Why am I voting for Donald Trump in 2020?


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Why am I voting for Donald Trump in 2020? A Letter to My American Subscribers and Official Endorsement for Donald J. Trump

Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump In 2020

After Obama repeatedly played the race card from election to last day in office America began to unravel. Sleepy Joe stood silent, went with the flow, help get him elected, stood by his economically irresponsible policies, his betrayal of national security interest, and his stoking of hate in America.

He may have been a first but he was the wrong first Black President as his hate message brought us the groups’ Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. Joe Biden helped it happen and is not the solution.

Trump Vs Biden on Crime

The President has supported law enforcement, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden has supported Black Lives Matter and the Defund the Police Movement and failed to denounce ANTIFA as domestic terrorists as the body count continues to climb.


Trump Vs Biden on The Economy

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Trump – Because Buy American IS Politically Correct

When American Manufacturing is coming home, and millions of jobs are returning. The economy is booming, and the GDP is at an all-time high debt goes down. Joe Biden wants to tax and regulate that away with over 3 trillion in new taxes, and the Green New Deal putting tens of millions more onto welfare and dependent on Democrats for keeping the free stuff flowing instead of being free themselves.

Trump On Minority Issues, is he a racist? The record shows NO!

Under Trump both Black and Hispanic communities were finding pride again, as minority-owned businesses were being funded, criminal justice is the law of the land not negotiable, and crime rates were going down as migrants were made to obey the law and ICE was allowed to do their job.

With these businesses at home jobs were born, the dropout rate lowered, and if Trump is retained in the office we will soon have school vouchers that allow everyone accesses to a better than public education.

Trump wants every American to succeed and has worked with companies coming home to develop job training programs and hire local initiatives. They have largely agreed to not just move back but to source locally and build products 100% MADE IN AMERICA again.

Trump On World Peace and Foreign Policy

Global Peace is possible with a firm hand and Joe helped other weak stomachs sell us out to Iran instead of shoring up Peace in the middle east. Trump has countries lining up to work with the United States and our partner Israel to achieve peace and stability and end decades of war.

Who’s the Liar, Biden or Trump?

Joe makes big promises. He offers thousands of dollars that only Congress could authorize and debt could pay for. He knows he can’t keep even half of the promises he makes but that is fine. He is after all a career politician and has been re-elected over, and over, and over, and over, and over again for 47 years in the senate and 8 years as VP and never delivered one of these promises. NOT ONE PROMISE KEPT.

Trump Built the wall, lowered taxes, brought manufacturing back, raised up the minority communities, created more jobs than Ronald Reagan, and brokered a large chunk of peace in this world while defeating ISIS. Shoring up security in Afghanistan so our troops will soon be home, and has a free and independent Iraq lined up to be next.

Why am I voting for Donald Trump in 2020? 2
2016 Flashback GOP Convention They didn’t think he had a chance then, we came through, now it’s time to beat the polls again and Keep America Great!

Summary of why Donald J Trump has my full endorsement for 4 more years.

I am voting Trump in 2020 because America deserves better than worn out Joe Biden and Never Was Kamala Harris, the far left America Crushing goon squad of Pelosi Democrats. To coin the term the Democrats think works in their favor, the question this election is not what’s on the line it’s who’s on the line and Joe Biden needs to stay retired.

This is not a message from a campaign or group. I have not been paid for my opinion, nor has my statement been vetted by any candidate or committee. I am just a Proud American looking to keep our country on the right track and our economy booming.

Joe says Trump tanked a good economy but under him and Obama the economy sucked and Trump saved it before COVID19 did a number on the WORLD. Only one man stands to restore the economic prosperity we had and it’s not Lawyer Joe it’s Businessman Trump. Joe, the lies stop here.

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Voted Trump by Mail 10/10/2020

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