What Is The Best Work At Home Business In 2020?

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Before we answer what is the best work at home business to start in 2020 we need to look at some unique factors about this year. The elephant in the room, of course, is COVID-19 the Corona-Virus. The sheer number of people that have been driven to look for jobs and businesses to start online as well as the total shift from offline to online shopping is unprecedented.

What Is The Best Work At Home Business In 2020

In this shift, there are people from all walks of life in all experience levels losing long time careers. There are people just finishing the collegiate world to find no open doors offline to take these newly learned skills. And the worst part is the uncertainty of how much the average industry might recover when the Global Pandemic meets its cure. One thing is for sure, Billions of people are shopping online for things never thought about before including dry groceries and that’s a trend that may not ease much after COVID-19 fades from recent memory.

This factor alone could be a finishing nail in the coffins of retailers who have not adapted well to the digital shopping age. Shopping online has already brought about the end to many Malls and Outlet stores in the US and with fear, in the back of the mind of another outbreak, many shoppers simply will change their shopping habits.

Covid-19 changes the way we do business

What Is The Best Work At Home Business In 2020

In my opinion, the most secure industry to be in right now is Affiliate Marketing. The reasoning behind this is that you can take any training or interest and turn the experience you have into informative blogs. With every interest, niche, or passion you will find hundreds or even thousands of products to promote that have affiliate programs.

One of the most traveled affiliate opportunities is Amazon Associates. Affiliates of this major retailer make hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions each year. They sell everything from Auto Parts to Zippo lighters and Toilet Paper. You can buy vitamins and food supplements as well as just about any non-perishable item from a Big-box retailer’s shelves.

affiliates spread the word about products

Is Amazon the only one of the best work at home businesses?

No, and far from it. There are tens of thousands of affiliate programs and many of them pay a lot better than Amazon on comparable pricing. Many of those companies choose services like Share-A-Sale or Commission Junction to help them find affiliates while many more run in house programs and pay their affiliates a premium for the items sold since they don’t have the overhead of an Affiliate Marketplace.

So What exactly does an affiliate marketer do? They find a need for information and pair it with reviews and comparisons that help people decide what they desire and where to shop. In return, they get paid a commission if the reader clicks their specially coded link and buys the product(s). Some affiliates make $10,000 a month or more doing this.

Get your Affiliate Training through Wealthy Affiliate University

Things you will need to make the change from the 9-5 working world to Affiliate Marketing.

The biggest single thing you will need is something you are passionate about. Be it the career you have chosen and know a lot about. The Hobby and sports in your life are other options. You need something you could love doing for 10 years or more. Something you can see yourself sharing with others that will become your Niche or area of interest.

  • You will need training like that offered through Wealthy Affiliate available in the box above.
  • The best start is always with a WordPress Blog, using your own domain name. If you don’t become a member of our recommended program Wealthy Affiliate then you will also need to secure website hosting for your domain name.
  • You will begin by learning to set up your website with important things like Privacy and Cookie Policies, and a proper affiliate disclosure statement. These things keep your business legally protected.
  • You will need a business license.
  • A Personal computer or laptop is also a blessing but some affiliates do fine with the small screen of tablets and phones to get started.
  • If you are impaired physically or have problems writing in the English language then Dragon Naturally Speaking may be something to consider. Even people who can not type and can not write the English Language create compelling blogs with Dragon’s help.
  • Again, you will need training that makes sense of all the tools and processes of affiliate marketing. You can learn just about everything on YouTube but unless you have a system that puts things in order you will likely fail.
  • The other tools you will need are Keyword Research Related like Jaaxy. (note: a Lite Version is included in Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership)
  • A quiet or semi-quiet place to work.
Making money online through affiliate marketing

What kind of Personal traits will make me successful in Affiliate Marketing?

Studios go-getters do well. If you set goals and work hard to accomplish them this is for you. People who are willing to learn and willing to take on the role of a teacher also do great though these skills come with experience and training. You need to be someone who is NOT A QUITTER.

It will take 6 months to 2 years to build a substantial income from any business so don’t be fooled by get-rich-quick bull poop. You also can’t do this free realistically, an investment will be needed in training at the least. There is a demand of time. Anyone tells you 3 hours a week works is wrong or a fraud looking for your money, but 3 hours a day can build a part-time income in time.

Above all, you need the love of helping others because a person out to make money seldom gets that personal connection with the readers or builds loyalty. You need to offer honest solutions and products you know will help people and not just throw every possible affiliate link at them. Passion is a must, you need to be evangelical about your niche and love what you are doing.

What Kind of Investment will I need?

Wealthy Affiliate offers some most affordable training online with the benefit of No, Upsell. An upsell is when a seller gives you one piece of the puzzle for a small price and then sells you the rest in different add on packages for increasingly larger prices. I recommend WA because of the one price for everything as well as the quality of information. When I joined 5 years ago I had already been a professional blogger for 11 years and I have learned so much from Kyle Loudon Carson Lim, and Jay Neill since then.

Wealthy Affiliate membership offers a monthly package at $49 a month with a discount to $19 on your first month of premium if you take the special offer within your first 9 days. You can pay by the year like I do which at $495 saves you a whopping $93 off the monthly rate. Included is the Domain Name mentioned Below, a Master Class with Kyle Loudon, and 100 Community Credits.

Above this, you need your own Domain Name $13-$15 a year. When choosing a domain name it is not needed to include your niche or keyword. What works better is short, memorable, and brandable. Tide, for example, doesn’t have the words Laundry Soap in it. Google doesn’t say Search Engine and Facebook is not a book at all.

Advertising is helpful but not required.

Some marketers will prefer to buy some products they review. I suggest a budget of $100 a month if you prefer to do this. It is not required as research done in a thorough manner is often more accurate than personal use because you can get a bad or good product while a million other people have the exact opposite experience.

If you don’t follow our suggestion of WA Premium Membership you will need other training and website hosting.

Shopping online becomes the norm post Covid-19

My Opinions on a Post COVID-19 online business world.

In a Post Corona Virus or COVID-19 world, we will all continue to progress towards shopping online, using online ordering and pick-up or delivery services for groceries, and other shopping needs. The less time in stores and fewer personal contacts will be ever-present in our mind as the best protection against future illness.

Those of us who do online work and work from home will in many cases choose the security of an online economy and stay out of the workforce. Our bosses laid us off, more than 10 Million of us in the United States alone as of this post. They were not able to be counted on so we will increasingly look to replace them Niche like mine in the Make Money Online interest group will be booming for years and even decades to come.

People will get back to a sense of normalcy but it will be a different normal. We will travel again and there will be a lot of focus on building infrastructure but even those industries will seek equipment and tools through online sourcing. Millions of businesses will either open online options of move entirely to the online world opting for options like small warehousing or drop shipping over a storefront filled with purchased merchandise they stand to lose money on.

There will be less need for store clerks and Retail managers. Management will lead to experienced retail consultants but low skill workers will need to learn new jobs. Unemployment will soon include online work options and help people transition to a more digital world. The Webinar will continue to be a powerful tool for affiliates and product owners.

Summary of: What Is The Best Work At Home Business In 2020

Don’t be afraid of the future. For over 80,000,000 people the future is already here working entirely or at least partially from home. Why failure rates are high most failures come from a lack of understanding of key factors in business.

The first is that you must pay your business for up to 2 years before it pays you back and generates a profit. This is the case online or offline.

The second is that people quit when the going gets hard instead of pushing through obstacles. It is too damned easy to make excuses.

The third is the number of people who don’t do research before jumping in on business opportunities. From training to products to promote, and even the niche we choose research needs to be done so get reviews and ask opinions. Not everything is a scam but enough are to do your own research.

Lastly, people want easy and fast and chase unrealistic dreams. They also take no for an answer instead of finding ways to say yes. If you think you have no money to invest think of the things in life you waste money on and then ask do those things pay you and offer the promise of financial freedom?

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42 thoughts on “What Is The Best Work At Home Business In 2020?”

  1. Truly, the elephant right now is this virus and it was sad when I saw that some people are actually being laid off from work because if it. It’s probably the best time for anyone to hunt into an online business because that is the only thing that can make anybody some money right now and affiliate marketing like you said is the best way to go. It gives one the freedom of being a self made money maker without a boss. Wealthy affiliate is the best place to start too. With the best training and the best tools and support, making money online has never been better.

    • Hi Riley, What I love most about affiliate marketing is just about any niche, can make endless money. If you focus on your training and apply what you learn as you learn it you can make a better living than you did in your old job with the security of being your own boss. No overhead, no product to handle, the companies close the sales. You just broker information helping people solve problems they face.

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for sharing with us how you’re able to make money online. I have, for a time wanted to persue this. But before COVID-19 things were always waiting to be done for my job and I had no time to research about working from home.

    Do you know what? Now I’m officially unemployed, LOL. So I’ll definitely check this Wealthy Affiliate thing. Thanks for this helpful article. 

    • Sadly here in the US alone, 10 million new people are having to say that same line. I am officially unemployed. Starting your own business is a prime opportunity and affiliate marketing puts the risk on established business leaders and allows you to relax, write, and promote. Here’s to your success in Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hello Andy, with the current situation of the world and the pandemic causing businesses to close, people are beginning to see more reason to go into online businesses and left to me affiliate marketing is the best will ask anyone to try. With the right training and steps, one can build their site and go with a good niche to start up their business. As a newbie I will advise you to stay under the supervision of someone and that’s why i recommend wealthy affiliate 

    • Hi Benson. I couldn’t agree more. I have known many an Internet millionaire, including Russell Brunson who tours at times with one of his mentors Tony Robbins. We all need people to teach us the things we miss and help us to hold ourselves accountable for the results. I am glad to be a mentor and a student.

  4. Hi Andy,

    Indeed, Amazon is not the only option and there are a lot of better options available. Share-A-Sale is one of my favorites.

    For sure Affiliate Marketing is the best work at home business. As you mentioned, before going through the earning we need to go through the learning. Without learning about making money online people what to earn money that too immediate and fast money. That’s the reason many people fail.

    So joining the right training platform is the key and Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform I came across online that provides top class training on making money online.

    I do appreciate you for providing the information that it will take 6 months to 2 years to build our online business. You have provided great value via your article. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    • It is always saddening to have someone join a program and instead of hitting the get started or training button they hit the live chat and ask how they make money here? I often ask them have you made money anywhere putting the quest for a link before the quest for training? Even in a Just Over Broke they train you before you get to officially work there. If you don’t do the training you stop working for them and don’t get paid.

  5. I am blessed to see such an informative article. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about The Best Work At Home Business In 2020. Affiliates can be one of the best ways to earn online. Affiliate popularity is increasing day by day. This post is good for Affiliate marketers. In my opinion, Affiliate is better than any other earning option. I will follow this article in my Affiliate life. This post has inspired me. I hope this information works for Affiliate marketers. Thanks for presenting it beautifully. I’m so impressed.

    I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about The Best Work At Home Business In 2020. Thanks

    • Thank you Tanvir, I appreciate the social shares and applaud your choice in stable careers. A home business is the new business leadership opportunity and being an entrepreneur has never been more affordable with such a low bar for entry.

  6. In this era of this global pandemic, working at home is really going to be helpful and rewarding. Affiliate marketing is really a best option for home workers, but without the  right skills and method, one will just end up wondering around.

    And wealthy affiliate is the best platform for learning these skills, I have been with wealthy affiliate for some time now and it’s really helping.So I’ll really recommend wealthy affiliate. 

    • Hi Sheddy, I hope we run into each other at WA. It would be great to talk to more of my readers there since so many are connected in some way to me through our 2 million-strong community. If mentorship is what you seek and questions need answered we have thousands of people ready to grow together. It’s why I have paid my annual membership dues the last 5 years.

  7. I think affiliate marketing is a great endeavor because you can literally turn any passion into an affiliate marketing business. I mean, you could be passionate about the game of chess (I’m not, it’s just an example) and literally use the game to promote books, theme-based chessboards, apps pertaining to chess, and many different avenues of the game that I know nothing about. 

    But you don’t have to stop at affiliate marketing – you can use affiliate marketing to get your foot in the door to selling your own products in your niche. Perhaps you wrote your own book about the game of chess and are using an affiliate marketing site to sell it as well as other related products? You can even create an online course involving the game.

    There’s literally so much opportunity here in affiliate marketing that I believe more than a few of those who lost their jobs may realize that a year or so from today, losing what may’ve been a promising career might just be a blessing in disguise. 

    • Todd, what an amazing comment and yes even Chess can be an explosive niche as millions of people around the world are players. I wrote an article a while back on retirement niches for men and it shows you some great ideas for how even aging can become a financial windfall.

  8. Thank you for a very comprehensive article on working at home in this scary time. I agree that affiliate marketing is the way to go, as you can sell someone else’s products and save yourself the investment of buying stock.

    I do believe that building an online business now is the way to go. You actually have a lot more freedom than you do in a 9-5 job because you can plan your day the way you want it. It is necessary to work, but you are your own boss. What could be better? I am glad I’ve found a chance to work online.

    • I worked late 3 nights in a row on my business while one of my little ones had trouble sleeping. Today my morning alarm went off and I fell back to sleep for 5 hours. Had I not been working entirely online I could have been fired but I didn’t fire me. My boss is so nice now. Kidding aside, building a business is hard work and we will never tell you that you will get rich quick here but you can make a substantial income in as little as a couple years if you are determined and apply what you learn daily.

  9. The elephant in the room is quite real for many now. I enjoyed reading your article. You are so right. Working from home is becoming more and more the norm. I like how you adress the actual cost of starting a business from home. Too many people jump into online marketing with a quick money making mindset. Online business is like you say just like building any other business. It takes time. What I think is good about working from home is that I can work with what I love and it gives me back more than just money. I develop new skills and get a unique experience no one else have.

    • Working from home is FREEDOM from home. You have so many choices and your passions are like gold. You can build any dream business and do it for far less than the offline world. 

  10. Consistency is the key to success on affiliate marketing and there must be to a degree of confidence and consistency with diligence to ensure success for any affiliate marketer. This is really good to see here and thanks so much for sharing this post out here. To be honest, this post has covered virtually everything that is required to work at home doing affiliate marketing. I learnt quite well here

    • Hi Ella, thank you for commenting. I have barely scratched the surface of affiliate marketing in this post but you are welcome to learn more through these pages and by taking the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate above. The first 10 lessons are free and by the end of them, you will be able to build your own WordPress blog.

  11. Home businessess and online marketers no doubt will flourish especially during bad times, Andy. In the meantime, “My Coronavirus Cat” is my own ongoing real-time story that is currently taking place right now in the epicenter of Covid-19, New York City. ? https://youtu.be/XzZa0V8CZkM

    • Kaju my friend, I am still praying for you in the epicenter of contamination in NYC. Glad to see you are taking precautions when out but don’t take high risk. Be sure to get on and blog more, the income will help as much as the activity will maintain sanity in insane times.

  12. This is probably the best post I have seen out there that talks about affiliate marketing. You have opened my eyes here to all I need to know to be successful as an affiliate. I just started my own journey to being an affiliate marketer and now I see you have so much important details about it here. I’m glad to learn what you have written here. Cheers!

    • Proud to help you on your journey. Id there a specific area we can address in the future that you really wish to know? I would love to see what readers come up with for topics.

  13. Affiliate marketing is definitely the best opportunity to work at home and make the best use of this covid19 lock down period to stay at home and be productive. Personally, I like the offer that is presented with it because I love to work without being under any boss and this is what affiliate marketing offers besides, being able to get started with little or no capital is another good thing here. Great post I must Say

    • BOSS = Big Old Soul Sucker

      JOB = Just Over Broke

      SUCCESS = No Boss, No Job, Paid for your Passion, not your time.

  14. This article finds me right at the moment where we are being advised to work from home and yet my kind of work can’t be done at home so I’m pushed to want to give this a try. Im planning on having an online sneaker shop and I think having a site and using it to promote my own products would be great. 

    I think it is about time we quit looking for ways to make quick money online because I’ve been scammed before, 6 months trying to build an online business can be quite long but patience and consistance is the key. It will be worth all the work.

    • Think 6 months is long I have been at this 16 years. I found a great deal of success, had a nervous breakdown and lost everything, and now I am building back up like a Lion. Stick with it, my friend. Success is not fast but it is within all people’s reach.

  15. Hi Andy. When I came to the point about which personal traits are needed I thought I would see coding or tech savvy abilities indirectly spooned to us. But I’m surprised to see that it’s perfectly fine to not be a tech savvy and still be able to become a successful affiliate marketer. Your post has encouraged me to give affiliate marketing a try. Thank you very much! 

    • It used to be we needed those tech-savvy attributes but now the systems are such you can build a website in a matter of minutes using just a few buttons and have it ready to face the world in 1-3 days. Now we can start to focus on traffic generation and search engine rankings with only a little training and be making money in a few months instead of it taking years pr countless dollars.

  16. When we came to 2020, COVID-19 caused a great crisis, many people lost their lives, and many people stayed at home, maybe they lost their jobs. This also made me realize the importance of online business, Fortunately, I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 and started my online business. Even if I don’t need to work full-time now, I still have an income every day.
    As you said, the best job at home in 2020 is still an online business, but we need to choose an optimal platform, such as WA.

    • Exactly. The training received here is not aimed at tech people. It is aimed at the average person be it a McDonald’s cashier, a blue-collar machinist, or someone displaced by corporate downsizing. We have women, and recent high school graduates on the same path as former internet guru’s looking to reclaim what once was with new skills and new connections. We are black, white, brown, and Asian. We come from everywhere to learn and earn together.

  17. Great read! We have and continued to use affiliate marketing to fill in any voids that we do not personally cover through our business. If we find a product or service that we know or feel can be of benefit to our clients, or readers, we feel as though it is our duty, to make them aware, and thus potentially provide additional benefit. Choose what you market carefully and for the right reasons! 

    • A great product, even when not your own can be the best tool in repeat business. Sam Walton taught us when I was with Wal-Mart to first check our local stores and if we as a company could not satisfy the need to find them someone who can. I was often telling people about another store that carried a brand they wanted because Wal-Mart carried something different in our local market. These were the kinds of customers that call the 1-800 number to brag about your customer service. Affiliate marketing is customer service in a nutshell.

  18. Congrats! 

    People really appreciate clear steps to be followed, real examples, viable sustainable ideas, and not just zero added value information, terms definition that can be found at a simple google search. 

    Obvious advice, not having a message, motivational speech are present all over the internet jungle, instead actual patterns and directions like yours are hard to be found.

    Keep it up! 

    • Thank you for your comment. You are right, most places work in sound bites where a structure is the most hidden secret in success. You need to have a structured method of learning and to set yourself a schedule for the goals you wish to accomplish on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases. You learn all about self-accountability and half your game is won.

  19. Hello there, It’s great to see so many opportunities. People often say how much they want to leave the corporate world and change the way they earn money but “they can’t”. And I think the reason is fear. They fear that working from home might not work out immediately. There are countless opportunities if you want to work from home and every excuse
    is just due to lack of courage.

    • Fear is a menacing thing you have to face down to be a success at anything. My biggest fear was spending the next 40 years with someone else deciding how much my time is worth and how much I would have to put in to be able to live a nice life.

  20. Hello there, Choosing your business you can start with something as simple as picking an activity you enjoy. If your passion is marketing, for instance, you could follow the path of many stays at home entrepreneurs, who are into digital marketing or MLM or affiliate marketing. Thanks a lot for sharing I hope it helps others.

    • Definitely. As one of those stays at home entrepreneurs, I get to see all of those first I was missing when I worked management jobs. No more missing graduation dinners and awards ceremonies because something burned up in the kitchen or someone stole a fuel nozzle at Allsup’s. Yes, it happened. I was there for the birth of each of my children but missed most of their first words. NO MORE JOB IN THE WAY OF LIFE!

  21. For me,Freelancer, online job is the best. Why? Because you are not spending money to put up that kind of business. All you need is you hark work, knowledge, internet connection and of course your computer. No bankruptcy issue in the long run.

    Affiliate marketing is another very good option too,althoug its most time affected by some factors but i tell you its another good option.

    • The only real factors in any business are time and you. If you take the training, apply what you learn immediately, and work hard you will make a lot of money in affiliate marketing.


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