Ultimate Webtalk Social Media Review

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Since the advent of Social Media. Companies have been bombarded with demands to police employees private social media accounts because of guilt by association and reputation management. Along the way freedom of speech has paid a price because employees like to get mad at bosses and might post something online that is seen by more than just the intended audience. Nowadays that can end in terminations, lawsuits, and hard feelings on all sides. Then there was Webtalk Social Media.
What if there was a way to keep your social and professional images separate without multiple social media accounts? Would it be worth checking out another new social media startup if you could choose who gets to see what you are doing professionally and who is privy to your latest rants, personal opinions, and what you had for dinner last night? Enter Webtalk, a truly unique system built for professionals with a private side.

In our Webtalk Social Media Review, we hope to cover reasons for adding a new brand of social media to your busy life.

Webtalk Social Media Review

Webtalk is a growing startup social media network which has been in Beta Testing for all of two months and has already gained more than 600,000 Beta Pre-launch members and has climbed to the ranks of the top 64k sites on Alexa.com. User engagement is strong and the content is flowing beautifully and as strategically designed and they have yet to release all of their features yet.
Among the most amazing features that have been released already in Beta with a full version pending is a referral program that allows the average user to make a silent income just sharing their social profile with others. When you share your profile and others join the totally free to join the program you get a 10% share in the revenue generated from that user for life.
If that user brings friends to the network you get a 100% match or 10% of their value as well down a remarkable 5 generations. That being said WebTalk will pay out 50% of its advertising and sales revenues to members starting now.

Affiliate Stats first 16 invites to Webtalk

As you can see from the image above promoting your profile has very high conversions. I sent an e-mail to 15 friends and gave my profile link to another also by e-mail and had 2 new members within 24 hours off just 16 free invites.

The fact is I have a personal network of over 200 people and a professional network of over 20,000 and growing. This blog post will reach thousands more and there are more than 2 billion people I will never personally reach left for me to aim for inviting. In the explainer video, it is stated the average user is projected to be worth $10 a month in revenue to the company and an average $1 per month per referral to each referring member.

If you bring 10 friends you can make $10 a month for just socializing but what happens if they do the same?

Webtalk as stated pays on 5 tiers so if you bring 10 who bring 10 you now have 110 people in your network paying you an average of $110 a month for life. If they to bring 10 add 1,000 network members and $1,000 a month to your pockets as well. That’s $1110 a month off just 3 levels of 10 people who know 10 people and you don’t even have to tell people about the business opportunity end. People come here because their friends are here and because the boss can’t see pictures of last night’s party unless you tag them in or open that share to them.

UPDATE: I found a post today that clarified that the 5 tier commissions are for BETA TESTERS ONLY and will not be available after the launch to anyone not in on the Beta Testing Phase so Lock in your commissions today! Once they launch every new member gets straight commissions if they join the affiliate program.

Webtalk Review Mobile App Icon
Webtalk Review: Are they Mobile Ready?

I have already used Webtalk via smartphone and the system works well but official apps for Android and iPhone are still in the works with a release promised soon.
Webtalk will be one of the most downloaded mobile apps on both iPhone and Android in a matter of hours after the launches as the user base of over 600,000 members is largely on the go professionals looking for a way to network professionally while keeping their private life close but not too close.
“With the momentum we have Webtalk will be #1 next year” is the bold statement of RJ Garbowicz, one of the company founders in this morning’s status update.

This coming month there will be some major unveiling and added press coverage as the brand continues its romp towards one million members. Those new outlets will see a mix of people using the site that ranges from Mom and Dad bloggers to just mom and dad, from Fortune 500 CEO to a home business owner and affiliate marketer like me. All of them enjoying every minute of not being bombarded by SPAM, the ability to discuss virtually anything in private without the boss listening in, and being given the freedom to network both professionally and personally within the same social circle.

How does the Webtalk Social Media service generate revenue to pay members and support infrastructure?

Social CRM Membership at Webtalk

Unlike Facebook and Twitter where data mining has been most of the income source business users will have the option to segment and connect in new ways with people in their network while expanding that network a connection at a time. With professional memberships offering a range of CRM (Customer Retention Management) resources as well as tools like in network broadcast and out of network messaging it has the ring of LinkedIn in terms of profits. It also has multiple advertising options and will boast an online marketplace projected to be a strong match for Amazon within the next 7-10 years.

Social commerce has been on the horizon for some time but nobody is attacking it in the manner in which Webtalk is. Nobody has successfully melded the marketplace for vendors with a single checkout along the lines of Amazon in a seamless manner on the scale already afforded to this young startup.
In previews to the advertising system, there will be opportunities to market everything from bubble gum to advanced SAAS applications. SAAS for those who don’t know is Software As A Service and is the platform for everything from online gaming to What’s App. It also covers big revenue generators like Content Management platforms and Team Networking infrastructure that operates in the cloud. Some of these systems cost companies in excess of $20,000 a month to maintain and will have the ability to be booked through the social marketplace at Webtalk.

This sounds good but are the promises realistic and backed by traffic data?

Active Users Graph Webtalk Report
Alexa Rank Webtalk

While it’s true that any promise can be made on the web before the traffic data comes in the early signs are promising that people will flock to Webtalk Social Media. In just the first two months live in Beta Webtalk has grown from the top 5 million sites on Alexa.com to the top 64,000 sites on Alexa. In addition, they now have over 600,000 new members and as mentioned they are still in Beta Testing with the training wheels on.

Active Users Report released 09/28/2018 Above and Alexa Ranks below from the same date.

What kinds of features and functions are present in the Beta?

My Profile Page on Webtalk Social Media

While the launch date features have largely not been rolled out the shape of Webtalk social media is already looking awesome with the ability to share a photo, video, and even PDF’s and files with your select circles meeting your choice new engine that lets you choose item by item which network gets to see it. We have a system to tag people and brands and make them searchable later.
Instead of companies segmenting us and sending us ads and messages they choose we too have the power to segment brands and industries and turn on their new feeds when we please. It’s like searching through a room of crowded voices and only hearing the keynote speaker we came to see.
I love my professional profile as it tells who I am without oversharing and it allows me to choose if I would be open to new employment opportunities without alerting my current employer because you know I would hate to find out I was leaving me (JK).

Leveraging Relationships with Webtalk Social Media

In another comparison of best features with LinkedIn the Webtalk profile has the means to leave professional and personal recommendations on a user’s profile. These recommendations are custom and not limited to only listed companies and employer-employee type references. This is great for people seeking employment who may need a reference from a Pastor or Neighbor and for freelancers who work on more than one website but it is not practical to list all prior contacts under employers.
I sell services writing blog post for others for example and doing graphics like the red and yellow one you will see towards the end of this review and may have 50 to 60 of these jobs a year but they are not all contracted through my site, and not in any manner considered employment buy now the happy customers can still leave me a professional recommendation at Webtalk.

Follow me on Webtalk Social Media Today

Summary of our Webtalk Social Media Review

I’m about to leave you with a couple of videos and my invite to JOIN US NOW! But wanted to give a quick recap of what to expect when you join free at Webtalk.
1. Professional Profile
2. Ability to segment the information you share so the boss gets a model employee and the friends get the party animal without tripping on your work stuff.
3. Improved privacy controls. You segment the companies segmenting you so you can filter the noise and Taylor your own message.
4. Cool New Revenue just from telling people Follow Me!
5. The chance to be a badass pioneer of the internet. No more of mom’s stories of I was there when Facebook was a Face Page crap and you can tell your kids I was Webtalk before the masses and here’s your college tuition paid by them.
You can find work, find clients, find love, find your next interview suit, and never have to let Mona see what you and Pam used to do. You can Taylor your personal and private lives and choose who gets to be a part of both. No more weekend in Denver photo becoming Piss test at work Monday. You can get mad at the boss with friends online and he only has to know if you choose to tell him too. It’s social the way you do it offline but online for the person on the move.
Now Join me there using the big red and yellow image above. Let’s enjoy Webtalk Social Media together.

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72 thoughts on “Ultimate Webtalk Social Media Review”

  1. Webtalk is a great idea. I am already a member and think that it is the way to go in social media. I do realize that it is in a beta stage but I have been put off a bit by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a way to reach the people who are responsible when problems appear. For example, I have tried to copy/paste posts and there is no way to do this. I have tried with Windows 10 and Android but to no avail. This is really disappointing! A social media site is of no use if you cannot copy/paste. I really like Webtalk and sincerely hope they solve the bugs they are facing. I also hope they take a little more interest in what members have to say. Thank you for your vary informative article!!

    • I believe they have it disabled to prevent SPAM and fill the site with unique content instead of everyone sharing their advertising and self-promotion the same way with 1,000 people you have to be more enticing and bring people to a single post. I know it can be a pain having to manually type URLs, especially affiliate links but to make it easier I use the Pretty Links WordPress Plugin to have just mydomain/nameoflink to post. It works well and there are a lot of professional tools planned. Still, it is well worth the time to be a good beta tester and point out the need for copy and past as well as adding additional sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook through their support e-mail.

  2. Wow! Web talk sounds like it is the baby of LinkedIn and Facebook. Sounds like you can have everything you would have on LinkedIn and also everything you would have on Facebook together in one social media platform. On top of that though you would have the ability to separate and select what information goes where and who sees what. As long as you don’t forget what your posting and which profile you’re on (your personal or professional) it sounds almost too good to be true! We’ll definitely have to dip my toes into this one and check it out.

    • I described it as the brain child of a tech geek orgy the other day and while that is kind of a crude statement it fits. This is one network that will have the best tools for your business career without giving up your private life or needing a separate network for the personal stuff. No more business on LinkedIn and social on Twitter for example and when the marketplace goes live we will have little need for shopping off site as well. One network for everyone.

  3. thanks for the great info on Webtalk! I keep hearing great thing about it and I have been trying to decide if I should joij. I do like the idea of having one place for work and personal profiles to be easily managed. Wouldn’t want to post to the wrong profile and I have done that before!

    Any news on how many people have joined yet?

    • We are nearing 1 million and should be there by morning. We have been close to 100K a day the past couple days and that’s because of the special offer for beta testers. As a Beta tester you can earn 5 levels of commission off the advertising revenue generated by your referrals. Once they launch Beta users will still ge 5 tiers but others will only get the standard affiliate offer who join post launch.

  4. I joined webtalk about a week ago and it really is somthing fb and the other social media platform to be ready for I believe

    It is fresh and I feel with all the dramas fb has had recently and the lack of security Webtalk is going to fly and as you have shown in the stats on this post it is already making its mark

    Love this post and hope webtalk is all it says it will be 

    Thank you

    • There are some big differences between them and Facebook already. For one the user agreement at Facebook states they own exclusive license to the post you place there allowing them to keep and profit from your content long after you decide to leave. Webtalk states you are only giving them limited license and still own rights to your own content. The other is that the separation tools allow you to post freely to friends and family without having your professional contacts read those same post. That can save embarrassment and in some cases even save your job.

  5. What an amazing new social media site this is! I’ve literally been looking for something like this for many months now and was thinking of creating my own social media site for businesses because I was beginning to think there was none for us. Webtalk sounds like something for me and I’m super glad it has a free membership so I don’t have to pay before trying it out. One question though: Do you think Webtalk is here to stay with a business model that’s sustainable? Thanks

    • Definitely. The Beta is fairly limited at this stage but full plans include an Amazon.com style marketplace, a full featured CRM suite for businesses, and hiring tools along the lines of those offered on the pro membership from LinkedIn. The project is 8 years and 7 million into development and they are taking time to get all pieces in working order before they launch. They are one of South Florida’s top 100 startups and the shirt list of intriguing tech startups in the US having been recently featured on ABC Networks Good Morning Show.

  6. Thanks for the great info. You have very well explained about the new social media platform webtalk that has reached new heights in a couple of months. Although I am a member of webtalk but I really did not know about so much information that you have given here. I think many people are going to join through your referral ID in the upcoming days and there is no other site than yours that can guide newbies to such great extent.

    • Thank you. This is not the only article I have planned as so much more news and information is coming out and the video vault is filling in too. There is already a new video up explaining Social CRX which will handle advertising sales and be the future home of the affiliate program. The time to be in though is now because only Beta Testers will get the 5 tiers of commissions and they can be worth 6-7 figure incomes for go getters. I already know two people with 4 figure downlines after inviting under 300 people a piece to the system.

  7. I have been thinking about network marketing, that’s what this sounds like to me, is that what Webtalk is?   In my researching I will check Webtalk out some more, if I like them, I will be back to your site, helping the network is what it’s all about right :). I have saved your URL  so I can find your exact page.

    Thank you for the valuable information in this article! 

    One more question, I may have over looked my own answer, but will ask any way. Do you have to write a bunch of blogs or Articles? I ask because I am already working full time, working on my WA website, taking care of my daughter and fur babies, and about to check out network marketing, so my time is somewhat limited already and I don’t want to start something I can’t make work well for me.

    • The network marketing offer is only open to Beta Testers, once they launch a more standard affiliate system is planned for people joining post launch. Right now it pays on 5 levels based on advertising revenue which is projected around $10 per user per month within 2 years of launch, and on any pro memberships sold to business users.

      Instead of being like standard network marketing though you don’t technically have to tell anyone about the business opportunity. I do because this blog is for affiliates but you can just invite friends and family to use the social network that is like the love child of LinkedIn, Facebook, Hootsuite, and Amazon as exactly that, a one site that replaces all of those separate accounts while offering improved privacy and maintaining their right of ownership to their own content. They in turn will share with their friends and family and so forth.

  8. Webtalk, is another new social site which is going to be as big as if not bigger than Instagram and I am waiting patiently for them to open their affiliate program.  I have gotten in on this on the ground floor so hopefully I might just be able to use this platform to increase my website traffic and use it for advertising too.  

    Nice to know that you are getting this out there for people to learn about Webtalk it is going to be BIG!



    • Waiting for the main affiliate program is not necessary, you can get your affiliate link now and begin inviting people. The 5 tier Beta Prelaunch commissions are a great recruiting tool if you have home business followers or know people in programs like Avon who can add their profile URL to their business cards etc.. What I can’t wait for is the marketplace and the mobile apps. That will signal we are close to launch and the feeding frenzy will really begin. We were on pace to hit 1 million members before midnight and I am betting we are there now and the buzz from going fully mobile and the rush of sellers entering the marketplace will have us adding 200K members a day. good luck and God Bless.

  9. Thanks for the info! I’ve been hearing about this– and there was once in Facebook sent me an invite and ignored it.

    Now that you make an article about it. It feels like it’s going to be big and Webtalk is something worth trying for. But I am just wondering, Is it possible to use WebTalk to promote a blog as well? like what we normally do on other Social Media?

    • I have just about 100 followers there and am already getting good results posting excerpts from my blog and memes with blog links there. Webtalk is hungry for great content and you can write post there as well and each post becomes an affiliate link for you so more great content could do all your recruiting while you promote your blog. I would be proud to be your sponsor if you’ll have me.


  10. Webtalk seems to be a very nice Social Media platform, and indeed something unlike other ones.

    I will give this a try, even it is in a Beta phase, making money through it seems to be valid, and you can promote your things as well it seems.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, just a question, do you have aky idea when the Beta version will be closed?

    • The Beta is open for the time being with at least a few months more to go. They have just dropped the 1 million beta users cap which was set when they felt 1 million users would take at least 3 times as long to reach. Instead we blew past that number yesterday, just 3 months into Beta. What the owner has stated is that the company will put all systems online including the marketplace and have them thoroughly vetted before the full launch so there is still time to get your best affiliate minded people locked in on the 5 tier commissions but they are gaining speed on the updates so get in before the Beta closes as the 5 tier commissions will not be offered to affiliates joining after the launch.

  11. What a thorough review! I just came to know about Webtalk few hours back and while doing research I found your review. I had so many questions about it but I am well informed now by your post.It seems like a good opportunity and relatively easy to make some side income for people like me. Is this there any age or country limitation or all can join  it.

    • It’s a global opportunity to those 13 and over as per US laws related to social media and the ability to enter a binding contract. Webtalk is amazing, I am already seeing traffic to my blog, have over 150 connections, and the content I post is getting really nice engagement.

  12. Hey Andy, I decided to check out your website on Webtalk, because I’ve never heard of Webtalk.  Its pretty cool. The 1st thing that caught my eye was that this is a New Brand of Social Media.  The overall scheme is very clear.  The first paragraph told me what Webtalk was.  So I knew the site would elaborate on that, which is cool. 

    The subject of new social media is major.  But I’m curious.  When you decided to create this site did you want to focus more on promoting Webtalk or using Webtalk yourself?  

    I look forward to exploring more about Webtalk on your site. Thanx Again for Sharing-Tu 

    • I joined to build a new community network around my blog. Being in beta testing I didn’t expect a lot but I have been a first mover on many social media sites because of my passions in social media marketing. I found out about the beta offer for the 5 tiers of income after becoming a member and as you can see from my review I only give it about 20% of the space because I want real people in my downline who will be active and use the site. It’s already working to build the readership up here and I have utilized it to add to my subscriber list as well.

  13. I didn’t know anything about this social media company until I came across this article.  I have to say it sounds intriguing and combines the best of multiple platforms into one.

    I just signed up using the link you provided and am eager to test it out.

    Thank you for brining it to my attention.

    • Thanks Scott, glad to have you in my team. I will send you a connection request in a bit and will be sharing some training here on my blog as well as through Webtalk on how to become a social influence and get the most from your professional and personal networks, and how to prospect and recruit people into the system. Be sure to check out my profile for idea on what you can do the put the best face forward. https://www.webtalk.co/be/profile/affiliate3percent

      BTW. I just found out the other day that every piece of content including photos, videos, pdf files, and our blog post will be a new doorway into the system that gives us affiliate credit so post often and you will get referrals on virtual auto-pilot as well. This is going to be such an easy income opportunity even if you never tell your friends and family about the business end of the social network.

  14. I recently heard about webtalk and ended up joining as a beta tester. I haven’t really checked it out yet aside from my initial look right when I signed up, but the idea of having personal and professional networks on the same social media platform is more than appealing to me.

    From my initial perusal, webtalk seems like a really promising platform, and that’s not even to mention the affiliate earning potential! Your article has made me excited about the prospect all over again and I think I am going to get my profile up and running right away.

    • Awesome, when you get your profile up to speed you are welcome to follow me here https://www.webtalk.co/be/profile/affiliate3percent . Be sure also to follow or subscribe to Affiliate 3 Percent as I will be writing some focused training on how to get the most out of your membership and about the core niche areas that one can attract users to the Webtalk system from.

  15. That’s interesting, with the Beta version “a referral program that allows the average user to make a silent income just sharing their social profile with others.”  This is really cool and I appreciate you sharing as I hadn’t heard of it before.What will the pay rates be when the full affiliate program begins?

    • They anticipate the advertising revenue within the first 2 years of the full launch to reach $10 per user per month. Facebook makes closer to $50 per user per month in advertising revenue but at the $10 a month per user you would earn $1 a month for every user in your 5 tier network per month. I have a contact I used in a post to my newsletter that has 212 personal referrals and a total network now of over 3,000 people. She will likely earn more than $3,000 a month within 2 years just from giving out free profiles and that doesn’t even account for business users who take the Professional accounts that will also be offered.

  16. Hi there, curiosity has gotten the better of me and I have joined webtalk, time will only tell how successful this will be. There has been similar promises and promising “new wave social media” over the past few years yet they failed to make a dent or their mark in the social media world (including ones that some celbs have invested in). 

    On thing in favour is facebooks weaning powers..a lot of people, including myself are switching off of facebook. I deactivated months ago now! 

    • Yes I am a social media junkie and have been a professional social media marketer and even owned/co-owned a social media network of my own. What I can tell you is most of these failed sites were set up with a focus on making money as a sales pitch instead of providing a good social media environment and were half baked and drastically under funded.

      Webtalk is 8 years in development, and has raised over 7 million dollars towards the tech and launch needs. It has been featured on news outlets including ABC’s Good Morning show and is currently among the tops in South Florida’s top 100 business startups and listed in the top 500 Tech Startups nationally through several list.

      I know from bootstrapping ours that a focus on social media lost creates disaster so the fact they are focused on flawless social media value is a good sign they are here to stay and load testing is going great as we just crossed 1 million members yesterday and have no noticeable slowdowns.

  17. I have already logged with we talk but I was not able to find anything more in that. But once I signed up I got any new emails. The ideas are shown in that distracted many users from the objective of social media networking. Thanks for sharing the review.

    • Webtalk is still in Beta testing so a lot of the features in the videos are not online yet. It makes it a little confusing to some but the core of the program, the social media aspects are shaping up great. Thanks for joining us there.

  18. What an eye-opening article!  Webtalk sounds wonderful at the outset, but perhaps I missed a security feature along the way.  Is this site truly intended to be social only or will advertising have an impact on it as it does Facebook?  Thanks for an very interesting read.  I’ve got to look into this further.

    All the best!

    • Like anything free it is monetized by advertising, will also be monetized by retail trade but they don’t do information sales, they don’t sublet your content or claim ownership to things like your photos and videos etc.. They maintain better privacy than any network online by putting that in your control showing your content to those who you choose among the people who follow you.

  19. Wow! Web talk sounds like a combination of LinkedIn and Facebook. I have never heard of anything like this before. Sounds like you can have everything  you would do and wanted in Facebook and Linkedln in one platform. And also another thing that I love in WebTalk is that you can control what goes where. I cannot wait to check it out! Thanks for letting me know about this platform.

    • Yes it’s a bit Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Sugar CRM ( Customer Retention Manager) combined with Amazon and the Beta Testers can make 5 tier commissions which are unheard of in a social network where typically you give over all your best content, recruit all of your friends, and they don’t pay you anything. Let’s change the face of social media together like the 1.3 million of us and growing have already signed on to do.

  20. Hey Andy, your post was a great read. This is the first I’ve heard of Webtalk but I can tell that it is a very real thing plus I think it is a great way to really extend the social media network especially with people wanting to limit their time on Facebook and the like. Where did you find Webtalk, what do you think of it? Anyway, I’m going to keep your page on my save tab so I can refer back to it later. Great job!

    • The more I am there the more productive my time has been. A couple friends told me a few weeks ago I should do a review of Webtalk, and started filling me in. Another friend from Wealthy Affiliate actually sent me an invite and I dug deep into the program and like what I see. The only tangible negative review was a poison pen job by one of the founder’s former members when the first attempt to bring this dream to life called YourNight failed.

      Fact is Thomas Edison failed a thousand times to make a light-bulb before finding success and the business plan is a sound one. They will profit by advertising sales and sales of business level memberships for those needing CRM tools, and by transaction fees from a retail marketplace planned by the launch as well. Needless to say I am sold on their viability and I have seen less thougt out programs fail but never one with all these pieces heading right for is fail.

  21. Thanks for this great review on Webtalk.  I have heard about them, but I have not put too much time or energy into figuring out what they are all about and how they can help my online business yet.   I have worked for companies before where the employees have been fired / disciplined due to their social media activity.  Everyone just feels really awkward about it because you don’t know if it’s personal stuff or business stuff and everything gets really messy.

    I have been really upset with Facebook and their privacy problems and security concerns so I am looking to dump my account with them outright. I have stopped posting fresh content and now I only keep my account open for search purposes….. I feel really disappointed that I have wasted a ton of time on that Social Media platform and now my account is basically obsolete.  I really need to check out WebTalk as an alternative.  I was wondering how many social media accounts do you have?

    • Facebook assumes too much about your content that they claim ownership to since you put it on their website. They will delete editable materials, they will shadow ban political opinions, and now they let a computer choose what you wish to see from your friends and what your friends and business connections get to see from you. They say it’s for product quality but it’s mostly for advertising sales that they show less than 10% of what you post to each of your friends unless they mark your profile as show first. I run a business and like to talk politics. I can now keep the two separate without reprisal and I own my content and know my readers will see latest updates.

  22. This is so cool! 🙂  I haven’t heard of this and was secretly wishing that something like this would come along.  I like the idea of being able to keep my professional and private life separate from each other.  How did you find this??  Well, it’s a wonderful idea and I’ll be using it now.  Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • I have been heavy into social media marketing and some of my old connections from when I was part owner in a social network and search engine hybrid showed me Webtalk. A Couple weeks later one of our members at Wealthy Affiliate actually invited me to join the Open Beta testing which is where I am now. I know from having bootstrapped a social network it’s not easy to hit the numbers these people are hitting just a few months in and they definitely have the funding and media resources we really could have used with Kooiii.

  23. Humm another social media site??? How man do we really need. I’ve never heard of this until now. I might just have to check it out. I have a little trouble understand the value. I feel the same about linkedin..I just don’t know how it all works I guess. I like that it has an affiliate program. That would make it a bit more enticing.

    • The big thing we face in social media is the big sites all seem to go public and then forget what made them great to begin with and it wasn’t shareholder profits. Twitter and Facebook have silently made billions selling your information and content behind closed doors. Both recently adopted advertising systems to put more ads in front of you and Facebook has gone so far as to limit what your friends and followers get to see out of what you post. I have a business page there and my readership dropped from over 50% engagement to 4-6% engagements since that algorithm change and they tell me I can reach 100% and more if I buy ads but my blog doesn’t need expensive ads to reach readers it needs readers to get the post and gifts I send them.

      Webtalk combines a lot of what we need multiple social media networks for in one house, will soon pair it with a online marketplace and cutting edge business tools like cloud file sharing and CRM tools you can purchase as an add on. It will allow people to do more in less time and your content is shared with exactly who you want when you want it shared.

  24. Thank you for introducing me to Webtalk. After reading your review, I joined! It sounds just like the sort of social network that I need in my life right now!

    I don’t usually complain about my job or my work—ever—but it’s nice to know that if I ever feel frustrated enough to do so, I will have a safe place to do that!

    Thank you again, and I am looking forward to connecting and even earning a little income! Thanks for the invite through your site!


    • Proud to have you on the team. Webtalk is a real game changer and I am already starting to see blog traffic out of my post there which is a great motivator for those with a blog or website to promote.

  25. I recently joined Webtalk and I think it looks very promising. For me it has the best parts of LinkedIn and Facebook. For me, the best bit is the separation of professional and personal stuff. One of the reasons I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know on FB is because of all the personal information I post (for my friends and family). However I’ve been able to accept requests on Webtalk from people that I don’t know, because I only provide access to the professional posts (which is good for my business). For me it is a great combination platform. 

    I’ll be interested to see how this goes longer term, and whether they do pay out as they are saying they will. 

    • One of my hobbies and blogs is on political opinion and with the rest being mostly marketing and business related the two can clash. With Webtalk I will be able to decide who sees what so I don’t alienate good people who just don’t care for sorting through the political stuff to get the hidden gems.

  26. A friend of mine was involved in a new social media startup called Cayova back in 2011 where user privacy was front and center. It was the antithesis of Facebook’s approach. It also allowed you to set up multiple profiles from a single dashboard. Everything was encrypted for added security, I took part in some of the early Beta-testing, I liked what I saw but, for whatever reason, the people behind the project decided to terminate it and it ended up on the ever-growing scrapheap of social media sites.

    Maybe is was an idea before its time, because WebTalk sounds quite similar in its approach. Maybe the public needed to hear all the stories of data breaches to really appreciate how insecure their data is. The EU responded by introducing GDPR which is slowly making its way out to the wider world. And savvy people are leaving Facebook for a variety of reasons. Google admitted that Google Plus had been subject to a major data breach earlier this year and rather than fixing the system they’ve decided shut down G+ in the near future.

    That leaves a huge hole in the social media landscape that WebTalk might be able to fill. I guess it’s time to give it a look! 🙂

    • Yes the shuttering of G+ will leave a massive hole.

      As someone who owned as ran a social network for much of the last 15 years, I can tell you that most of these startups just lack the funding and support to be viable. Everyone is afraid to promote them heavily because of how many fail. Another thing is they rush through Beta and have too many bugs at launch. Webtalk has been in Beta about 3 months now and it sounds like we will see probably another 3-5 months of Beta testing before they declare the site 100% ready for launch. They also have raised more than 7 million dollars and have learned huge lessons from the Beta. With over 1.2 million users signed on so far, growth has been explosive. This in part due to the Beta Testers Exclusive 5 tier affiliate program. That spells funding, testing, age, and support, the things we didn’t have with Kooiii which ultimately cause it’s failure in just under 10 years once I left the partnership.

  27. It’s a strong sign of success if they are already offering members an affiliate option to bring in new members…but I don’t quite understand how you make money off these referrals (is this a social media platform that costs money to join)?

    It’s actually quite amazing that they’ve got 600,000 Beta Pre-launch members underneath their umbrella already – we all know how difficult it is to break into the social media scene…I think the last one to do this was probably Pinterest?

    What’s the main stand out benefit from this platform that uniquely impresses you the most?

    • They are now over 1.2 million members strong having more than doubled in size so far this month. The program is and will be free to join. The money earned is based on advertising sales, fees collected from sellers in the planned marketplace, and from professional upgrades like LinkedIn pro that add tools like Recruiting and CRM options the standard member will not need. All tolled LinkedIn makes about $20 per member off advertising and membership sales, Facebook off advertising and data sales makes a whopping $40 per member every month. Webtalk is projecting revenues around $10 per member without selling your data to Big Data. This is what we will be commissioned on once the Webtalk Network launches.

  28. Greetings Andy,

    Great article with a really interesting topic. Webtalk sounds like a really exciting startup with the potential to convert simple boss-free socializing into revenue. As a person who already utilizes a few of the most common social media platforms, I can see where people may be interested in switching/adding something different to their online social life. For me, certain platforms have become a bit less enjoyable, partially due to the exact lack of separation between business and personal life. 

    It seems as though the company has a strong traffic generation and online presence already so I will be curious to see how it fares in the months to come. You astutely point out that anyone can make claims online but the data you’ve shared definitely seems indicative of a company on the rise. I am curious to learn more about the how exactly the platform functions and what features they offer to manage your social circles. I am also curious to understand a bit more about how the referral program will actually work and if the model is truly sustainable. I suppose with any new business venture it requires some faith form the end user that the company will last and be able to live up to its promises. 

    It’s so exciting as a new affiliate marketer to learn about the opportunity a site like this has, with the ability to network and market within the community. Thanks for sharing a really interesting article and I will be sure to keep my eye on the web talk platform as it (hopefully) rises in the social media standings.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Thank you Connor. The affiliate program is very sustainable. The Beta Users get 10% on each of 5 levels but the millions of people joining after launch will only be able to access a single tier affiliate program and not everyone will join but everyone will invite their friends and family to connect with them at Webtalk. I already created my own banner and there are a couple banner images up as of yesterday at SocialCRX that will help with invites. My core plan right now is to target users with affiliate experience and influences like bloggers who will create more reviews like this one.

      These prolific users will fill out teams quickly who are both into great content and produce great content. Content creates more doors to the affiliate program and itself becomes a powerful recruiter. I am having fun creating shareable content already. In less than 2 weeks I have 14 members in my team but this article is climbing fast on Google hitting Page 3 already. More post are planned and I am promoting this article daily so my plan will gain steam over the coming weeks and this is something anyone can do.

  29. It really is a bummer that all social media has done is really sillence our free speech. Even if you are in private groups, it seems like the members within might know someone important like your boss. I’ve seen many of my generation go to things like Snapchat and instagram stories in hopes of their content disappearing. 

    Do you think webtalk is going to give facebook a run for their money in the not so distant future?

    • It will offer a staunch alternative and options over numerous other social media like LinkedIn. With Google getting ready to close the doors of Google Plus there will be over 140 million anti Facebook users who will be looking for a place to land and Twitter and Facebook have both been caught silencing free speech for the hundreds of millions of conservative voices here in the US who are also starting to look for new homes at an alarming rate. Webtalk can accommodate business better than LinkedIn with the CRM tools coming soon and will always have the advantage of a tangible items affiliate program.

  30. I’ve heard rumors of Webtalk but never really knew what it was before. I like the social media aspect and the fact that it has referral links. Think this will definitely drive up users using the platform. Now, the one concern for me is the fact that there are so many social media platforms out here. With how big Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are, will it even have any place in the market even if it has good features?

    • The same questions were asked about Google Plus which has nowhere near the features or privacy of Webtalk and it reached well over 140 million daily users. Google is shutting it’s doors because they have a big security leak in the software that is too big of gap to fill and the platform has been poorly monetized.

      The thing to understand about Webtalk is they are a hybrid of several social networks and can replace other forms of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and tools like Drop Box and Salesforce. That’s a lot of value even before they open up the online retail marketplace. Webtalk is not a replacement for most but a better option for millions. We just hit 1.26 million members today and are still in Beta Testing. Once we are in full launch mode those numbers will explode significantly.

      Thanks for being a part of our Webtalk Social media Review.

  31. Hi Andy,

    I recently signed up on Webtalk and agree, it is a lovely platform.  It is clean and easy to use.  I see my Webtalk account as a new beginning in social media.  I am going to be a lot more selective who I am following.  The best feature is the fact that you can split your professional and private connections.  You even have sub-categories for each of these as well.

    It is rare you will see a referral program for social media.  You can earn just by sharing and inviting people to your account.  This is great!

    I am still hesitant to share my personal details like employment history, etc.  I can’t find the info how webtalk share your info.  Do you maybe have an idea where I can find this info on their site?

    Thanks for a great review about Webtalk!

    • On the footer is a terms of service link, they state in the privacy section how data is handled and they also state that you own your content and license them to use it on your conditions. As to privacy on the post you can select the segments using custom privacy options from your professional and personal contacts. I love that feature most of all because Mom and the employer don’t need to know you got hammered on the weekend and ended up wearing a tutu in Wal-Mart. Don’t worry it wasn’t me but a friend of mine wore his girlfriends cheerleader skirt to McDonalds one night we got drunk and could have used Webtalk come Monday morning.

  32. It is interesting read and it is my first time knowing Webtalk in details. It would be so cool to have one of the early webtalk user, will definitely join up and share with family and friends! Do you think I should explain the money involved or not? I guess not all of them will realise they can earn through referral , but they will join anyway. Since this would be the next trendy social media. 

    • If the friend is into affiliate marketing you can mention it but for the most part promote the tools that there are and what is coming soon. The best recruiting tool I have found is not the money proposition but instead the privacy controls and the fact you continue to own your content.

  33. As I like to keep my Facebook focused on friends, family and non business it seems that Webtalk is that alternative I have been looking for.  By the looks of it a person should get in now while the getting is good.  Thank you for this info.  I had heard about Webtalk but never really paid attention until now.

    • Yes for the affiliate the time is now to get involved because once the program launches the multiple tiered income becomes a single tier affiliate program for new members. If you decide to sign up I would love to be your sponsor.

  34. Hello there. 

    Thanks for this comprehensive review about Webtalk. I heard about this new social media a month ago and honedtly joined about 3 weeks ago. I haven’t done anything special after that. I havent grown my network and I haven’t invited anyone since then. 

    Now, after getting across your site, it seems like a reminder of something big is about to happen – Webtalk is going viral and I shouldn’t be æeft behind. 

    Your post has encouraged me to go back to Webtalk and start to grow my network and referral – to earn a potential residual revenue lifetime. Thanks for Your simple computations and videos here.

    Thanks for this great article. Great Job. 

    Have a great day/eve! 

    God bless, 


    • Che you are right, something big is happening and the time to get in is not tomorrow it’s definitely today. Today is when your power recruiters and industry experts are jumping in. Other networks are buzzing about Webtalk and the only thing keeping the flood gates from opening fully is the fact so many people wont join a beta without all the features being finished yet. Those people are always late adopters, and wish they had personalities.

  35. I learned a lot of valuable information by reading your post. I joined Webtalk a couple of weeks ago and have been gradually adding contacts. Honestly, I don’t really get how it works so I was happy to read your review. I’m looking forward to the mobile app. 

    I’m surprised Webtalk already has a million members. I guess I should interact more and learn more about how it works. I don’t have a feel for it yet, although, it reminds me a lot of LinkedIn. Crazy that it’s projected to be a competitor of Amazon within the next decade. I wasn’t aware of Webtalk’s advertising options either. Thanks for the great article. 

    With professional memberships offering a range of CRM (Customer Retention Management) resources as well as tools like in network broadcast and out of network messaging it has the ring of LinkedIn in terms of profits. It also has multiple advertising options and will boast an online marketplace projected to be a strong match for Amazon within the next 7-10 years.

    • Yes I have been watching close the post on the news feed of RJ the founder and it’s an amazing program coming to fruit after many years of development and millions in investments. You can easily stay in the loop as they release bits of information daily instead of a massive bible all at once.

  36. I joined webtalk recently and it really looks very promising, I like that everything is very personalized, we can choose who see our private and personal things. I still have not joined the affiliate program but I am going to do it to take advantage of the benefits of having joined in the Beta phase 🙂

    • As a member of the Beta test you are already an affiliate, the stand alone program hasn’t launched yet and will only offer a single tier commission once it does. Click on your profile icon or image on the top left and select get affiliate links and you will find two links. One goes to your profile, the other to the site’s front page. You can also use the link to any of your uniquely created content to invite others.


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