What Is The Best Way To Pay Off Student Loans

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What is the best way to pay off student loans and gain work experience? Let’s face it, even with mom and dad’s help a student is likely to have to borrow $100,000 or more to pay for college if they just attend 4 years. More if doing Undergrad, Graduate, or Doctorate studies. Med School is likely to cost as much as $700,000 by 2030. That leaves a mountain of debt that has to be paid.

The worst thing is most degrees have limited opportunities to gain related work experience, the kind needed to land a good paying job in your chosen field. Can you hear 2-3 jobs calling your name for at least the first 5 years after college? It doesn’t have to be this way at all.

What Is The Best Way To Pay Off Student Loans While Gaining Valuable Experience?

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Imagine turning your time at school, and just a few hours a week when you are not studying into that part-time job you need and a full-time income to save money for paying student loans once payments are due? Even better, let’s start work in your chosen career as a master of your own destiny and build a credible resume of work in your field while not really having a JOB at all.

These dreams are what has prompted the likes of Steve Jobs, to start a business while still in college.

People like Russell Brunson and the late Corey Rudl started before college was over and built million dollar businesses brokering the information they were getting in their education and could learn online. These are people that never had to worry about Student Loans, not because they started rich but because they had a need, a vision, and a desire to not be status quo.

While Steve Jobs was part of the tech genius crowd and built tomorrows electronics with today’s cutting edge ideas Russell Brunson and Corey Rudl saw major cash to be made in a fledgling enterprise called affiliate marketing. Fast forward a few years and both made more than 2 million dollars before leaving college and were among the world’s youngest self-made millionaires.

Corey was lost to a racing accident or who knows where he would be today. His Internet Marketing Center trained many people like me to generate steady incomes off online sales with little to no out of pocket cost. Russell is currently making tens of millions teaching future millionaires how to build high powered sales funnels and develop solid product offerings.

So what about Job Experience because I don’t have a millionaire plan yet?

earning valuable work experience while in college

The best part of Corey and Russell’s miracle money systems were that they were gaining related work experience building their empires. If they had found mediocre results or fell flat on their faces they still had ownership experience in their chosen field and had been published well before their first application hit the first hiring manager’s desk.

You may have guessed that they turned their learning into some type of study materials for other students and yes they did teach what they learned through blogs and e-books on their business and marketing subjects but they also promoted other people’s products for a portion of the sale price. This new found method of making money is called affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing and what does it have to do with paying off student loans?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to create content and reviews on any interest and turn it into a solid business by promoting products your readers and followers need.

You don’t have to handle merchandise, own a store, pay employees, etc.. all you have to do is promote other people’s products in exchange for a commission or piece of the selling price.

Studying to be a Veterinarian you can write a blog on Dog’s, Cat’s, Bird’s, Livestock, Horses, and more and monetize it with products others are selling. Each post can take as little as 1 hour to write using the research you are already doing for school. This can even be squeezed in on lunch breaks at your current part-time job and during free time anywhere on campus or off.

What are some other majors that can gain valuable work experience while paying off student loans?

Turn Biology Studies into Income and Job Experience

Into Biology? You can write on that subject and promote everything from equipment used in the field of study to books for students and more. Are you learning the law?

Offering a blog with the case law you study can lead into a major earnings coupe with direct ads from law firms to Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs like Google Adsense and Media.net where a single visitor from your site to a class action suit or national law firm could pay $20 or more, and that’s regardless of a sale even being made.

Any major, minor, hobby, interest will have products that need promoting and students can be making money with minimal skills starting in as little as 30 days.

What kind of time commitment do I need?

You likely already have that job to pay for your housing and meal plans and maybe even a few BOOKS? Those are still used, aren’t they? Along with the JOB you also have school, and civic commitments like maybe fraternity life, volunteering, or sports participation.

That leaves very few hours for a business startup but you are in luck. The things you need to learn can be learned in minutes a day. They are affordable to learn and get all the tools you need to get started in one package. For that, you just need to know a company called Wealthy Affiliate. My suggestion is to save money if possible and pay for your training and hosting services by the year which will save you more than $100 in the course of 12 months.

For the actual blog, you will need as little as 1-2 hours per post to do Keyword Research and write the post. After all, you are using the research you just did for your studies to generate post so the proper training should have you putting out 3 posts a week in as little as 6-9 hours a week.

What should I expect to make? Will I be a millionaire?

I won’t take millionaire off the table but most in the industry can earn 2-6K a month after a couple of years time doing 3-4 post a week. Some will earn a lot more, others a lot less because no two of us are the same. Some will apply what they learn and work hard to make their blogs great. Others will get distracted and their work will suffer. This is the same with the 9-5 world and the reason so many people find unemployment after college.

What I can tell you is clicking the link in the Red or Yellow box below will give you the tools you need, training that you need, and support you need to have that millionaire dream within reach. You’re reading this post because of what I am learning there and have learned over the last 4 years and if you join and upgrade you will get access to my Guide to 3 million monthly visitors as a bonus. This training is part of my past and my future and can be the catalyst to your success through duplication as well.

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Andy Anderson

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12 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Pay Off Student Loans”

  1. I think affiliate marketing is a powerful thing that can really make good revenue with time. And starting a blog as a student has a great advantage both for your finances and your studying progress. Just as you suggested in this post, that a Veterinarian student can write about the different animals.

     This will help a student in his studies to learn more his/her lesson to provide quality and informative posts, and when the exam comes, it is easy to get a good score. And it is an advantage for the student’s online store because, the quality posts will attract visitors and the monetization with affiliate marketing will be easy and fruitful.

    I think it is really something to consider.


    • Adyns, you are exactly correct. Not only can you use the knowledge gained in school to write your blog posts but you can use the blog as added practice in being well versed in the subject for school and even your career later on.

  2. Wealthy affiliate is surely a platform to become a millionaire after quality input. I have a mentor earning such amount in a month. This is enough for my motivation. It would be the best to make people become financially independent but not within two weeks or two months. I studied biology in school and believe me , I was able to turn it into a source of income without having to wait for paid job or government job. Everything was made possible through Wealthy affiliate. This review will be of great help for many people out there trying to find an online platform that can pay off their loan and make them financially independent.

    • I have seen rare instances of people earning as much as $400 in their first month because of finding the right people at the right time with a post they did some paid promotion on. Still, most of it will take some time to gain traction and reach $200 or more in earnings. What I say to those who scoff at a small sum like that getting started is did you have that money before? Thanks for stopping in Stella.

  3. This is great advice for paying for those loans while in college!  Also as you say in later years when you are employed, you have accumulated so much student loan debt with interest added on, etc that having something to build upon and bring in added money is useful to anyone with this issue.  Writing blogs on what we are learning in college is ingenious! I could see a culinary student while in school, create a blog about their own food creations, and have affiliate links for cooking utensils and the best knives and so forth.  Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the platform to teach this and with the rewards you receive for being a member of Wealthy Affiliate are phenomenal!  

    I definitely am sharing this with my two nephews, who are heading for college next year!  The one that is about to turn 18 next month I will be suggesting he look into Wealthy Affiliate and to my other nephew who is twenty, have him start off with the free starter membership as he already loves to do write ups on video games and reviews them, this will be perfect!


    • Robert, I have 7 kids and am trying to get all of them to start this path as early as possible. If they start blogging in High School they may never have to work that part-time job in college and may have a few added choices after school is over. I love how you added Culinary Arts as that would have been my major had I found enough funding to go where I wanted. Instead, I went into restaurant management.

  4. Dear Andy,

    Thanks for the post! I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    After finished reading your post I felt bad for not starting Affiliate Marketing as a part-time job while I am studying in college. Wasted a lot of time.

    Information on Steve Jobs, Russell Brunson and Corey Rudl was inspiring. By modeling successful people we too can achieve success because success leaves clues.

    You have provided great advice for students and I believe this post has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this post.

    Since 2008 I tried many ways to make money online after many failures I found one of the best way to make money online is by Affiliate Marketing. The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is we can start it with low investment.

    I am a fan of Affiliate Marketing because…

    Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions and Ordinary People Millionaires. – Bo Bennett

    Much Success!


    • Paul, I love that quote from Bo Bennett you shared. Affiliate marketing is the door to door salesman of the past minus the sales pitch to learn and deliver. Now companies control the information and how it is delivered to every potential customer and you just send targeted traffic to the business. What can be easier than they? The best things are low start-up cost, ability to turn any experience or hobby, passion or interest into an income and the hours are flexible working around any schedule. How much easier can getting started in your chosen field be for a college student?

  5. Hi Andy,

    I cannot hesitate to say you have picked on a sensitive and cross-cutting issue of student loans and you have delivered a timely advice. I would advise the college students to heed your advice and come out of their financial tantrum. What with the 2017 USA statistics of College Students pegged at 70% and owing $1.4 trillion! Then the Federal Student Loans expect repayment of education loan within ten years of graduation. However, many of the graduates do not complete the repayment of these loans until the twentieth year. It is for this reason that such students should sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, which is a renowned platform that turns members of the community into individuals with financial freedom.

    • Thanks, Joeseph.

      These days the post-college unemployment rate is even more daunting because student loans don’t wait for you to find a job and missed payments can mean higher interest rates and bad credit. Most employers want college degrees but they also want work experience and most prefer that in the field of study. The point of this article is less about making millionaires and more about gaining that valuable experience in your chosen field of study while making extra money to cover all or a portion of your student debt.

      I am so glad that this is resonating with my readers and fellow WA members as well.

      Andy Zeus Anderson

  6. Andy,

    Both I and my daughter have student loans. I am working on mine through Wealthy Affiliate and she currently has 2 jobs plus graduate school.

    I have considered asking her if she wanted to join me at WA, but she is so busy I would probably have to run her site and mine.

    I would do it tho, to spare her decades of debt before she even gets her life started.

    This is a wonderful idea and something most students would be able to do in their spare time. I have to sit down with my kids and talk to them about this. My son is a gamer and his experience with various platforms would be invaluable to others. He even has a world record for a speed run.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Time to call the young’uns 🙂

    Gwendolyn J

    • The best thing is this business can typically be started when they are in Jr. High or High School because you only need to be 13 to enter a business contract with parental approval in most places. That is why the minimum age on most social networks is 13 because of the contracts for privacy that allow them to collect and sell your anonymous data. Even if your locality doesn’t allow this you can sign up for the affiliate programs and let them get started blogging on the guise they will take over those accounts or create their own when they are old enough to join those companies. Had I known this I would have started my first blog when I started my first business at age 14. Wait, no real internet back them…. LOL.


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