their power to make sure you are well served but remember. UDMI is a go-between on you and the seller, they are not owners of the list you are buying from. If you have one bad experience try a different seller and you might have the best experience of your life.

  13. This is really a great post and a proper review of udimi solo ads. Personally, I feel that this  udimi is a perfect platform and if well managed alongside the cost, one could definitely be on course to make quite a great income here. Personally, this is massive to see and I really like this. Thank you so much for sharing this out here. Thumbs up to you for sharing here

    • My friend, welcome back. Udimi is by far one of the most remarkable specialty marketplaces online and it shows their caliber in the caliber of marketers they attract as sellers as well. You find the best of the best attracted to Udimi like moths to the flame.

  14. This is great! Udimi is a great place to buy and sell solo ads. They have their own filter system that ensures sellers to deliver quality traffic to their buyers.

    • Hi Cheryl, UDIMI Id definitely the best place to buy online solo e-mail advertising. The buyer traffic of the top sellers is real and effective for the right offers. Just match interest, optimize your offer, and get ready to gain subscribers and sales.

    • UDIMI is very easy to use and high-quality traffic. It is neither free nor cheap as you really need a good sampling of 200+ clicks to ensure great results but it gets results where many others fail. Thanks for commenting.


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