What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?

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What is an Affiliate Marketing Business is a great question for beginners in the home based business industry? Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest of the Work at home opportunities to get started in because much of the training is free or low cost, the real expenses can be under $150 a month with advertising, and the programs themselves are free to join.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?

An affiliate marketing business, in a nutshell, is like the old door to door salesman of the past except you build the door online and the people come to you for information. Every door knock is a potential sale and being successful starts with your passion for an industry. If You, love shoes you can make easy money selling shoes. If You, love Electronic Drones you can make easy money online with drones.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business – How Does It Earn Money?

Affiliate marketing online business is monetized by a sales commission or percentage of the selling price when you referred customer buys from the retailers you contract with to sell their products. As an affiliate, you are not an employee of the company but instead, an independent business owner contracted with that company to advertise their products online and generate sales. As mentioned, before in return the affiliate marketing business earns money from sales commissions.

Many times a company also offers sales bonuses. They give them in return for reaching goals in set time frames such as being a top seller in September or for generating 300 sales in a year like the Vegas Trip we can earn at Wealthy Affiliate. Sales bonuses are great incentives to join a program when offer shopping. Remember that product quality, price, and value at price. Will be the ultimate decision-makers when a buyer looks at the offer.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business – How Do I Get Started?

While you can start an affiliate marketing business online by buying ads and sending people directly to your product URL, this is by far the path to the least earnings. The best earnings come when you understand what niche markets are and can target them using your own affiliate marketing blog.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business

A blog or weblog is like an online diary of thoughts, and things you wish to share. This is where passion comes in because blogs feed off fresh articles and post and depend on them to generate traffic or visitors to their offers. Among the other tools, you will need to have a bulk e-mail software called an auto-responder. For this, I highly recommend Rocket Responder because it’s $20 a month fee includes unlimited list, list size, and mailings. Similar services can cost hundreds of dollars a month mailing just 10,000 readers and over time you will well surpass 10,000 readers.

You will also need training in how to get started in affiliate marketing, how to create a niche blog, and how to set up and use an autoresponder. For this, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Why should I join Wealthy Affiliate?

You came to this site to ask What is an affiliate business online and we can give you brief answers but Wealthy Affiliate has a masterful training and certification course broke down into small pieces that will teach you everything from creating your blog to using power tools like the Autoresponder and how to save money on Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build your site, host it for you, shows you how to get started. The show you how to choose a niche, boil it down to sub-niche, and how to use a tool called Jaaxy to find keywords used in search engines that have little competition, but high search volume called low hanging fruit because the visitors are easy to pick off the tree.

WA also teaches you how to generate and cultivate leads. A lead is a prospective buyer who joins your autoresponder mailing list. Leads are basically followers of your post and offer you can mail to over and over. You might have them interested in buying an orange today, but wouldn’t it be cool to get them to buy a banana tomorrow and a pineapple the next week?

Wealthy Affiliate Free Verus Pro Features Comparison.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business – Tell Me More About Leads

With a lead, you need to cultivate a relationship and constantly send them value, be it a gift like a special report, a downloadable e-book, or simply giving sensational additional content every week. When you do this you following begins to trust you as a source of information in your niche market. Since you will be trying to sell them more products in your niche this trust and branding yourself as an expert.

In addition to being you a subscriber and lead, these are real people and they are like customers in your store. Never forget that and always respect your subscribers or you will lose them. In addition to subscribing to your newsletter if they become fans, they will click your social share buttons to refer your content to their friends who may share that same passion for your niche as you do. They are also the ones who comment on your post and will hold discussions with you on your social media accounts which is huge in terms of getting more free traffic from the search engines.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business – Conclusion

In trying not to overload you with too much information I want to share the basics of an affiliate business and how affiliate earns money online. From the simple blog to the niche marketing, to lead capture and cultivation. To driving traffic from SEO I am also showing you the kind of training you need before you can earn online. I have offered up tools like Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy to get you started on those tasks and an Autoresponder that over delivers and undercharges.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business? 1

The total package of all 3 tools is under $120 a month and I have seen people for over 3 years succeed and succeed greatly with the program. In fact, the only people I see fail are those who quit before their content can gain traction.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a free trial and a great affiliate program of their own. You will find it to be robust and you will come out with a website of your own, early content, and an idea of how to build out a niche market with the free trial. Many have even made small sales just in their first days to weeks in the program and many more make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month in sales from each blog they own.

No joke, the other day I talked to one guy making 6 figures already and hoping to reach 7 figures in the next few years as he scales his business up using this training. He just had his first $20,000 month not too long ago so I know that dream can become a reality.

But I must tell you this be a program that pays me and the best way to decide if I am telling the truth is to take the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for asking, “What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?”. Please leave a comment below and click a like or share button if you enjoyed what you read and by all means ask any questions and I will get to you within 24 hours.

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Andy Anderson

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10 thoughts on “What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate offers a great training platform on the internet today. Am a happy member and Since I came across this Platform I never Looked back.
    Its a One stop Internet Marketing University.
    I like everything to do with this Platform, form having all the training in one place, Complete video walk-through training and The incredible support Offered.

    • Yes I love the program and the people. There is a defined difference in the level of peer to peer support and the fact that Kyle and Carson are also available to directly ask questions too. The weekly webinars are well worth the time and the training is broke down in small  enough pieces that it’s easy to digest and it’s also work at your own pace.

  2. Great article on what is an affiliate marketing business, Andy!
    I’ve been working on my own affiliate marketing business for several years now, but it still amazes when other people that are working online, that don’t understand the concept of affiliate marketing, so it’s always good too read an article that explains it.
    Your post clearly explains it all works, and your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for people to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way!
    Great post!

    • Thanks John,

      I couldn’t agree more. The problem with starting an affiliate business is that almost none of the training starts at day one for these programs. So you need a program like Wealthy Affiliate to get you headed the right way with simple step by step instructions and a virtual no fail rate. Great site you have, I was honored to visit and read your post. Here is to many more post and new affiliates.

  3. Real good post here Andy, I thought you explained everything about Affiliate Marketing very well. You have given me a lot of information to study.

    I have to tell you that I am in the business myself and I hope everyone is reading your post and taking all the information to heart.

    Was interested in the Rocket Responder, first time I have heard of this. You must be really satisfied with it, as you give it good reviews? How is it as far as setting up and getting it running? Is it easy for someone like me who has very little computer knowledge? THX for letting me know. Hope to talk soon. Wayne

    • Rocket Responder is one of the easiest to set up and has a service that doesn’t sell you fluff to empty your pockets. They are truly unlimited with no hidden charges and even come with a landing page service to help you convert more leads on the same limited budget. I have never had trouble with them and you can have RSS Feed to blog to send your newest blog post to your list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I love sending a weekly digest myself but you can send more or less often based on your content output and set up a template that has your most recent ads in each send too.

  4. Andy,
    Good article, lots of good information on affiliate marketing and WA. I’m curious if you have ever considered any other form of internet marketing? Drop shipping, online stores, etc…? If so, what made you decide on affiliate marketing? I know that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program and is highly thought of in the industry, but did you consider any other online businesses?

    • I am actually starting to build out a store at littlesteshop.com and have products listed such as ghostwriter services and social media marketing along with some of my favorite e-books. We offer an affiliate program and will soon be adding more products including a couple I am writing. I also own PBSaver.net Hosting, a Advertising coop and team forum for SFI, and a traffic exchange so yes I stay busy. Thanks for a great comment.

  5. Hi, Kibos. Thank you for your post on affiliate marketing and on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an interesting business concept that looks like it has a lot of potential for success. Does success take long? I’m interested in starting an online business soon. Maybe I’ll take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Success is a moving target, for some it’s as little as 30 days in, others will take a year to see any kind of steady return. Most of that depends on you and how well you follow the training, how dedicated you are to posting new content. I’m just starting a new blog here and already see signals of success coming that took me months on my first blog to see. Thanks for a thought filled comment.


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