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Welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate Review. Today we will be going over some features and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate is a certification course for home business owners in the niche affiliate marketing industry. They teach you how to set up a profitable blog-based business from day one novice until day 5,000 expert and beyond.

Introduction to our Wealthy Affiliate Review

2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review Screenshot

Company/Product: Wealthy Affiliate University
Year Launched: September 2005

Owners: Carson Lim, Kyle Loudoun

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Who’s it for? Beginner to Expert
Price: Starter Membership $0 Premium Membership $29 per month Paid Annually ($359) or $49 per month if paid by the month.
Rating: 97/100 Good Investment.

2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review Disclosure of Relationship.

In keeping with our honest reviews policy, I will inform you that I am an affiliate and satisfied member of Wealthy Affiliate and the links to them in this post will pay me a small commission should you choose to join us there.

This relationship in no manner has influenced this review or my personal reasons for claiming myself to be a satisfied customer. This is also my second positive review with my first coming prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. That review was on a blog I no-longer own called Hot in Yuma. Since then my opinion has not changed from positive though with a full understanding of the business the rating may have changed to a higher grade as sometimes happens with an insider perspective.

Our Wealthy Affiliate Review should start with an explanation of the program.

The Wealthy Affiliate program as reviewed hinges on 4 step basic for online affiliate marketing education. Those four principals are Choosing an Interest, Building a Website, Attracting Visitors, and Earning Revenue. I will expand on each below but this simple plan is broke down into dozens of easy to swallow lessons and backed by the support of a massive community of experts.

Wealthy Affiliate 4 step basics

Wealthy Affiliate Basic 1: Choose an Interest

With any affiliate program worth its salt you should have options that monetize something you are passionate about. If you are into healthy living you can choose a healthy living niche and get the same support and training as someone writes about Santa Clause or SuperBowl Teams and History. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can take any hobby, interest, or life experience and they will show you how to turn it into a business.

Wealthy Affiliate Basic 2: Build a Website

WA, as it is affectionately called by members, offers a robust WordPress based hosting and security suite as part of the membership cost. They help you build your website or blog from the ground up with easy to follow text and video tutorials. Each tutorial comes with a checklist so you can see how well you have done and by the end of the training, you will get a certificate in affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Basic 3: Attracting Visitors

Throwing a website up and giving it a look and feel is nothing if nobody ever visits it. Some programs teach you to buy traffic from them or an affiliate-linked 3rd party. With Wealthy Affiliate though you learn to write engaging content that is good for humans and search engines alike. You use keyword research tools like their own Jaaxy keyword research tool to structure post for search engine rankings.

As your readership and social engagement grow your site ranks naturally higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing results. This, in turn, drives in boatloads of 100% free traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate Basic 4: Earn Revenue

Now that you have a blog or website you have traffic to it and content readers love. They teach you to use tools like subscriptions, on-site marketing and call to action with affiliate programs to make money. You will learn everything you need to know to convert your visitors and subscribers into buyers. If you use subscription options the same buyer may often shop with you more than once as trust builds.

If you like this review but need more information read our 2019 updated review here https://affiliate3percent.com/is-wealthy-affiliate-a-scam-or-legit/

My personal story with W.A.

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Andy “Zeus” Anderson

In 2016 I was rebounding from a nervous breakdown and loss of a business that my partner and I had built over a 7-year period. I was looking to reclaim my spot among successful affiliates and go back to my blogging roots. The problem is that even an old blogger (circa 2003) has to learn new tricks to be successful and a friend turned me on to Wealthy Affiliate.

I jumped back into blogging with my then blog, “My Viral Blog” and fell on my face. Ranking in the search engines was nowhere near as easy as even in 2013 when I had taken a break from blogging. I also seemed to have an issue creating great content. Readers now want more information and need something to take them from one paragraph to another with a reason to be there. I was used to writing 400-word maximum blurbs that work in social media but not in a blog.

In short, I needed help and I needed it fast.

In walks Wealthy Affiliate to my life. And while I didn’t need help to install or designing a blog I learned a lot about disclosures and site structure in just the first few lessons that had taken years to learn and a couple of years to forget. I am writing this Wealthy Affiliate Review because of my positive Change since Rejoining.

I continued and was soon being taught to write new content to my blog thefreeguru.com but not just told to write I was shown how to write to attract search engines. In fact, the SEO or search engine marketing training is really all an SEO wants to manage the perfect blog or website.

Good quality and keyword-driven content. They taught me how to not just target keywords but how to target low hanging fruit that had plenty of traffic but very little competition making it easy to rank on page 1.

My first review of a popular program that I deemed a scam was so well accepted that it generated me over $500 in Adsense earnings and $300 in other affiliate revenue over the next 2 months. That’s a $400 a month improvement to what I had been making. I will state that I did leave Wealthy Affiliate once because I had a bit of a relapse on physical health issues that took me several months to recover from financially.

Now we are on to 2018 and a new blog.

Born in frustration with things I didn’t like about how I bounced back and forth on theFreeGuru I decided to pay a year at Wealthy Affiliate in February 2018. That was the easiest $359 I ever spent on my business because by then I knew how well the training worked. I created affiliate3percent.com because of the will to start over and get a firm order of things because TFG really bounces back and forth as my interest was not set and I only loosely targeted the Home Business Niche.

Now I am 5 post in and writing my 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review

I am writing it because after all the help Wealthy Affiliate has given me I have decided to pay it back by introducing you to their free trial at a minimum. During the free trial, you get a lesson pack and access to the first parts of the affiliate training.

Many people are already making enough money off those initial training that they can pay their first-month fee of $19 out of profits. By the time you reach the $47 a month continuing fee, you will likely see enough progress to decide to stay with the program.

By the time you have been in the program for 2 and a half to 3 months, you will see traffic flowing, learn to solicit comments, and maintain interaction and maybe even make your first few sales. If you have the money pay the full year at $359 because it saves you a whopping $20 a month over paying the $47 a month rate.

I am now on Course 5 lessons 7 at. I’m writing this Wealthy Affiliate Review. I am taking my time and getting it right and will soon see profits off this new blog.

My traffic numbers are good on just my 15th day of content creation today. I am averaging over 30 page views a day with just 4 articles prior to this Wealthy Affiliate Review post. I have even started to get search engine traffic and have a post ranked within the first 8 pages of both Yahoo and Bing which means Google will soon follow. My site is 100% indexed in google.


While more could be taught about e-mail follow-ups and list building as I have seen so far I have high hopes for the things I can do with the training and support here. I haven’t even mentioned the community support from thousands of people like me and even more experienced bloggers.

I didn’t mention that Kyle and Carson appear in the chat with us regularly as typically 1-2 times a day. I left out that support is great, security is awesome, and the hosting is very fast.

I didn’t tell you much about Jaaxy or explain our weekly webinar training, and the member created lessons. In all, there is so much here that one post can not adequately explain the power of this marketing Gem. At 1500 and plus words I think you will agree that at least a free trial is in order. So what are you waiting for?


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40 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review Insiders View”

  1. Thanks for your awesome WA review.

    I really enjoyed reading about your personal story and gosh good on you for picking yourself up and going again.

    It can’t have been easy and I’m totally rooting for your success! I have recently joined WA and boy has the training been top notch! And I’m sure given your previously experience with blogging you will be back on top in no time!

  2. Health issues can be devastating to your lifestyle and your ability to earn a living. i’m glad to read that you’re back on track, Andy. It’s also interesting to learn that you have blogged before and were successful, but things have changed in recent years.
    I’ve blogged before, but it was just a family/friend thing and I wasn’t trying to make money. I’m a year into Wealthy Affiliate now myself and I echo everything you said about the platform. I don’t think there’s a better one on the web.

    • Thanks Grant.

      I believe personal experiences to be vital to selling. People want to know about a product before they buy but they really engage the content when they see how it has personally impacted you. Wealthy Affiliate has turned me into an affiliate marketing evangelist again. I want to stand on a high mountain and tell everyone to join us.

  3. Hallo there,

    I have been following the many discussions on wealthy on different social forums to get a better understanding of the program and I have to say that I am really CONVINCED that it will be the best fit for me.

    I have also learnt that you are able to talk to the owners there. How fast do they respond to people’s questions and how elaborate are they with their answers?

    Waiting for your response as I take the plunge.

    • Kyle and Carson both are very good at sticking with issues until they are resolved and so far I haven’t see either of them pass a member off to a support team person. They get an answer and get back to you if needed which is great. I truly have no regrets about jumping both feet in. If they aren’t there the rest of the community comes together to get you the right answer in minutes. If support is needed they act very fast for a massive member community. You’re in good hands there.

  4. Wealthy affiliate, in my opinion, has the best online training in the world that is helping to change the lives of people just like you and me by having online success. I would encourage anyone to be a part of this community that has a proven system that works. Your post has tons of information and is a good help.

  5. Thanks, Norman,

    This is exactly why I pay yearly and make sure I can continue with the amazing training. We just had a great Friday Webinar tonight on repurposing content that will explode our Search results and social signals in one fell swoop. Want more than one listing for your search term use repurposed content to motivate your social following to become regular readers and Google to index videos and post from the social web that link to your original content.

    Most companies and Guru’s would charge extra for webinar access like this and it’s all included in your website hosting and training package. The peer support, the member to member pieces of training, and more make it an exceptional value.

    Andy Zeus Anderson

  6. Hey Andy, I really enjoyed reading your post about Wealthy Affiliates. I can’t agree more with you on the fact that ranking got a little bit more complicated, but it isn’t impossible to outrank big sites if you put the work in and know what you do. I personally didn’t know what to do when I joined Wealthy Affiliates. Yesterday I check once again on my rankings and realized that I outranked a site that gets 67k views in a month even though I just started this site a few months ago. I don’t think I would have been able to do that without Wealthy Affiliate training.

    • A lot of times the big sites rank for a keyword just because it is used in the print somewhere but aren’t doing any SEO or anything to try and rank for that spot so it is very possible to outrank them on a low competition keyword they are not properly optimized for. Kudos on finding such low hanging fruit.

  7. Its a wonderful review on Wealthy Affiliate. You were a experienced blogger before you joined Wealthy Affiliate. And there is no doubt that it proves in your content creation and the design. The site looks very professional and its soothing for my eyes to read on your blog. You seemed to have gained success in such early stage. Traffic generation on 15 day is just what not all can do.

    • Everyone can do it if they follow the training Kyle and Carson have put forth. Especially where it pertains to using Jaaxy which I am also a professional member of. I had experience blogging so there was no fear but my results were never monumental before Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy changed the way I approached content creation. I was doing way too many 400-word post of video only post for example. Now I write 1,000 keyword rich but human-focused words or more in each post. That’s one example.

      Get Jaaxy toady. Free 30 searches free trial.

  8. Hi Andy,

    Great post, informative and an easy read.

    You have had some tough times, but obviously you are a fighter.

    You have written a great review, all the important information is there, with lots of tit bits to tempt and what a great surprise for your visitors, who take up your invitation!

    Thank you


    • Thanks Michele. I try to give enough to make a choice but not be boring and too long winded. I have seen some reviews that go on a mile and are mostly repetitive information or information overload. I also prefer to tell my story on a good product because people aren’t just looking for a data sheet they need to know someone out there is passionate about a program. I am glad that resonates with so many readers.

  9. Andy I was very curious about your 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review after you shared that you previously reviewed Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016 before being a member and was positive about it both then and now. This certainly brings a high level of credibility to your opinion on this community and what it has to offer.

    As a WA member myself I have never regretted joining, it took me about 3 days to go from free member to Premium paid member and now I commit to an annual membership because of the high quality content and support and education I receive but it also dramatically reduces the cost and brings it very much up into a Return on Investment rather than a cost to my business. I’ll look you up within in WA to connect there too!

    • Ironically I upgraded on my 3rd day to the $19 first month offer. I spent a year paying the $49 a month and have paid yearly since. I wouldn’t trade the community for anything and will be here for years to come.

  10. Hi Zeus,

    What a great review about Wealthy Affiliate.  I am doing a bit of research about Wealthy Affiliate and only read good things about this platform.  There are a few who do not recommend it, but the overall feel I get is good.  You are my last stop.  I notice you say only 3% of the top affiliate marketers make 80% of the income online.  What happens to the other 97%?  I want to get into affiliate marketing but I am concerned that the market might be saturated.  What is your take on that?

    What is the best advice you can give me to become part of the 3% and how can I avoid becoming part of the 97%?

    Thanks for a great review and sharing your story with us!

    • The other 97% will either make it or break it but will never reach the number those Guru’s tout. The high 6 and 7 figure earners are around3 million strong out of 100 million plus marketers but it takes time, sweat equity, and investment to bridge the gap. WA helps you save time by bypassing failures and speeding up the process of weening off paid traffic and getting free laser targeted traffic.

  11. I have to agree with the comments, I did a lot of research before I joined Wealthy Affiliates and tried some other sites that wanted me to pay them $15k that’s no lie. I wouldn’t think twice about joining WA again if I had to. Its absolutely an amazing site with a more amazing group of people for support.

    I loved your story also, that’s pretty cool you used to blog so many years ago.

    • Thanks Jamie. Don’t get me wrong, some of those courses that charge that are well worth the money. One such case would be the submersed training camps Russell Brunson puts on that take you through two weeks of over the shoulder building your funnels and products and follows with more coaching in the year ahead. I would if I had the dollars sitting around let Russell add me to his millionaire’s list of successful graduates, but I can’t afford $7500-$10K in total cost to get up and running. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you can learn many of those tactics, a set that can secure a 6 to 7 figure income with less than $400 a year in cost. Thanks for commenting on our 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review.

  12. Hi Andy. I really enjoyed reading about your personal story and the hurdles you’ve overcome to get where you are.

    You’ve been successful before, so you can do it again. Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect vehicle to do it.

    I’ve been in WA one year now and have learnt so much, the help you get is incredible, especially if you don’t have the technical knowledge to build a website.

    After reading stories like your I am seriously considering doing the Bootcamp training to promote WA.

    Thanks for a great post.

    • I am doing the Bootcamp now, I already finished the Entrepreneur Certificate Course and I have learned so much that I was missing. My sites are starting to rank better than ever before thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Glad you enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

  13. It’s great to see that you’re doing well within the internet marketing world. Reading other people’s success stories is a huge motivation to bear down and get my own online business off the ground. Also, being a part of a community of entrepreneurs is a huge bonus. To be perfectly honest, the site building platform and the maintenance tools alone are worth the premium membership price at WA and that’s before you even include the training and community support.

    • I couldn’t agree more. My blog is faster than ever, my articles are better formatted with the help of the spelling and grammar tools, and commissions on referrals are great as a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

  14. Hey Andy,

    It’s nice to see you’re back on track after some health issues and glad that you have rejoined Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I’m year plus into Wealthy Affiliate now myself and I recite everything you said about the platform in your review. Many things have changed within WA platform recently. It has updated its interface for friendlier user and integrated Jaxxy into WA platform and implementing the Site Content, a great new content writing experience. I don’t think there’s a better platform that offer top notch training, start of art tools and incredible support on the web.

    Tare Care and Best Wishes 


    • I agree. I see a few bad reviews, mostly people who just couldn’t bring themselves to work the system for 6 months to a year for it to gain traction. Many of those reviews are on blogs with littl to no content, even lower quality, and the facts never check out. That’s why my original review turned out favorable and I joined WA as soon as possible. Life can be a challenge and I know from starting multiple businesses i my life that nothing is overnight and half ass about success. You work hard over time and good things happen.

  15. Well andy i own a domain now but i’m having some issues with taffic as its a competetive market. Contents take a lot of time and my personal coach is really lame i want to change him, however i keep my hopes high and try to share my websites content in many social platforms for more views. Right now im stuck in level 4 lesson 6 as the lesson hasnt been updated and uploaded. I really like jays blog though.

    • It’s sad when you get a lame coach or sponsor that doesn’t fully support you but it happens. At the end of the day, it is your business to run. Use the live chat and questions box as much as possible and if you like reach out to YumaBloggers on Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the name of my company and I will help in any way I can. As to the lesson I know that lesson is in fully functional order, the only thing that has changed is the look and feel of WordPress. They are updating hundreds of videos but it may take time to get to that specific one. Site support is excellent for tech issues for all else contact Kyle or any of the 200 top members signed by our number near our name for help.

  16. I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate. Although I have not been in it near as long as you, only about 6 months now, I am starting to see growth in traffic and made a couple of sales. Not enough to retire just yet, but I am happy with the results so far. It is really easy to get started too, with all of the training and then supports from other members who have been around for longer, as long as you are willing to put in the effort Wealthy Affiliate is a no brainer!

    • Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to learn Travis and there are hundreds of members on the path to being silent millionaires and thousands of others earning cool 5 and 6 figure incomes. I have been online for 16 years now and have never seen a program create success at this rate.

  17. The great thing about this article is that it’s simple, concise, and to the point just like Wealthy Affiliates program.  It basically tells you step by step on what you need to do and exactly how to do it.  Great tutorials with great videos and explanations on any question you might have with a community that is active 24 hours a day.  You simply can’t beat it!  Not to mention the price is really good that includes hosting for up to 10 sites I believe!

    • Yes, Thomas 10 websites are included in your Membership on what is the most robust and one of the most secure WordPress specialized hosting online today. The security innovation standards have even been recognized by the Canadian Government and with the new server system, site speed improvements, implementation of the Enterprise version of Kraken image optimization and more you simply couldn’t tough 10 sites hosting like this for under $150 a month elsewhere. I know,I have owned a Hosting Reseller business for over 10 years and can not compete with the WA offer for WordPress Hosting. We host other scripts but recommend WA for WP needs.

  18. You obviously have major Moxy to keep bouncing back like you have.  If writing 400-word blurbs was what you used to do, then you’ve come a VERY long way.  That must have been a 2,000-word article and it kept me wanting more and kept me reading.  Your writing skills are excellent so WA must be doing a good job for you.  As a training platform, I agree that it is better than any I’ve seen for its cost.  Your return on investment will be awesome!

    • Darlene I am flattered, honored, and humbled by your compliments. Wealthy Affiliate and the members there have all contributed to the skills I possess now as a writer and the training gives me confidence in my research skills and ability to convey that research in a manner that people can resonate with. The community itself is like no other. Each day hundreds if not thousands of us share tips, training, and friendship and I mean it, I have many friends in WA.

  19. I am new to Wealthy Affiliate, only being premium for around 7 weeks. But i can see the potential to earn whilst learning new skills. The support of the community is incredible and the training is so simple to understand. I am not yet getting the traffic you are but I will be keeping at it until this becomes a success for me.

    • There truly is nothing like the community at Wealthy Affiliate. Success there comes from both the training and support and people like Chuck Holmes, Jay Neill, and many more share their own success in what is one of the most robust libraries of member-shared training as well. There are Gurus, and great marketers, as well as an information specialists in every niche. You can Joint Venture with others in the community, exchange feedback and comments and so much more.

  20. Affiliate marketing is a real business opportunity. The reason many think it isn’t is because of the small investment of money, and the investment in time and learning. It isn’t MLM as some have misunderstood it to be. It’s legit. I’ve worked in different areas of online marketing off and on for years. There is money to be made, freedom to be enjoyed, and the satisfaction of working your own business to get there.

    Anyway, this was a great review! And it was insightful to hear your personal story. Thanks for your honesty and for making yourself vulnerable while helping others. 

    To more success than ever!


    • Darrin the stigma comes from the fact that News Media only covers the scams most of the time and not the 9 out of 10 home businesses that are legit. Failure rates also make up a portion of that stigma. Most people lack good training in affiliate marketing like we get at Wealthy Affiliate and thus they get discouraged with poor results and quit before success can happen. WA has amazing success rates.

  21. Hi Andy! Thank you very much for this honest review about Wealthy Affiliate. I have read two reviews before yours but I didn’t like them because they were all throwing flowers at this platform. How could I trust them if they seem so biased! I’m glad you mentioned they lack training in email marketing. But I’ll still give them a try! Thanks!

    • Hi Ann, I believe in honesty before profitability and since writing this post there have been several users who have created some great tutorials on e-Mail Marketing. The system is also getting some great new add ons including more experts generated content and more training updates and new modules according to Kyle. In the next few days, I will be updating people with a new review on what Wealthy Affiliate is looking like now in 2020.


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