What is a successful blog? How to engage readers & make money.

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A successful blog is defined by the reader’s interaction and measured by the results on your goals as a blogger. Are you getting interaction, recognition as an expert, is there trust built, and are you making money? What is a successful blog? You decide that.

What is a successful blog? How to engage readers?

What Is A Successful Blog? Tips To Engage Readers And Make Money With Blogging.

Blog success is both the hardest path to see but the easiest road to follow. You need to dare to fail greatly, and you need to be responsive to your reader’s desires for your content. After all, you need them to buy into your blog’s mission. What is a successful blog? Once you have bridged the gap between informative source, professional success, and wealth builder.

3 Prime Habits of building a successful blog.

There are 3 key traits not only to a successful blogger but a successful person regardless of career or interest. I have found that we as bloggers are essentially brokers of information. We help people with questions find answers and if there is a product that can really help them we help them find that as well without selling them on it.

Don’t worry, that is an art you will learn on your journey.

  • Super Tips 1: Break New Ice and push past your comfort zone by learning something new every day. Do not be, “a know it3 Prime Habits of Successful Blogs and Lives all”, be the constant student, and make it a point to leave one day smarter than the last and less educated than the next.
  • Super Tips 2: Apply all you learn each day immediately. If you don’t put action to the knowledge you don’t grow, and you don’t move closer to your goals.
  • Super Tips 3: Teach at least 1 person and preferably all of your followers what you have learned than you learn it. An industry expert is not someone with a master’s degree needed, they are a constant learning teacher of people. They stay on the cutting edge of their industry not lost in old information.

Be that consistent teacher of what’s new, and what has merit to the future as well as those old success tips that still work today.

How to Define What Is A successful Blog and Build Your Attack Plan.

I mentioned before that you define the success criteria but your readers decide the ultimate success of your blog. That can’t be more true. You can choose to measure success based on your reputation, your blog’s traffic, the benchmarks of earnings, or even the lifestyle you are living.

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The problem is if your readers don’t have buy-in for your content you will not achieve your benchmark goals. What is a successful blog? One the reader enjoys as much as the writer(s).

The first trip on the journey of how to define, “what is a successful blog” is to explore your blog’s defined user base. These will be things like choosing a niche market, defining a customer avatar, and gearing content to the reader, not to your own interest.

I am writing this post not because I need to know what blog success is but because over 200 people a month are asking Google how to build successful blogs and make money online as a writer. That doesn’t sound like a lot of traffic or readership and the truth is if I secure page 1 rankings it will be more like 60 visitors a month between 3 search terms that this blog will gain.

If you are to be the successful one benchmark you will need is a minimum 10,000 visitors a month and a post that draws 50-60 visitors a month by answering a few questions about What is A Successful Blog is not getting there fast.

Needless to say, I need a lot more visitors and a lot more traffic to reach my minimum Benchmark so I need to keep digging in the pile of questions being asked by my readers and niche interested people. For this blog that niche is advanced affiliate marketing training.

“What is a successful blog?”, one that is written too regularly and on the topic so people come in the thousands. The more posts and the better the content and you will see this happen.

What is a niche and how do I choose one?

choosing a niche interest what is a niche?
Who Is your customer, reader, new connection?

A niche is a group of people interested in one subject. It could be people interested in high-quality running shoes, dieting, herbal health, affiliate marketing, book reviews, or any of hundreds of millions of interest.

For every interest, you will find a million people who share it and thousands of products to promote with hundreds of affiliate programs. What is a successful blog if not monetized?.

Choosing a niche is a place where many would-be successful bloggers begin their first failure. They try to think of niche subjects that will make them the most money and end up writing about something they have little knowledge in and literally no interest in.

By not choosing passion or experience and preferably both. They can not say yes to the question, “Can I See Myself Doing This 10 Years From Now?”. The question of what is a successful blog will definitely include one that is written for a popular niche that the author is experienced in and loves writing about.

What is a customer avatar and how does it answer the question of what is a successful blog?

The customer avatar begins at your niche and expands the thought line. You need to answer the following questions to know who you are writing for, what you should write about, and ultimately discover what is a successful blog?

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  1. Who is your ideal reader in your niche? Are they women, men, children, teens, professionals, Hispanic, etc. What are the demographics of a reader is a very important question. While we would as writers like to appeal to everyone you know deep down only a certain persona will represent the largest population of blog readers.
  2. Once that is defined you need to ask what are the top 10-20 questions that this reader would ask? Well, this is hard and will take a lot of research on sites like Quora to define. You are free to think about what questions you would have but remember, you are no longer a noob in your niche and these readers will often need to start at square one. Editors Note: “What is a successful blog?” A blog that asks questions instead of assuming them.
  3. What kind of products will serve the needs of these individuals and what questions will they answer? A big part of your income will come from product reviews and comparisons in your niche. You need to answer your existing market’s questions, the 10-20, and more than you grow with any product recommendation.
  4. What are the key buying triggers for these types of products? What spells quality, what spells value (not the same as quality) and what kind of service before, during, and after the sale will answer a portion of both questions. Finally, what pricing is reasonable for the value determined?
  5. Give your ideal customer a name, profession, and biography and write it down. Hang it near your PC, Laptop, or general writing space. Write to the, in a one on one conversation instead of as a group. Get personal, be real, and share parts of you. Editors Note: “What is a successful blog?” It is one that is presented as the person behind it and not a technical manual devoid of human interest.
  6. What are the key buying triggers for these types of products? What spells quality, what spells value (not the same as quality) and what kind of service before, during, and after the sale will answer a portion of both questions. Finally, what pricing is reasonable for the value determined?

How to Engage Readers and Make Money?

Once you have that avatar you can begin to research your niche and learn that new thing for the day. You can now answer your first question(s) and build friendships. Never think of your readers as followers or leads they have names. Get to know your regulars. Know their name, recognize their contribution, and if possible send them a thank-you e-mail.

Editors Note: “What is a successful blog?” It’s a blog that is engaging, informative and builds human connections.

reader engagement is the core ingredient of creating a successfull blog

You will find than you write more and more that some same people show up over and over. These regulars will all but guarantee a certain amount of traffic to each blog post and are a step needed to rank those posts well in Google. Learn and implement new ways they can contact you, engage with your blog, and feel like a part of your community.

Tools of the trade for blog interaction is to have social media connections, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Webtalk, etc.. Not every social channel will be right for your blog but a good source for traffic in visual blogs is Pinterest and Instagram.

While business topics fare very well on Webtalk and LinkedIn, and nearly every blog on the planet should have an eventual YouTube presence even if you choose animation or still images with voice over.

I have been told I have a face for radio so I personally, am exploring animated videos to be included with minor instances of my face. In actuality, I have been encouraged to be more visual but I have server social anxiety disorder and am slow to adopt that part of YouTube.

Another good tool in your quest of how to engage readers and make money is the Autoresponder. What is a successful blog if not connected?

What is an Autoresponder and how does it help engage readers? A Responder is an e-mail automation tool that does things like deliver insiders free reports, details on how to join mastermind groups, or memberships you offer. Any information you would share with every reader can be automated so when they subscribe they automatically receive the emails.

Editors Note: “What is a successful blog?” It is one that is multi-platform and interactive with readers.

In addition to pre-programmed drip-fed content, you can also set your new post to notify readers at a set interval Say you publish several times a week you can have readers either get a mail each time or a digest every few days. You may also give fans only weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter, offer freebies and prizes, and more.

These types of broadcast messages are on time happenings but are all managed by the same e-mail software. With each post give your other contacts like social media and you will grow the conversation. This one tool will give you the power to turn readers into stark raving fanatics who trust you to go above and beyond to care for their needs.

Summary of What Is A Successful Blog? Tips To Engage Readers And Make Money?

Once you have your customer/reader/ideal connection defined you have a place for your journey to head. You can’t steer a ship to reach success without knowing what that success is and where to find it. Your reader will always be the one who chooses how fast your journey will go and if your ship moves at all.

“What is a successful blog?” Well, a successful blog will always connect with its audience in new ways.

By learning the tools of reader engagement you will find the rules come easy. Give more than you are expected and do it all the time and trust will come faster.

By being a top information source be it knowledge you have gained over time or the things you learn today you will soon answer the question “What is a Successful Blog?” with the simple answer of “mine is successful”. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments below and follow our blog for more posts like this one.

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  1. Oh, here you go with a very well written post on what a blog is and how to be able to be engaged in a person’s blog. I think that the information you put together on this one is really good and I would be able to use my own blog which I just laughed a few days back into a successful one. Your explanation is very understandable and I’m happy with it.

    • Thank you, Suz. We often scoff at the blogs we have written and think our work to date unworthy of our readers. That’s the artist in every blogger and the doubt in every human but if you learn and teach daily and apply that knowledge you will own this.

  2. I really like your text on how to make a successful blog and make money from it. Content is the most important thing, but before that, there is the choice of a niche that really should be our real passion, a thing that will not bore us, but that we will explore deeper and deeper and become a real expert in it. Later everything goes by itself, when you work and write about what you love, people notice it and business opportunities emerge.


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