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Mailer on Fire Review Research is a post written by the owner of Mailer On Fire and the Affiliate 3 Percent blog allowing you to do vital research into the project before joining free.

Before we proceed it must be stated this review is a block of information hand-selected by the owner and may not complete your questions or fact-finding mission. To get direct answers to your questions please either leave a comment below or e-mail andy[at] I am always open to your questions, thoughts, and feature request even if we are not able to fulfill those requests immediately.

Mailer On Fire Review Research Get Mailer On Fire Information 1

Mailer on Fire is Known as the Home of the Bitcoin Blank Check Referral Program but what exactly is Mailer On Fire?

Mailer on fire is what is known as a Viral Mailer. It is safe to mail to a double opt-in list of home business owners who have agreed to receive commercial solicitations in return for the ability to send e-mails of their own. Viral Mailers work best when you have a product-focused on affiliate marketers, MLM, or Network Marketing professionals, or have a business opportunity you wish to promote.

In our last post, we covered how to use Viral Mailers and traffic exchanges successfully to promote your home business. We strongly recommend reviewing that post before using a viral mailer so you get a good idea of what is working and what is not.

We also recommend you use HitsConnect to track your results in viral mailers and traffic exchange programs. Please note this is an affiliate URL and we do stand to earn income from upgrades but recommend the use of the free service until you need more power. We use this system and are proud of the results.

What is the Bitcoin Blank Checks Referral Contest at Mailer On Fire?

We came to this party as newcomers to the Viral Mailer world on 10-26-2020. The market is semi-saturated with mailers with thousands to tens of thousands of members and often launched with dozens or even hundreds of Joint Venture or JV Partners. Resources we did not have an abundance of. Fact is most owners have funding way deeper than my own and can put thousands of dollars into a launch.

Bitcoin Blank Checks Referral Contest levels the playing field and has allowed us to add 50 members in just 3 weeks to the program. A program few people know anything about.

Above is the list of Bitcoin Blank Check and Standard Referral Leaders as of November 16th, 2020.

With Bitcoin Blank Check we offer the top 10 recruiters of paid memberships and credit purchases each month a 5% bonus with no limit on how high it can go on their referred sales. For Mailer On Fire Gold Members, this is a chance to earn an extra 5% on top of an already industry high 50% residual commissions. Between the desire to earn more money, the ability to get more advertising, and the availability of advanced features our upgrade are at an insanely low price.

Bitcoin Blank Check Contest Leaders 11-16-2020

In addition to the Bitcoin Blank Checks Referral Contest at Mailer on Fire, we have a standard referral contest each month for the top ten total referrals by members. This contest has non-monetary prizes but packs over $2,000 in prize values for the top 5 winners alone. No site we have seen in the viral mailer niche offers more in the form of prizes or as unique of offerings as Mailer on Fire.

What about those upgraded memberships, are they costly?

I will share with you a screenshot of our launch pricing for memberships. It shows below-average pricing on monthly Silver and Gold Memberships with the ability to buy Silver membership by the year or pay as you go monthly. Gold memberships have monthly, annual, and lifetime pricing but if you join us in November look for a great deal on a Lifetime Membership that is above that of a Gold Member for a very reasonable price.

Membership Options at Mailer On Fire Viral Mailer

This exclusive membership is only offered in November of each year and it pays up to a $123.50 Bounty per sale based on your membership level.

What are some of the best features of Mailer On Fire?

The single biggest feature is the BBC Contest listed above but I will include a video tour of the member’s area below and a video on how to use our mailer. Easy of use is easily one of our strong points and we also pride ourselves in offering means to gain income as well as traffic through our downline builder under the affiliate section of our member’s menu. IOn addition we are a proud member of the Viral Traffic Games Mailer Tournament.

What is a Downline Builder?

Well, a downline builder is a section of the site that lists other sites and programs you can join free or for a small fee and then add your affiliate ID to the builder. When your referrals join the program they will hopefully click these links to join any programs they are not in, upgrade or make purchases and pay you a commission.

The tough part of a downline builder is that you join several programs or the tougher part prevails. What is tougher than joining many programs? Leaving money on the table by not having your affiliate ID filled in when your referrals join a program. If the referral can’t join under you they are passed up to the next sponsor who has an ID filled in.

DOwnline Builder at Mailer On Fire Viral Mailer Builds Cash and traffic Downlines
Small Sample of the Programs in the Downline Builder at Mailer on Fire

If nobody in your upline has that offer filled in I get any commission off your hard work. So far I think I have only one paid to join an affiliate program in the mix and that is Wealthy Affiliate and even they have a free membership trial.

How can Member’s Pay for Upgrades and Credits?

Tron now accepted at Mailer On FIre

As of today we now accept Tron (TRX) coins among a list of regularly accepted cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Etherium which have been the standard-bearers of the Crypto Markets.

Tron is an asset growing very strongly with a market cap nearing 2 billion with nearly 50% in active daily trading. At 26 cents a coin as of today, it is an option that allows affordable purchase and room to grow as an investment for members who choose to participate in using this cryptocurrency token.

Below is a screenshot of current currency options we have for making purchases through CoinPayments.

Coinpayments options including Tron now accepted at Mailer on Fire

In the near future, we plan to add more cryptocurrency types to the mix including some specific to the Viral Mailer industry. We believe that more buying options will make us stronger and better prepared for successful growth. In addition, once we are more financially fluid we may offer credit card processing.

How are members paid by the program at Mailer On Fire?

We currently offer payout by Bitcoin and will also offer PayPal Payouts. Sorry but Pay-Pal does not support us offering it as a means for purchase at this time but we can pay you in cash if you have that preference, just contact Admin from the support button in the member’s area to get help setting this up.

Payments are made on the 5th of the month following you reaching $30 in payouts. The $30 threshold amount allows me to not be inundated each month with smaller awards as non pay-pal payments must be hand entered. This mailer will grow fast and be one of the biggest online if I have to work my fingers to the bone to make it happen.

Members are paid to their CoinPayments account and the wallet they have set up with them or the Pay-Pal account we have on file.

Other Important Information for this Mailer On Fire Review Research and Information Article?

Owner Andy Zeus Anderson who does business using his knickname Zeus as a middle moniker to avoid confusion with the ten thousand plus other Andy Anderson’s on the web has been doinf home based business by means of affiliate marketing since January 3rd 2004. His company dotLocal SEO owns Affiliate 3 Percent, Mailer on Fire, and the Affiliates Newsletter by Affiliate 3 Percent.
Join our free viral mailer Mailer on Fire

Contact Information:

We are a home based business located at 1230 W 3rd St apt House Yuma AZ 85364

Admin can be contacted at (928)750-7064 M-F between 9 AM and 5 PM Mountain Time USA. Please respect our private time and hold calls to these hours, time conversion is available by simple Google search. Arizona does not adjust for Daylight Savings Time and can be found as GMT -7 Phoenix. You can also e-mail me at with support questions.

Summary of the Mailer on Fire Review Research Presented.

If you need a great mailer that will grow with you add Mailer on Fire to your list. If you love high paying commissions consider making us a priority in some of the marketing you do on other sites. Keep in mind that we can not guarantee your success as an affiliate either through promotions and advertising is done on our site or as an affiliate.

While the web is full of hard-working marketers and great admins you will find very few works as hard and none work harder than Andy will at making this a great place to advertise any legal and ethical program. We believe in honesty and transparency and we also know how to keep you up to date with as they happen mailings, post on our main blog like this one, and our weekly newsletters.

This has been a fun job writing this Mailer on Fire Review Resource for you. Please join us free at

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  1. Hello there thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece  of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. This looks like an amazing platform to engage in as it is legit and has legit ways of making money online

  2. Hi and thanks for sharing this information on the Mailer on Fire. I am busy in the affiliate marketing field but my focus is on building SEO rich content. I have joined up with similar programs to Mailer on Fire but I am just to make them really work for me. Having read your review I do have one question. Is there a unique selling proposition that you have with Mailer on Fire that other dowline builders don’t have, or have but don’t do as well as you do with Mailer on Fire? Thanks, Andy. 

    • The biggest things are our unique Crypto paying Top Sellers contest and our active admin. I work hard to provide serious results for our Platinum Members advertising co-op. Not only do our random referrals from people arriving to the site from the direct URL go to these members but I also take a portion of advertising revenue for paid ads each month and I surf and a portion of my surfs go to the pool as well.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your Informative article on Mailer On Fire. It gives a great overview of what your product is about. I have many friends who have been looking in bitcoin and cryptocurrency and your product seems like a great introduction and to get someone involved in Bitcoin.

    Thank you, for a good article.


    • Thanks. The one thing I wanted to accomplish with the post is to allow other bloggers to give us a fair review even if they never joined the program. I feel too many companies, especially in cottage business models don’t do enough to be personal product ambassadors. Because of this, they fall to things like poison pen reviews. A PPR is when a disgruntled ex-member or jilted competitor writes a vicious review based entirely on lies or misinformation to damage the business. Making more information about your company available will end a ton of that negative affect and in many cases stop the party from going that route to begin with.

  4. Thank you very much on this review of Mailer On Fire.  I really enjoyed reading about this service by the actual creators of the service. I must admit I was pleased to see that you can pay one lo price for a lifetime of the service.  I would only question how long it will be around, but if I see potential growing that would be a good investment of money!

    • I own the program and have owned similar ones before all of which sold while in profit. There is no plan in the now or the future for the closure of the program. Advertising services have great longevity because every business online needs ads.


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