How to get more Social Media Traffic to your website

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How to get Unlimited Social Media Traffic to your website?

When, you ask a question, like how to get more social media traffic to your website you are generally looking to expand the reach of on-site tools like social share buttons. Your plan may include off-site tools like the profiles themselves you created but you may be overlooking other social media on your sites like maximizing the use of comments and testimonials.

More so you might look at adding tools like an e-mail marketing software like Rocket Responder called an autoresponder.

What does an autoresponder have to do with generating unlimited social media traffic?

In other posts I have written I have talked about how social media followers are like any other subscriber for your blog. They follow to get more information and read your future post.

Your e-mail marketing software is like a collection point for followers and distribution point for content and it is going to be filled with people who want to see your new post, new offers, and basically continue to build a social relationship. These followers get more than a small blurb from you when your e-mail newsletter goes out and have almost immediate access to your social media traffic starting points with every post.

They are subscribers meaning they are action takers. As action takers, they are as apt to click your social media sharing buttons as they are to request more information for themselves. I told you before that social media is selfish. These followers and subscribers of yours need fresh content to share in order to have their ego’s stroked with likes and retweets or shares and thus a new wave of social traffic begins from your current fan base.

Unlimited Social media Traffic starts with people.

The two for one results of using an autoresponder to secure unlimited social media traffic.

By focusing on getting additional shares from your current subscribers also brings old friends back to new content. You don’t start over as a person with no traffic to your site. You are clicks away from announcing new content via e-mail and social media to people who already love you.

Keep them happy and give them click bait headlines with great content to share and they will become a not so silent sales force. But the secret is not so much in the easy to use tools like Rocket Responder but in attracting a wave of new interest while sparking thought among your base and firing them up to share even more.

Your headlines are a big factor as most social media shows them and only a few other words. Having good clickbait is vital to gain the interest of other humans in reading but what does click bait look like?

Sample Click Bait: Solves a problem, shocks the reader, creates suspense, calls someone well-known out for debate.

If, you use the most common which is filling a need you need to find a short but descriptive way to get your message across. If your goal is to shock the reader you need to make a claim like, “My Widget is better than XYZ because it’s Cool” or however you wish to attack with shock and awe. It could be “End Nose Bleeds Forever, click here for the secret” or any text that makes a BOLD CLAIM you will back up in your post.

Creating suspense could be an article excerpt that ends in a cliffhanger or unfinished business. An example of such suspense would be, “Joan learned to control her credit card debt and save thousands of dollars a year ( read here)” and you guessed it, deliver your message inside your post.

how to get more social media traffic to your website with click bait

The last tactic can be a step towards going viral or establishing a reputation in your industry as an authority.

Go after the content of a top expert in your niche or celebrity is known to have an interest in your topic can result in retweets, awareness, and of course, you might go viral or get massive attention. A headline like, ” Ten things Jimmy Crack Corn didn’t tell you about Little Bo Peep” Couple attract Jimmy as well as his fans and anyone interested in Ms. Peep. If, you deliver good content that actually delivers to your claim Jimmy will gladly give you a shout out in many cases which will put his fans in a frenzy.

What to do once you have unlimited social media traffic?

You need what is called an ethical bribe or gift of value to offer subscribers so you continue to get people on your autoresponder list. Keep doing giveaways and promoting freebies offered by other marketers and give real value in your blog and your newsletters instead of just advertising.

It’s OK to have product placements like mine of Rocket Responder in this post but be sure any product mentions also add value. I chose Rocket Responder myself because not only is it one of the easiest to use it is also just $20 a month for unlimited list size and unlimited sent e-mails. Again we perceive real value in the offer as it’s the same email marketing software we used to deliver the Affiliate 3 Percent Newsletter.

The big thing though is to give more content and more gifts of value that the consumer or follower can expect and they will be more inclined to share more content and thus send even more traffic. Every new share has the potential to grow your list of subscribers and followers, which in turn increases the traffic again with new people seeing their social media shares with each new post.

Summary: How to get more social media traffic to your website?

Don’t forget to use click bait and good customer service skills, and above all be a human. Have a contact page as we do. Actually, man your social media accounts and answer important non SPAM Direct Messages and @replies so people see that you are real and that they matter to you.

Last but not the least share this post if you like it and leave a comment. If, you do this you and I can start a conversation and that in turn will increase the popularity of the content and drive more social shares as well.

I know I mentioned the comment box early on and focused more on great content and e-mail marketing to drive unlimited social media traffic, but comments are very important as well because engagement is a gold mine. Your readers will tell you what they want or need to see next.

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18 thoughts on “How to get more Social Media Traffic to your website”

  1. You have really made a great post on gaining more blog traffic using social media, it’s wow!. Social media has always contributed to blog life in a big way. I remember when I created my first blog, I was recommended by a friend to create a Facebook fan page for my blog, it helped me to gain fans for my blog and more traffic all day.

    Nice blog You’ve got.


    • Thank you. Another one of our post covers use of Facebook to promote your blog using both Fan Pages and Groups. We are big on proper use of social media in affiliate marketing and for blog and website promotion. Social media started with the forum and the blog, it was a place to share ideas where your friends and readers could give real feedback in the comments. Social media sites are often a forum on steroids with a micro blog called a feed you promote in groups. It will be fun to go over this in depth in a future article so please make sure to sign up for our newsletter in the upper right corner of the page to not miss any of our future content. Thanks again.

      Andy Zeus Anderson

  2. Wow, you have what I have been looking for. I like your website. You have very informative information.

    I have struggled to bring more traffic to my website. I want to understand more about how does the autoresponder works. Is it going to get emails without the owners knowledge or they have to sign in their email?

    • The e-mail owners have to sign up, it doesn’t just scrape their mails and good ones have a second form of confirmation link to make it a double opt in so the party receiving can’t make a SPAM claim later on. My best advice is to take the Rocket Responder free trial and hook up your blog to it and see how easy it is to integrate their forms. You’re dollars in pocket will be glad you did.

  3. While I haven’t tried any of them, I know there are tools that will capture email addresses from people on Facebook who engage with you and add them to your mailing list. Do you think tools like this are ethical and have you any experience of using them?

    • Any tool to collect such information has to be permission based and at least a single opt-in for the receiving party. I have seen some scrapers being offered lately promising to extract tons of e-mail addresses and other lead information from social media sites and these tools are illegal in most countries. There are however legal and ethical ways to convert leads such as adding a subscribe or more information button to your Facebook Fan Page. These are legal, ethical, and at least a single opt-in making them SPAM Law compliant.

  4. Great post about social media and how we can increase traffic. I am new myself to this so you explained in a way newbies like myself can understand.

    I now understand how auto responders work and should be used.

    I now no longer view click bait as a negative thing and will work on incorporating it into my posts and social media activities to help grow my business.

    Last tactic I would feel uncomfortable doing at this time but will consider it when I am more established.

    Thanks for your insight of many years experience.

    • Not every tactic works well for every user but these tactics work well for most and are all acceptable forms of list building and social media engagement. The fact something feels uncomfortable is a good thing. It means that task is a challenge that can become a goal. Take your time as Rome was not built in a day either. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow this was a really informative article Andy. Gosh social media has changed so much and there is so much information available, it’s incredible! Click Bait is becoming so popular in social media, especially Youtube. So everything you said about needing to sound “urgent” or “shocking” makes perfect sense! This is really cool info that I will definatly apply to my own social media! I’ll let you know if I get more traffic 🙂 Thanks Andy!

  6. Social media is what I am lacking. I don’t know  why I just feel to avoid it. Maybe you can tell me is it worth it vs SEO. I don’t want to spam my friends on my business so I keep quiet in social media. I feel many people doesn’t bother what I have to say on social media.

    • Sharing good content is something your friend will love, sharing advertising is more likely to get them angry. SPAM is unsolicited advertising which you aren’t doing, you’re just sharing great content if you do it right. As to Versus SEO there is no Versus you have to have social signals to maintain front page rankings in Google. It’s nearly 20% of the ranking factors to have social interaction and engagement, so don’t fail to add it to the mix. Study up and get started right away.

  7. Thanks for such instructive article. Traffic is crucial for every online business and without it there is no success. I think that social media traffic can greatly boost our business and it can convert well too. Unfortunately I don’t have experience with email marketing so I am mot using it although I know that it is very powerful marketing strategy.

    • If you decide to start using this power tool be sure to use an easy to operate responder like Rocket Responder. You don’t need all of the moving parts of Awebber or Get Response when you are getting the feel of it and you could have a million member list at $20 a month instead of paying the others thousands of dollars for a email list 1/3 that size.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks so much for sharing a good article to read, I’m sure the information you share here on your article will help me to work wiser when I create new content for my blog.

    I was looking for more information to help me to grow my blog and I think you have provided the information I was looking for, I took some notes, and I will keep reading more articles on your website, I’m sure I will find more information that will help me to grow my blog. 

  9. Thanks for sharing valuable information on how to get Social Media Traffic. It is indeed very helpful. But not an easy thing to do specially if you are just starting out your blog and not that active in Social Media, I’m still struggling with that.

    Right now, I am wondering what auto responder should I get. I think I’m gonna check out the Rocket Responder

    Thanks again and wishing you success.

    • You won’t regret choosing Rocket Responder and when you use the link I give in the article you get the first 30 days free. Social media is an extension of the list, it’s a means to capture people’s attention but you need to use a autoresponder to continue the conversation away from the noise of social so it converts for you as an affiliate.


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