What Is The Best Way to Start a Blog

What Is the best way to start a blog and make money online?

There are a few ways to start a successful blog business or even a hobby blog with a side hustle income. The easiest is through a free blog host where the initial setup takes minutes and you only need to answer a few questions and choose a theme that can be changed later. What is the best way to tart a blog? We highly recommend finding a WordPress Managed Blog with a free hosting option like SiteRubix by Wealthy Affiliate.

what is the best way to start a blog and make money online

Using a service like Blogger or Wix is not going to play in your favor when it comes to ranking fast in Google as these blogs tend not to be set up well for Search Engine optimization and their IP Addresses are related to every scammer and spammer that uses them as free host.

You also have to be aware of content policies on these sites and even on WordPress.com that allow the service to terminate your blog without notice if they consider your content SPAMMY. You could have 200+ articles and at least as many hours of work into your blog and it all be gone in the blink of an eye because someone didn’t like your content and thought it was too advertorial or contained too many affiliate links etc.

Why is SiteRubix Different?

SiteRubix is a system owned and operated by professional affiliate bloggers and is affiliate friendly. It also is bolstered by the best training facility for bloggers around, Wealthy Affiliate. With their initial free training, you will be up and running in minutes, know how to choose a niche or interest group and how to structure your site for success. Additional training and professional hosting are offered by Wealthy Affiliate at an affordable rate.

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Their system has been churning out 5 to 7 figure bloggers since 2005 and all the video lessons are over the shoulder video as Kyle Loudon builds out a blog in front of you. There is no better system to learn blog based affiliate marketing and make money with blogs. You can in the interim get some training on YouTube and through Google search but Wealthy Affiliate puts everything in order, in a complete solution that has spelled success for tens of thousands of students.

By far the best way to start a blog is with all the tools and training needed for success.

You need a place to learn how to set up your blog including page structure, legal pages, and basic settings. You need to learn to choose your niche or interest area and buy a domain name because premium hosting will get you far better results than any free host can provide.

You need tools for keyword research, a managed server with a security suite and site speed tools like caching and script minimization. You need to know what plugins to use and be able to monitor results like site speed. Above all, if you are not already a writer you need help learning what people want to read and how to deliver it to them in a manner in which they will choose to follow you.

This training and toolset can be expensive put together piece by piece but there is a program called Wealthy Affiliate I mentioned above that gives you all of this and so much more. Read our Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

Let passion drive blog success

Passion is the word of the day, love what you do and it won’t seem like work.

What Is The Best Way to Start a Blog and make money online?

Product reviews and personal stories are among the best-sellers when it comes to turning a profit from online blogging. You can show people the products you used to work within your passions. If you love doing needlepoint then show the reader where you buy needles, threads, and patterns. Tell them about other great projects you love doing. Write a comparison of two-needle types and which you feel is best suited for your own skillset.

Should your passion be fixing old cars there are tons of parts finders and tool suppliers who pay great commissions when you share their products with fellow restoration enthusiasts. Just a quart of oil to every 3rd reader could mean a gold mine to you for something you enjoy doing.

I know many of you have jobs you love. Some of my best and most successful friends are nurses who have health care blogs, personal trainers who are working in total body care, and housewives running mommy blogs teaching about childcare and discussing learning toys.

The point is the love of craft shines through and the more you love something the easier it will be to write for that passion the next 10 years or so.

From your passion comes your best way to start a blog, not anyplace else.

You can have all the tools in the world and write everything like a book report and people can tell what is surgical writing and what you really care about. People are looking for caring stories from people who share their interest, not some damned textbook of how to.

I love blogging. I love social media marketing, social networking, Search Engine Optimization, and helping others find their voice online. We have turned some of my experience into blogs like this one and tons of my crafts and hobbies into social media blogs and more. We have found that writing is just storytelling using written words not sounds.

Summary of our brief journey into starting your own blog

Anything you feel like doing has a story to be told, your story and people just like you will love it. If you have a craft beer system in your garage, tell people about it, share your brew recipes and talk of good times. Throw darts or are you part of a bowling league? These hobbies are explored by millions and you don’t even have to be good to talk about them. Most people suck at their hobbies until they get information from others who are learning too. Just learn every day and share what you know.

Don’t worry about making money, it will come with writing great content. But get the training you need from a good source.

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6 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way to Start a Blog”

  1. Thank you for this very useful article about the best way to start a blog and make money online. I agree with you that creating websites and blogs with Site Rubix is much better option than doing it with Wix or Blogger.

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few years, and I must say, that I don’t think there’s a better place online to learn how to make money than WA.

    • Sandy, I agree. Wealthy Affiliate training combined with powerful hosting from SiteRubix and WA Premium is the secret to success online. Nothing is overnight but I have never seen so many people making $5,000 a month or more in blogging than among the membership here.

  2. Hi, thank you for these ideas. I now own a blog at the moment and I’m really satisfied with the platform and hosting I have chosen. I happen to use the same one as you recommend, Wealthy Affiliate, and I must confess you’re so right recommending it. This program has thought me everything I had to know about starting a blog. I started the first one back in 2015 and it’s been a long journey since them. It’s been tough and didn’t work from the start, but in a couple of years I have learned how to make real money blogging. So I personally think I own that to Wealthy Affiliate. That’s why I consider it the best way to start a blog, especially if you’re never done this before.

    • Thank you, Heather. Wealthy Affiliate is as my mom says the Bee’s Knees. Not only has it given me so much in terms of training but I am now starting to write my first ebook because of what I learned about blogging and traffic generation the past 16+ years.

  3. Hello Andy. I’ve heard a lot of things about Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate but I haven’t been able to research much on this. But the facts about Site Rubix’s safety compared to its competitors really shocked me. I have heard of Wix and Blogger, especially from their ads on YouTube. The fact that they can close your blog anytime they want is so unfair. I didn’t necessarily plan to go for them, but now that I know these facts – I will never will. Instead, using Site Rubix seems to have a lot more advantages from this point of view. Do you know if I can start using Site Rubix alone? Or it’s only offered if you joint Wealthy Affiliate? I’m planning to join anyway, but I’m just curious to know before.

    • Ashley, you can use it either way. You can join through The SireRubix website or you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and get 2 free Siterubix blogs. They will allow you to generate income while getting started small and then you can scale up with premium membership when funds allow. Rest assures the smart blogger will always upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium for the advanced training and professional tools including high powered hosting for your own domain name.


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