Using Twitter Business Accounts for Affiliate Marketing

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Using Twitter business accounts for affiliate marketing can be fun and rewarding or an exercise in frustration and wasted time. The answer to the question of will Twitter Business work for my make money at home program depends entirely on you. Likewise, product affiliates will find Twitter Business a boom or bust investment of time and money if they don’t set up accounts correctly or provide great content.

Social Media Today, Using Twitter for Business
Twitter Business: Understanding Your Prospect Needs

The first step to anything marketing is to reverse engineer your product and look at each feature and who needs that solution. You need to know their needs, their interest, and hopefully a personal connection like their hobby’s or health concerns. Knowing this information is vital to building a customer profile and seeing who your target market is for your Twitter Business account.

When you know your customer you will be able to see more clearly how to set up your profile and who to follow. Learning who to follow is the first part of building a major audience in your niche.

Twitter Business Case Example – Affiliate 3 Percent’s Twitter Account

Twitter Business Header image for Affiliate 3 PercentFor example, we will build out our account for Affiliate 3 Percent. Our account for affiliate 3 percent needed a strong focus on affiliates, marketers, home business, marketing, and network marketing. We had to write a Biography that would use #Hashtags to match these goals.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘A Hashtag is a keyword started by the Hash Mark or Pound sign depending on how old we are. #Keyword is a hashtag.’ ” quote=”‘A Hashtag is a keyword started by the Hash Mark or Pound sign depending on how old we are. #Keyword is a hashtag.’ ” theme=”style5″]

We also had to write a bit about our site and make sure our profile and brand were intact on our Twitter Business Page. The end result was a text that combined with great graphics that relate to Affiliate 3 Percent have attracted over 900 followers as of the time of this post. That’s in 10 weeks time, I started it before the development of the blog itself.

Resulting Bio:

Quality blogger and trainer for, , #homebusiness #networkmarketing #digitalmarketing #emailmarketing

Why is profile set up so important to use Hashtags?

Each Hashtag is cross-promoted with other profiles, and content using that keyword across Twitter and is the first place Twitter search engines and Twitter Adder software go to find related profiles to follow. People find and add others through interest and to find those people they use a combination of recommended users on the right sidebar of your feed, and searches for their favorite keywords. Both are driven by these #hashtag searches.

Images also play a huge role in optimizing the face of the account.

The right header graphic is niche related or goal related for the customer. Our use of the Affiliate 3 Percent beach slider, for example,Affiliate 3 Percent Logo provides site recognition, brand recognition, and a clear goal of working from anywhere with your affiliate marketing home business. Images are so memorable that they account for over 70% of our memories followed by Smells and Audio and lastly by touch.

With a high amount of memory dedicated to storing images even text on a page, we see why graphics work in advertising. Meme’s for example combined with a watermark, logo, or site URL work great because they combine the content of value with branding and get you remembered. Twitter business accounts benefit from using graphics in their header and a logo or personal photo in the profile picture.

What kind of content should our Twitter Business account provide?

While you want your content to be seen first if you only blog a few times a week you will need filler content. For the days you don’t post and times you don’t post to keep your audience’s attention. Posting niche related quotes, motivational quotes, images, and video can win more readers. Again image-rich content is a boom for your business so even your blog post should have a featured image selected so it shows on your Twitter Card. A Twitter Card is information your site sends to Twitter that tells them how your post should appear.

Link to videos that offer tutorials, training, and motivation for your niche market as well. You should share as much niche related content as possible and industry news. This will strengthen your authority in your niche and push you high on the list of people to follow. Don’t just throw trending topics out there to get a huge following because only your niche market will be buyers.

Example of Image Content for Twitter Business Accounts

Are there other ways I should use to grow audience and gain followers?

Yes. You should be using relationships to your advantage. When looking through Twitter Searches in your niche look to high volume influencers with accounts of over 10,000 followers who post mostly niche-related content. Look close at their feeds and if they retweet the content of others in your niche regularly they are great to follow and add to a influencers list.

Using List is something you should do daily. A Twitter List allows you to curate content or make a news feed of only industry leaders and the things they are tweeting. You can use this to retweet them and do @replys to them. Both help their stats and stroke their ego and increase both of your engagement rates. Want someone with 100,000 followers to share your content you need great content first and to share their content regularly so they know who you are and likely have you on one or more list.

Getting an influencer in the industry or niche to promote you with shares, replies, or mentions is a great way to get a major boost in followers. I tweeted to follow @affiliate3pct for affiliate news, training, and marketing topics from my main account with over 15,600 marketers and business owners. That alone on 2 tweets added nearly 300 followers to my new account without saying it was my account. That was a pure influence, no prior relationships added.

Which is better to follow everyone back or to only follow influencers?

Follow people in your niche interest or who can benefit you. If a profile is entirely in Spanish and you only speak English it’s probably not a good match. A Spam Bot or Cam Girl is not likely to help your business. Neither will others who share no visible interest in your niche. Let them follow you but only follow back those who can help you or will likely buy your products. Add influencers to a list, these should be people with 10K plus followers in the niche your business is in.

Even a small follower who replies to, messages you, or retweets your shared content should get a return on their investment of time. Engagement is the key number to get your social clout up and boost your social signals for your content. Retweets and @replies are strong indicators your content is being read and enjoyed.

Measuring Twitter Business Success?

Twitter Analytice Engagement Reports for Twitter BusinessTwitter now provides analytics similar to Facebook Page Analytics which show reads, views, engagements, and click through to your sites and articles. You can also measure Social Clout on and boost your post views using Twitter Ads.

Twitter Business offers advertising that is true native Advertising as it is shared content across your network that matches the interest of your preferred subscribers and is aimed at adding followers and subscribers. Being content based it is not like Advertising but instead social sharing and should blend well with other items in a readers news feed. If you use them for great post people are really engaging with your engagement numbers likely go up and so do your search rankings. If you do advertise instead of market use a brand awareness poll or a Twitter Contest like you can start through Raffle Copter.

Twitter Business Summary:

This post has been a continuance of our Social Media Today series and is intended to be a working reference based on how Social Media has worked for my business for over 13 years. It is a Twitter Business Guide that is a proven strategy used by many social media apps to generate followers and engagement for their free and paid customers.

You should have learned the following:

  • How to set up a Twitter Business Biography.
  • What Kind of image to use for your profile picture and header graphic.
  • What Kind of content to post.
  • How to choose people to follow and who to build Twitter List around.
  • Why you should maximize the use of other people’s content.
  • When, Where, and Why to use images and videos for content.

Learning these things will help you build a 5 start profile and generate huge followings and influencer status for your blog, company, or yourself. Don’t use blind adds or random content, stay targeted. Keep following this and a steady stream of followers will join you. Work on building relationships with other industry leaders. Present yourself as a peer and command respect showing what you know. People will love this interaction and reward you with responses, retweets, and the best social signals SEO can buy for free.

The only other thing I might add is to be yourself as people connect to real people instead of just a brand that is cold and calculated. Be reachable, be personal, remember to give credit and thank your connections for their engagement and you will do AMAZING.

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6 thoughts on “Using Twitter Business Accounts for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. I remember loving and using Twitter Adder software. I can not remember why I stopped using it. I will have to look into Twitter Adder software again.
    I am not sure about only following those who can benefit you. That may be the reason I get a lot of unfollows. LOL
    Is there a negative effect from following everyone who follows you?

    • No negative effect from following everyone who follows back. In my post I recommend following back regular users as well as industry leaders, just adding the industry leaders of influence-rs to the list so you can maintain a news feed of just industry related post. Or mostly industry niche related post on your Twitter Business account. If you use a software Twitter Adder may not be best as it will not put new follows on a list, and if I recall it doesn;t have a facility to remove people who don’t follow back or have gone inactive but I may be wrong on that as it’s been a very long time since I used it. I use Manage Flitter to handle Non Followers and Inactive accounts. Sign up free to try it.

  2. Thanks for a great informative post. So much to learn just about Twitter alone, some days I feel like I am drowning in social media!

    I think I need to just pick one and concentrate on it and I have to say Twitter has been my least understood at this point. Your article helped heaps to clarify how hashtags work and choosing who to follow.

    How often do you think it’s appropriate to Tweet? Is once a day OK or I see some people having 5 – 10 tweets everyday? Your thoughts appreciated.

    I need to go and find an influencer, or two, in my niche and give this all a go. Thanks heaps.

    • On my main account with 15,600+ followers I tween between 3 and 12 times a day. It depends on how much I am on and how good things are for tweet-able moments. I also tweet any good reads on blogs where they have a social sharing tool like we have on our blog post. We use Social Warrior if you are looking for a good WordPress Social Media plugin as it also empowers us to do click to tweet quotes in our text as seen in the grey box above.

      As to Hashtags you can use them on Google Plus and Facebook too for highlighting Keywords as well. And once you learn the people aspects you can apply the same mentality regardless of post lin or special features. Thanks for a great comment.

  3. This is an interesting article about basic setup on Business Twitter Accounts. The use of hashtags is informative and how Twitter uses it to connect your posts with others that can potentially lead to building an audience. If there are other techniques proven to build an audience, I would be interested in hearing about it. Thanks.

    • The main thing in audience building is like blogging. Keep posting great content and using the hashtags in the content to generate interest and make that content able to be found and you’ll do fine. Social media is really simple, the first post that went viral was the 10 commandments, as God handed out the content and Moses told his friends and family, who told those they knew until the whole world, believers and non believers have heard the message. It’s that old and that simple. We the humans tend to make it more complicated and scary. If you like this post you will love our next post on Facebook Business Marketing.


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