#1 Guide to Using Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges To Get Great Results For Your Affiliate or Network Marketing Business.

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Free Traffic Generation Using Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges

Traffic generation for your home business opportunity, blog, or mailing list can be a daunting task. If asked, the affiliate program wants you to send all traffic straight to them but the fact is you lose control doing this.

You lose valuable leads and followers for your blogs, and other programs by sending traffic to anything but your auto-responder sequence.

If you don’t have a free report to give, give people this one to join your list and remember to change the Mailer On Fire link to your own, then so you build unlimited traffic and can even win 1 of 10 Bitcoin Blank Checks issued each month in our Referral Contest. MOF makes Viral Mailers Profitable and Fun.

Using Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges

Funneling your Traffic

At first, this is going to sound counterproductive but I am hoping you see the bigger picture. People like you surf traffic exchanges and use viral mailers seeking traffic for the programs they are in and not to join other programs. That’s a fact and you know it because you are reading this report to get more traffic to your programs right?

So what do you do when the odds seem stacked against you? You build a better mousetrap. You find or develop a free report that gives away think and gooey traffic to the masses.

Instead of promoting your primary business, you promote a system for using the 1 traffic resource. You then want to flow your prospects into to see your primary offer. You want a place that pays great commissions and allows you to earn massive downline generated traffic.

What is downline generated traffic?

Well, that is when you earn exchange or a Viral Mailers credits for the purchases and actions of your downline. AT Mailer On Fire we give 2 tiers of traffic matching credits. You earn off your referrals and their referrals.

website traffic from viral mailers and traffic exchanges

You can also earn up to 50% commissions on your downline purchases based on your position. My friend David was paid $48.50 just yesterday referring someone to the One Time Offer at Mailer On Fire. He also earned a ton of mailing credits doing so.

By sending all your traffic to a single location like Mailer On Fire you can turn thousands of viral mailer credits a week into millions of credits a month and build a true traffic empire. In the meantime, I mentioned giving this free report through an autoresponder.

An autoresponder for those who don’t know collects a name and e-mail address from a visitor in exchange for a free report or other ethical bribes. The system allows you to do repetitive tasks like giving away the report automatically.

You can set regular messages delivered a day or more apart to tell about your primary program and your traffic generation resources, and you will have the ability to broadcast messages to your list(s) when you have something like a product launch to promote as well.

These viral mailers and autoresponders systems alone can let you turn one prospect into dozens of sales.

How does A free traffic Exchange and Viral Mailers funnel work?

At the top, you are dumping in as much traffic from every exchange and all your viral mailers as possible into your free report and building a list of hundreds or even thousands of home business-minded people.

From there you are building traffic generating downlines through your free report and using your autoresponder to inform your prospects of your main business, product offers, or whatever you promote. It could be your blog post like I tend to do.

Once in your list, you can separate the serious from the rest of the crowd with the rest of the crowd earning you even more free traffic and the serious joining your programs and buying helping products from you.

I always suggest having a blog and using a soft selling review post to do the heavy lifting because sending ad after ad gives no value for the reader and leads to un-subscribes. An Un-subscribe is someone leaving your list without you making money or generating traffic from them.

Always find ways to add value and inform people and seldom try to sell anything.

As an affiliate marketer, your job is not to sell but instead to advertise and market people into going to the SALES PAGE which has been professionally written to do the selling.

People like training posts, and inspiration, as well as getting to know the real you. This builds trust, respect, and loyalty. People want to buy from others who have those 3 traits secured.

Viral Mailer On Fire Home Of Bitcoin Blank Checks Referral Program

Which came first the Traffic Exchange or the Viral Mailers?

You will hear repeatedly that the money is in the list and viral mailers were developed to help you build the list while the original Idea of the Traffic exchange was to send visitors back and forth site to site. They both work on a trading system.

You visit a site that earns you the right to have a 3rd party visit your site in return. This can be done through the viral mailers’ email system as well and I actually prefer viral mailers for the same reason I tell you to build your own autoresponder mailing list.

Viral Mailers give 4 distinct benefits.

  1. Your Subject catches the reader’s attention.
  2. Your E-mail Body has undivided attention to further the Viral mailers reader’s interest.
  3. The link itself is an ethical bribe and leads to a now pre-sold offer.
  4.  All of this with a minimal amount of distraction and the actual credit timer on viral mailers tends to be 15 seconds instead of 3-10 seconds on a traffic exchange.

In fact, the only weakness in a viral mailer is the fact there still is a point where the countdown time tells the reader to either fill in the form or collect their credits NOW!

Traffic exchanges serve a role.

They can be used to send a ton of traffic and serve thousands of recognition building banner credits to brand the site you want to have members feed into (Mailer On Fire) for example.

They can build your list and your traffic downline and allow you to remove the viewer from the bustle and hustle of a traffic exchange and give them plenty of time to get cozy with you and what you are promoting.

Hungry For Hits Traffic Exchange

Use your Traffic Exchange credits and banners, text links, etc. to brand your main traffic system. Use the traffic system to build your list, and the list to build out your programs and sell your products.

This is all based on my 17 years of experience as an affiliate marketer. Time as a traffic exchange owner, and viral mailers user. Take it from me. I had a list of thousands and could put people in programs at will. My list which I lost when I had a nervous breakdown is growing again and there is nothing like being able to pitch a captive audience.

How to get this free report.

If you are getting it from Mailer On Fire just download the zip file with the Word Doc and PDF in the back office. If you are getting it from my blog, then click the share as a PDF link and download the PDF. Copy into Word and change the link to Mailer on Fire viral mailer.

Below are some resources used to do our funnels.

About the only other things I can tell you is to always fill out at least the free programs in the downline builders of the exchanges and viral mailers you use. If you don’t your sponsor picks up all the money and traffic you are leaving on the table. Never leave a dime uncollected. When possible upgrade your primary mailer first, then your main traffic exchanges.

An example would be Hungry for Hits membership. Not only does a Gold membership at $10 a month earn more commissions and get you a better exchange ratio it also reduces the time needed to collect those credits.

If you get 2 times the credits surfing 2 hours a day is like surfing for 4 hours a day. Since the speed of surf is like 2.5 surfs to every 1 done by a free member I am getting in total nearly 10 hours surfing for every 2 hours of actual time spent on site.

That’s a massive return on a $10 investment.

With Mailer on Fire, you can earn 10 times the viral mailer credits for every view over a free member. You get less mail, and get 2.5 times the speed of timer, or counter speed. You can do 50 emails a day in under 1 hour and earn plenty of credits to convert to both 4 emails a day and banners to brand your business.

It’s simple math that this is an extreme value.

When buying viral mailer or traffic exchange memberships if possible always pay by the year or take lifetime deals. You save a ton of money and usually get traffic building bonuses.

Thanks for your time,

Andy Zeus Anderson


Mailer On Fire

RIGHTS: You may export this file as a PDF to be given as a free gift to build your list. If you are a member of Mailer on Fire viral mailer you may copy file contents to a word doc and change the mailer on fire links to your own affiliate URLs. Then click export to PDF and share that modified report in the same manner. In no manner may other links in the report be altered, the information be changed or content is sold or repackaged.

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6 thoughts on “#1 Guide to Using Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges To Get Great Results For Your Affiliate or Network Marketing Business.”

  1. Traffic exchangers are good but like you rightly mention, you must create content that adds value to your audience. Else they begin to u subscribe from your list. For autoresponders not using a good lead Magnet, and our inability to create a buyers journey that convert is always the challenge. 

    • I will tell you though I prefer being an owner to being a member. The reason being is at some point you need to scale up and automate part of the funnel using these resources. But there is a great advantage of using this system. Those who figure out the math is a sweet thing in exchanges and viral mailers spend on upgrades all through the funnel. That’s money for paid ads, hosting, and memberships for training. Thanks for a great comment.

  2. I perceive traffic exchange as only part of the equation. In order to have favorable results, we need to put a lot of effort into our content. And that is not built overnight. I think many site owners think that by just sending traffic to their site, they have it all solved. However, having a reliable tool from where we can expect real traffic is very good.

    • I couldn’t agree more and traffic exchanges and viral mailers work best for lower dollar make money at home programs and traffic or training systems than anything else. You also have to filter the traffic. If you just send it to the pages of your blog you will destroy its potential organic reach. The best bet is when creating your Exchange Offer to gain the leads use a different domain name and use your list to send subscribers to your blog with every new post.

  3. Thank you for the informative article and timely article for me about auto responders and traffic exchange. I am certain I have to come and read this article again to fully comprehend the concept. Most online entrepreneurs like me default to  auto responders. Not sure if its because is the popular or the easier way out 

    • Autoresponders save a ton of time communicating things you would normally have to repeat to every new prospect and delivering things like free reports for readers. They also have a direct mail feature to broadcast things like sale information and details on new product launches. They are a must for filtering lower quality traffic as spelled out in this post. Thanks for stopping in.


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