What is Holding You Back From Success?

What is Holding You Back From Success – The Wealthy Affiliates Guide.

Today we explore what is holding you back from success, in online business and life in general. We will also spell out our Wealthy Affiliate’s Guide to earn money online. The two seemingly go hand in hand since you are on a website called Affiliate 3 Percent, and it is our mission to help you make money online with affiliate marketing. But no set of success tips is worth a dime if it is not encompassing of the weaknesses outside of our chosen path, so the tips received here will help online, offline, career, and life goals. Thanks for being here.

What is Holding You Back From Success - A Wealthy Affiliates Guide

What is a success for you? Getting started in our journey.

The biggest moving target in this cavalcade is the definition of success. To each, it’s something different. It could be a well-funded home, not worrying about bills, kids going to college and a little something to retire on. It could be some arbitrary level such as becoming a millionaire or being wealthy enough to retire by age 50. Others have smaller and simpler goals in mind such as physical happiness, giving back to the community, and seeing just enough extra to live a better lifestyle.

Knowing your why statement going forward will go a long way in discovering your true desires for success online and offline.


What is holding you back from success is most likely a form of fear.

Fear is the common denominator of failure. It manifests itself in multiple forms and can be crippling to the success and development of our future selves. Just one fearful thought can stop an avalanche of progress and send a skyscraper of results crashing to the ground in the rubble.

Fear holds nations back from ending tyranny and slavery and can be an obstacle for even the most hardened fighters coming home from War. ( Thank you to our Wounded Warriors and the people at the Wounded Warrior Project ). Below we will discuss the most common types of fear facing us when we strive for success in everyday life.

Fear 1: The fear of the unknown.

Fear of Success is Crippling

The unknown is a wide-ranging fear. We worry what will happen if we forsake stability and security for the risk of high rewards or great failure trying for more in life. Many will not start a business or will only go halfway in on a business because they don’t want to risk money, and have little time to give because they have to work hard to maintain their current lifestyle. You could be in a dead-end job you stay in because of your 401K for example and worry that if you risk the money and Job security you may not be able to retire comfortably.

Fear 2: The fear of failure.

This one is tricky because it is seldom true that you fear failure. Those who do however fear to loose money, fear losing time and fear losing community respect. They worry about how people perceive them and are afraid of losing so much they don’t give themselves a chance to win.

Fear 3: The fear of Success

I mentioned that fear of failure is seldom the real case when you feel it be so. Fear of success is even more common but hidden deep within. Fear of success is rooted in an ideology of us being a certain level of the chosen character. We have a vision of how we see ourselves and how we hope the community around us sees us. We have integrity and honesty, and charity that we value. We stand behind our faith and these things are vitally important to us.

Fear of success is one that we might change when success comes. Will we be the same person or will money and greed take over and change our fundamental beliefs. We are afraid to hurt others and we fear not being able to look at ourselves in the mirror. Rather than admit this though we manifest fears of failure and the unknown and make them our reason to fail with a good conscience.

Nothing to fear but fear itself

I know this is a cliche statement but it’s true. We can face down any fear including the fear of success when we educate our minds, take a calculated risk, and commit wholeheartedly to a new vision of self. We don’t have to let greed into our lives. Many of the worlds most successful are also the most charitable and have strong faith in God and themselves. They act in good faith, not greed.

You can you alone choose what you risk morally if anything. I myself have held to the same faith-driven principles I started with as a small child. I give where possible and most helpful choosing charities like Children’s Miracle Network, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Wounded Warrior Project to give to on a regular basis. Even if it’s pennies at a time it feels good to pay it forward to get people and tomorrow’s future.

I also hold my reputation in the highest regard striving to show excellence in how I treat others and give freely of information to help you succeed in your mission sometimes to the detriment of my own journey. I can look at myself and the people around me and say success if it has changed me has made me stronger as at it’s pinnacle I still hold true to these standards

A Wealthy Affiliates Guide to Earning Money Online.
Success is found with a Wealthy Affiliates Guide.

OK, Money isn’t everything but I can almost guarantee it factors into your success picture. For most of us, we search for security or moderate wealth. We don’t need to be rich but we want to be able to retire debt and worry-free with funds to do the things we enjoy in life.

At the same time though we need to address our fears and ease our conscious minds. We can do this through low-risk wealth-building as you can find with Affiliate Marketing.

Fact is Affiliate marketing is about the lowest cost and lowest risk success secret of the modern world. Nowhere can you get started for under $2,000 and have a blueprint for success that has only self defeatism as a risk for failure.

How does this Wealthy Affiliate Formula work?

The short of the matter is a need for professional training and ongoing support. You will need people to help you stay motivated at least at first and to help you drive results in your business. These same people will need to be on a similar path to yours so they can help you find weaknesses in your application of a proven system.

The system though is time tested having generated thousands of upper 5-7 figure earning affiliates since 2005. You will learn how to build a respectable website. You’ll learn to build desirable content people want to read. You will learn to generate traffic to your content, and how to monetize your website to make money as an affiliate marketer.

For all of the above, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate University!

Why do I outsource this training to Wealthy Affiliate instead of my own course?

While I could have you wait for while I write a book there is nothing I could say on the basis of Affiliate Marketing you won’t find in the thorough community that is Wealthy Affiliate. They have a community that is nearly 2 decades in building, support from million-dollar affiliates, and systems like weekly over the shoulder training webinars that are worth many times the free cost of entry, the $19 first month of Premium, or even the $49 a month or $359 a year of Premium membership.

Did you mention free to get started?

Affiliate marketing is a free business opportunity in many ways and so is your basic training at Wealthy Affiliate. You get your first 10 lessons on how to build a niche website and 2 free SiteRubix sub-domain websites to get started. From there you can remain a free member as long as you choose but most members take up the offer of 1 month’s membership upgrade for just $19 within their first 9 days of free membership.

The reason is you will not find a more caring and responsive group or complete training center anywhere else at these low prices or even amid the myriad of courses running 10 times as much.

Monetize Your Passion with Wealthy Affiliate

What value of Wealthy Affiliate University?

Well, you can get 24/7 support from peers in several forums online like Warrior Forum where the people have varying degrees of actual experience for a cost or at the minimum a separate membership. You can piece tog\ether the hundreds of video training and thousands of text training modules over time, and even buy webinar packages elsewhere but in no scenario can you get the tools of WA membership at the cost, and have a step by step over the shoulder blueprint as multiple high-income blogs are built in front of you.

Do you have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to Make Money online?

NO! In fact, if Make Money Online is not your passion you will find it tough to make money online with this niche market. Instead, the Wealthy Affiliate training teaches you to turn any interest you have or experience you wish to share and turn it into a full-time income. Most of our members have never promoted WA in the Make Money niche and are building multiple 6 and even 7 figure empires silently.

Jerry Huang Quote

I personally have met 3 million dollar affiliates, have seen 2 people sell 300+ $49 memberships in 4-5 months this year, met 2 others who are on their way to their first 6 figure year, on his way to a 6 figure month soon. I know 8 people who have flipped websites they built for prices ranging from $10,000 to $34,000 and that’s just the people met this year. People like Jerry Huang who is a 6 figure mentor and soon to be 7 figure success story.

Summary of Our Journey

You may have figured out the answer to your initial question “What is holding me back from success?” is a matter of addressing inner fears. You also may have found a new journey on the path to financial success with Wealthy Affiliate. Regardless I pray you to have at least found enough reason to subscribe to our blog for more success tips and information on great systems, training, and scam-free programs like WA. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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26 thoughts on “What is Holding You Back From Success?”

  1. I have realised over the years the biggest thing that has held me back from success is a lack of clarity about my direction, as well as a lack of clear goals. I have been easily scattered and sent my energies in too many directions at once and I guess the root of that is a fear of taking the ‘wrong’ course of action or pursuing the ‘wrong’ website or being fearful that I am deluded about what level of success I am able to have in any given niche or direction I want to take. It has taken a long time to settle into consistent actions towards 1-3 goals. Thanks for this post. I do believe that fear really is at the root being held back from success.

    • Liz this is all fear in your self-doubts.

      1. Any niche you choose that you are passionate about will bring unlimited wealth. You can not go wrong as for every niche there are thousands of products and millions of people like you who need them. Sure some will take more time to be branded an expert in but all are viable.

      2. It will help you to read this post as well.: Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing, What Is Your Why?

  2. Thank you for this great article. I think it is a good question to ask yourself at certain times if necessary. I don’t feel that anything is holding me back at this point. It is just a matter of time. Time and learning the different things about making my online website. 

    It’s the same thing with my weight lifting program. I am doing everything I possibly can to make progress, including my eating and getting enough sleep and of course having great workouts, doing some other things. So other than that it’s just a matter of continuing that process.

    In a broader sense, I don’t think anyone can be held back by anything, because whatever appears to be holding someone back is actually just right where they’re supposed to be in their Journey. The more I’ve done on in life I’ve seen that I get stuck at times. But I do not stay stuck forever, something comes along and helps me become unstuck. So I’m definitely trusting myself and trusting in that process more.

    What held me back most of my life was unrecognized childhood trauma. When I finally “recognized” it and started to heal from it, I felt like that was really helpful. I think that most people are limited in life by unrecognized childhood trauma.

    so, I think that you have written a great article here and it really got me reflecting on some things.

    • Thanks, C, it’s a blessing to resonate with the readers as well as the focus of this article seems to have. I am proud of the level of motivation to conquer your fears and setbacks you have. It blesses and refreshes the soul to read of such success. Here’s to your workouts, your financial journey, and to the overall beast slaying.

  3. This is such an interesting subject that my friends and I just talked about over our usual gathering on the weekend. It is not like we do not know what to take to be successful but we somehow just cannot make ourselves do them. 

    You hit it right on the spot. Fear is the one thing that is holding us back from doing things that will advance our lives. I feel like I am currently going through those 3 fears as we speak. I think it is up to us to gather courage and step up and overcome our fear. I am currently read this book from Mel Robbins the 5 second rule just to step out of my comfort zone. Your post is a great reminder that I need to take more action and be in control of my life more.

    Cheers! and yes, WA works 🙂

    • Nuttanee, your book finds sounds interesting will have to add it to my Amazon reading list. I myself am a victim of the afraid of success deal it seems as I have always looked after others before my own needs and it shows in my personal income compared to that of my best students. Fear is irrational but overpowering at the same time.

  4. Thank you very much for writing about this topic. Now I can confirm myself that I indeed have a fear for the success. I fear that the future me will be different with my current self. Sometimes, imagining myself surrounded with greedy people who want to hitch my success for their personal benefit make me want to puke. I should learn how to overcome the fear of becoming successful. Thanks again for inspiring me 🙂

    • The fear of greedy people surrounding you is very real. There will be fake people in your life even when you are broke though. You would be surprised by the number of fake people who associate with you so they can feel better about themselves. They put you down and try to keep you there. These naysayers will be omnipresent in your quest for more. You will never be capable in their eyes of living your dreams so cut these people out of your life ASAP.

  5. Dear Andy,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring article! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    You covered it all on “what is a success for you” topic. I got great insights from your article.

    Once I read… Out of 100, 95% of the things we fear in life doesn’t happen in our life! People prefer to stay safe without taking the risk. Many are living an ordinary life because they don’t want to go the extra mile to become EXTRAordinary.

    Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears. – Rudyard Kipling

    Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real.

    Information you discussed on “Nothing to fear but fear itself” topic is an eye-opener. Indeed, the real pleasure is in helping others.

    Thanks for guiding people in the right direction. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform I came across online to learn about making money online.

    Much Success!


    • Paul, I always love when you come by, your comments are so in-depth and you have a powerful grasp on what our post is about. What lies within are the lies of fear, and they can be the hardest lies to see through but we must work through them to discover the truth.

  6. I agree with Jerry Huang. If you really want to succeed in an online business, and you want it bad, you will make a way to do the things necessary for you to succeed, no matter what. There will be no more excuses, and even if you’re so busy with your other works, you will find a way inserting the activities that are needed for your business to grow. No excuses.

    With only 4 months remaining for the Las Vegas Conference challenge, do you think it is still possible to make that 300 sales? I have not referred anyone yet. No referrals yet. Zero.

    • Definitely, Jerry and a couple of others made it to Vegas in 3-4 months’ time and we are heading into the Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale. We just have to get our content ramped up and start making plans for the Thanksgiving Weekend to blow up the Internet with the best deal of the year. Last year if I remember right one affiliate reported selling 213 new memberships for Black Friday, that would h\give us 4 months to gather another 100 membership sales to Vegas. The best part is if we meet the challenge we could be looking at over $7,000 a month in Income so I am damned sure going to aim for Vegas.

  7. I agree that we all need to acknowledge our fears and explore what they are.  Many people, like myself, start  trying to do this as we really need the money and are getting close to not being able to make ends meet.  It is a risk at this point, but worth trying to make it work.  However, there is always that fear of the unknown as you stated and then if you don’t seem to be succeeding, the fear is even more real.  You are absolutely right though about following the program that Wealthy Affiliate tells you to do.  They know what works and we just have to trust this.  The article is very helpful and thought provoking.

    • Hi Sandy,

      The biggest fear for me at this stage is that others will not see the value in the tools and training I am evangelical about promoting. They won’t realize that people like Russell Brunson are getting $5,000 or more for the training you can have for under $400 a year from Wealthy Affiliate. I have risen above all other fears in my life but have adope\ted a mission to help others find their answer at WA.

  8. Thank you for this article. Yes I think that wealthy affiliate has helped me to get closer to making money online. Without wealthy affiliate I didn’t really know what I was doing. There was a lot of free information online but I didn’t know where to start. So I think that paying for the premium membership was helpful because I got my website all set up and now I’m making content. Another thing with wealthy affiliate that is helped is seeing other people’s affiliate websites to get examples of things I can put into practice on my own website. Thanks!

    • Good morning Chuck,

      I totally agree. Between the help of the experts and the examples of other members, I have flourished with Wealthy Affiliate. I still have a few tweaks and tunes to make but I am getting to be a better marketer for all of the things learned there.

  9. Thanks for this nice post. What success is for me, is having enough money to take care of any situation I find myself in which requires money. Although I’m currently into making money online (affiliate marketing)  at the moment. I was usually scared of being scammed. Like myself most people are scared of the being scammed, and I believe once we conquer this fear we are on track to making money and achieving success. 

    • Most people have enough common sense to steer clear of scams but sadly millions fall victim year after year and these are the stories we hear. Affiliate marketing is a relatively safe industry though, we promote real products of value for a straight commission with no tricky payment schemes. Even when you venture into Network Marketing you can still tell a scam by the lack of products of value and solid cash for cash pitch. If they require you to pay to promote them they are not Network Marketing they are an MLM Pyramid and likely illegal.

  10. Hi, 

    Thank you for sharing how to make money using Wealthy Affiliate! I must admit that I have been researching how to make money from home. however, there’s always that fear that takes over. Further, what if it doesn’t work? I’ve noticed all of these thoughts when I’ve thought about creating an online website. Yet I have read a lot of blogs that indicate that Wealthy Affiliate has helped them learned the market unlike any other course. I think I will have to leave the fear aside and push forward to attain success online!

    • Wealthy Affiliate has helped over 1.4 million bloggers get their start in professional blogging since 2005. There is no other blog based affiliate training that can boast these numbers. You have found the right home.

  11. My excuse? Fear of the unknown. I know that what is stopping me from success is procrastination and constant worry of what might,or might not happen.

    I love how you have put it. Affiliate marketing is surely the almost zero and and risk-free business anyone could ever start.’ I wouldn’t put this any other way. I am in the Wealthy Affiliate Program and I see success every time I put in the effort. It is all about the journey towards freedom. But I believe taking the necessary steps one at a time and staying motivated will get me there,

    Thank you for such an insightful article. Much appreciated.

    • Carol, you are very welcome. Affiliate marketing takes the large part of business start-up cost, the overhead and throws it out the window. Sure you will need some money for training, time to let the training and content take hold and see results, but unless you choose to boost the process with advertising you have very few additional costs.

  12. I think you have articulated very well what holds people back.  Fear is a huge factor, especially fear of the unknown and fear of failure.  There is also fear of what other may think about you.  Sometimes its difficult to tell other what Wealthy Affiliates is all about and so we fear promoting ourselves.  I know it took me a while to even admit to trying on this platform and it has given me so much support that I have now lost this fear.  I can also clearly enunciate to people what I am doing.  People fear change but so often, change is what we need in order to achieve success.

    • Feochadan the thing we do is like the old door to door salesman. We work as a seller on a commission basis and make money only when sales are generated. The differences though are that we don’t have to do the actual selling and we don’t have to walk door to door, our customers come to the doors we create.

  13. Great post andy and nice to meet you!

    This is a topic a lot of people face on an every day basis. To some it’s such a big deal. Having to make that important decision that could just change your life forever. Taking that big leap of faith.

    Most times, i hear, Don’t be afraid of failure. Meaning there’s no harm in trying. You can try and when you fail, try again. But what if you just want to make success out of every endeavour. Isn’t that possible?

    • I have never tried anything outside of the kitchen. When it comes to business there is do or do not. If you try you are living in fear and only half devoted to success. Thus you will be lucky if you see half the results and live to half your potential. Thanks, Mariam for stopping in.


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