Unlock the Super Affiliate Within.


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Why Become Affiliate Marketers? Can anyone unlock the super affiliate within them or is that something left for the elite? I don’t have much time, I have only a small amount to invest, and my family won’t support me. I even talk about a home based business and they warn that I will get scammed and it will never work so why become and affiliate marketer?

Unlocking the Super Affiliate within is not something anyone can do except you so why let those voices stop you?

The difference between the average Joe or Jane and an affiliate marketing success story is action applied to a dream. Not any dream, but YOUR DREAM. If I had quit any of the millions of times someone scoffed at affiliate marketing I would not have 15 years of success stories to tell and would not be in on the Wealthy Affiliate SUPER AFFILIATE CHALLENGE for 2019-2020.

Unlock the Super Affiliate Within


Why Become Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that requires no handling of inventory, no actual selling, no employee cost and when you learn to become a Super Affiliate Blogger you will not always need paid advertising even. In short, it’s very affordable and can be done from virtually anywhere. Fact is I have sub affiliates in some programs who do their entire business from a smartphone in internet cafes around the globe. The more successful ones have a laptop at least and an internet connection but that’s mostly because blogging by phone sucks.

So why do people become affiliate marketer blog owners?

Some sign-up because they want a few extra dollars to help live on. Others join programs because the business model can be done without any out-of-pocket cost while getting started. Even when there are cost like a domain name and hosting, a good training program like Wealthy Affiliate the cost are minimal. I mean the cost of being a Super Affiliate could be as low as around $50 a month cheap.

In fact, with the right training and a good hosted domain name there have been affiliates like Greg Kononenko of cafinatedblogger.com who have broken into the 6 figure income levels with just time and a dream. You make it a point to learn every day and share every day and people soon start trusting you and following your lead.

When, Greg joined Wealthy Affiliate he put over 300 new members in the system in less than 48 hours. This is into a program that is over a million members strong that has been online for more than a decade and you too can have his results. Granted they are exceptional but anyone can achieve what Greg and others have done if they follow instructions, find a great niche, and learn to build their business up to scale.

So what is this Super Affiliate Challenge you are part of?

For the second year in a row, Kyle Loudon of Wealthy Affiliate has taken a few hundred dedicated affiliates and challenged us to work directly with him building our niche affiliate marketing sites. The program which is filled for 2019 but will come again in 2020 has a goal to have each of us refer 300 Paying members into Wealthy Affiliate within 1 years time. The Prize for doing that is a 4 day 3 night gathering in Las Vegas Nevada all expense paid.

That and having 300 paying affiliates in your team is a handsome chunk of change each month. I mean what is an extra $7,000 a month potential income anyhow?

The system will take us in step by step and over the shoulder of Kyle and his partner Carson Lim as we build a website in the Make Money Online niche often called MMO. Kyle shows you tactics that can put any product or opportunity at any time into massive profits even if you decide to do another site in another niche later on. The Affiliate Boot Camp is done for this challenge because even though it isn’t costing the premium members in the Super Affiliate Challenge anything extra there is a lot of extra time and effort from Kyle he wouldn’t mind getting paid for. Call it Freemium, he works for free to get a back end payment down the road.

That said we should really talk about Wealthy Affiliate and it’s role in unlocking the Super Affiliate within.

Join Welathy Affiliate and learn how to become a Super Affiliate

There are two courses in Wealthy Affiliate. The first is 70+ lessons in Affiliate Marketing that applies to any product physical or digital in any niche imaginable. This training is called the Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course and it is intensive with both text lessons and video tutorials which will ultimately end in assignments that build your business. We recently had a member tout that Amazon bought them a Volvo and he showed us pictures of his new Volvo wagon he bought selling over 50 different types of products through his blogs.

You get started from day one newbie marketer with no blog and no idea how to build one and within a day you will be able to have a blog online with a basic success structure and its first content. From there you will slowly learn what WordPress Plugins to used to do the basic task like simple search engine optimization and handling a SPAM Free contact form etc. The initial course work as a free member does have a cut-off but you will have a blog and know how to use a keyword tool called Jaaxy to find great niche keywords to write about.

The ultimate goal is once you finish the course and obtain your certification you should be making enough money from your blog to continue your membership at $47 a month or $359 a year. From there they continue to help you scale up and build out a business that has had some members selling their starter blogs for $30,000-$40,000 and moving on to new passions to write about after 12 to 14 months. These bloggers were dedicated putting at least 80 pieces of content related to a single niche market in that year so they are exceptional but you will learn how to do that too.

What about the Affiliate boot camp? Will it make me a Super Affiliate?

The affiliate Boot Camp is one of over a million ways to make a small fortune online as an affiliate marketer. It teaches you to find hidden opportunities to rank your sites and promote programs in the Make Money Online niche and while it covers much of the same as the thorough training in the Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course it has niche specific case studies, builds off the knowledge in the OECC, and ultimately can build you a multi stream affiliate marketing business.

I have finished my EEOC training and have my certification and am now on Phase 3 of the Affiliate Boot Camp though I will likely start over on it for the Super Affiliate Challenge 2019. I have chosen this blog as my flagship for the Boot Camp and the challenge and will likely have over 80 new post and reviews over the coming year in route to Vegas Baby. We are dedicated to the training and look to complete boot camp and develop this blog into an affiliate marketing powerhouse. In the meantime bringing you the reader along with me on the journey.

How are you challenged in the Super Affiliate Challenge?

Kyle is giving us weekly task in training, research, and writing. The group then works on their projects and is there to support each other and motivate each other to stay on task. After all why go it alone when help is a live chat or blog post away? You will spend a year learning how to leverage people and content so why not start with other challenge members and become super affiliate together? In the coming year We are betting some of us even co-reg or co-author some new products in the info product realm as the group is that tight.

Here are some things we will be learning to do in the coming year:

  • Build a blog that is legally compliant and search engine ready.
  • Seek Affiliate Opportunities in our niche and review them honestly.
  • Promote our favorite offers effectively.
  • Rank our reviews and training post in the search engines.
  • Use social media effectively without time waste.
  • Build an e-mail marketing list.
  • Leverage free and paid traffic sources.
  • Scale up our blogs and accelerate our results.

That’s the tip of the Iceberg but you catch my drift, Wealthy Affiliate is full of value and I haven’t even mentioned the weekly training webinars with live Questions and Answers segment, the 24/7 support desk and live chat, the fact Jaaxy the worlds best keyword tool for affiliate marketers is included in Premium membership, the elite managed WordPress hosting that includes Free SSL Certificate for up to 25 blogs, a security suite that is iron clad, weekly backups, and a site content tool that is other worldly.

Your Passion Monetized Wealthy Affiliate

Pound for pound, even without the Super Affiliate Challenge these tools are worth several times what Wealthy Affiliate charges for them. I highly recommend taking the free trial and deciding if this is something you could do the rest of your life. I guarantee it is and I can almost guarantee you will see the value that has me in my 5th year of membership. We are sure you will see the kind of results that have me paying for my membership out of profits not my pocket.

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Andy Anderson

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24 thoughts on “Unlock the Super Affiliate Within.”

  1. Like you, I haven’t told anyone in my family what I am doing because I know they won’t support me. I know they would just tell me there’s no way I’ll be able to make money from it. 

    I have been wondering what exactly the super affiliate challenge in. So is it only for affiliates who are promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

    I am not promoting Wealthy Affiliate, should I still do the Affiliate boot camp training?

    • I am doing both training camp because of the perspective. I now know I can write on any topic at any time and make money as long as I follow my passion for helping others. You can benefit uniquely from both training groups so I highly advise it. I told my family from day one but they didn’t start to believe in me until I bought Christmas with my earnings.

  2. Hello Andy,

    This is a great article you just wrote here. As I have recently began my own website at Wealthy Afilliate, reading your post motivates me and reminds me that at some point all my hard work at WA will pay off. I hope more people learn about Wealthy Affiliate through your post and I would also encourage them to join this kind and generous community,

    Great work with your website,


    • Thanks, Mariana,

      I have been with Wealthy affiliate for just under 5 years as a Premium Member. I will say that the things you learn here are priceless either applied for yourself or freelancing for others.


  3. Hey!

    This is Joshua. I read through your “Unlock the Super Affiliate Within” page, and I learned something new! 

    I didn’t know that you could earn money from the blogging. How does this work? I would like to know…. Does it involve getting paid for people just viewing your content on your website?

    All the best,


    • Hi Joshua,

      In fact it can be as simple as people just viewing your site if you use CPM which are a cost per thousand views. You can earn considerably more through Pay Per Click like the Google Ads here on my blog, and even more yet as an affiliate marketer advertising related products for a commission per sale. I just wrote another article today that will show you some more opportunities bloggers have.

  4. Hey Andy,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information on Super Affiliate. Generally speaking, Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform as it offers top quality affiliate marketing training in the industry, and you have 24/7 access to help from the community.

    Super Affiliate is the best way to scale your business to the next level. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take part this year because of the fact that I’m still starting out to build my website, but I should try to participate in 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work Andy!

    • Wow, I wish I had talked to you before the first because that was the cut-off. Super Affiliate is open once a year program that works intensively for people both starting out and experienced affiliates like me. You could have built your website this week as part of the week one task. The training is 14 months straight and if you do well it could end up with you sitting with Kyle and others in Las Vegas Nevada USA.

  5. I started blogging a few weeks ago. I built my website within minutes, just by following the instructions in the online entrepreneurship certification training offered by one of the two founders of wealthy affiliate, Kyle. 

    My website has kicked off on a positive note and I am beginning to see results of my handwork. 

    I learned how to optimise search engines through using Jaaxy to get the best keyword for each of my articles and this has been paying off. 

    • Peace is such a great name/username,

      WA is definitely a place to learn many skills and you will soon find that as an SEO consultant you can earn $2,000 a more per client performinSearch Engine Optimization. Also, pay special attention when they start teaching you about the use of social media because companies also pay social influences great money just to mention their brand.

  6. Affiliate marketing seem to have become the order of the day. I love the fact that these post brings into light that everyone can become good with affiliate marketing.

    Never really heard about the super affiliate challenge and everything it is all about, but this post has definitely enlightened me on it. Despite owning a niche website, I’ll be sure to try out this super affiliate challenge

    • Sadly the SAC is closed for another year at Wealthy Affiliate but those joining now can still get massive training and most likely already be making a decent sum of money by the time next year’s event opens up. Best wishes to your success.

  7. You have such an interesting history, Andy and clearly it’s one that allows you to speak with authority on the subject of affiliate marketing.
    There is much to learn if you want to be in the top 3% of affiliate marketers who generate 80% of the income and there is no better platform to learn it from than Wealthy Affiliate.
    The step by step training is clear and easily followed, even by those totally new to the online world.
    And any time you’re stuck, help is always available from the incredibly supportive WA community. Just post your question and someone (often several someones) will answer it, sometimes within a few seconds. Because WA is a worldwide community, there’s always someone awake and ready to help.
    You’ve given a great outline here, Andy of the opportunities provided by affiliate marketing and by Wealthy Affiliate, far and away the best method of getting into it.
    Phil Lancaster

    • Thanks, Phil,

      I have fallen in love with the community feel of Wealthy Affiliate. People at all levels of Internet business are there and many are there with serious online marketing training, both classroom and hands on. I myself helped build a program that was producing over 3 million monthly page views and earning enough my partner and I fired our bosses. I’m rebuilding now but through the platform at WA I have no doubt I can beat those numbers within the next 5 years. Here is to all our success making money online through the Super Affiliate Challenge.

  8. First of all, your blog looks great! It’s colorful, it has many points of visual interest. I like all the subheads. The content is great! I’m glad the voices of opposition don’t stop you. You’re doing a really good job. You explain everything clearly. I hope you have much success!


    • Thank you Judy,

      Letting the dark side in us become the outside of us and the future of our legacy is something that sadly happens to a lot of people with mental illness. In part, because they don’t see a bright future, they have leaders who are silent about their conditions and don’t step up and say this is part of me but let us move forward from it. Wealthy Affiliate and the therapeutic nature of journaling or blogging can be a way up, and way out for many. Thanks for your wishes of success.

  9. I heard that challenge have started more than a month ago so I am wondering if new affiliates joining today can still participate in the challenge. Can they open the gates and let the new comers participate in? If new members can still be accepted, or if WA will still give new members joining this April and May, then that would be a great news as I have people here who are late comers but have expressed their interest in joining the challenge.

    • Hi Gomer, sadly the gate is closed until next year on the Super Affiliate Challenge but that gives new members a year to complete other training like the affiliate Bootcamp and the online entrepreneurs training course. I missed out on last years SAC because of illness but this year, nearly a month in I look to crush this challenge.

  10. First, congrats on the super affiliate challenge! Secondly, excellent rundown on affiliate marketing. Hopefully we’ll be one of the three percent someday! I love how positive your article is. You make it sound possible for anyone and that’s very motivating! I am even feeling excited and I’m not in the MMO niche. Thanks for the great post! 

    • Hi Selenity Jade, what a wonderful name.

      The SAC is merely a challenge that happens each year and around 400 of us end up in the ranks with a lot of them achieving a great deal of success and many making it to Las Vegas after getting 300+ Wealthy Affiliate referrals. I have a different niche site on early retirement I am planning on being a major focus later this year and early next year. You don’t have to be in any specific niche to benefit from Wealthy Affiliate’s massive training center that starts with Kyle and Jay and ends in a community of more than 1 million topic experts. It’s an all around great place to be.

  11. Hi, I’m in the supper affiliate challenge too 🙂

    I started in January last year when the free extra course began, Kyle accepted me and I built a new website called asuperaffiliate.

    Although I work really hard I still have no income from the site as for now. I made a lot of mistakes, I’m getting better all the time.

    Now it’s the 16th month I work with this website, I have over 160 posts and this week I decided to start overworking my website and get these post on the first page of Google search 🙂

    SEO and the competition in this niche make it not easy but I registered that my website gets ranked better and visitor numbers start rising. 

    Now I want to optimize reader-friendliness and SEO for the next few months.

    Best success to you, see you, Stefan 🙂

    • Yes, It takes time, dedication, and some direct focus on getting indexed and ranked. I found with my theFreeGuru website that I was too general in a niche and not targeted enough to make even half the results I am starting to see for Affiliate 3 Percent.  I am working on being laser-focused on the Home Business category with better search targeting and that’s because after 16 years in online marketing I am finally getting training from true experts instead of all the patchwork and guesswork. Thanks for a great comment.

  12. Andy, you have been such a help to me and many other WA members. And I agree wholeheartedly with you that Wealthy Affiliate membership is such a bargain. The Community support by itself is worth more than the cost of the membership. And 25 websites??? How great is that? Of course, I can’t imagine how I would ever keep up with that many. I have 3 and it is all I can do to publish content regularly.

    This is a great business, and I am so excited at the prospect of getting enough content to start drawing traffic. Congrats on your foresight to get started much sooner than I did.


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