What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

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What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online And How Do I Get Started?

In a perfect world, you could make money online fast and free with only the skills and interest you already possess and maybe a little training from an expert. Fact is, making money online really can be that simple but the training will cost some money and you could find it is a few months to see substantial extra earnings. That being said I doubt you want another lame article about doing crappy surveys and getting your inbox filled with SPAM. So What is the Easiest Way To Make Money Online? Information and product sharing called affiliate marketing.

Easiest Way To Make Money Online

How to start an Online Business you will love?

Well as the perfect world scenario specifies you need something you are interested in and have something to offer. This doesn’t have to sound like a money cow or cash bovine, and you need not buy lottery tickets to get there. Fact is you can turn any hobby, interest, or even work experience into good money. In a few moments, you will see a couple of ideas on how to get started in making money from people who share your interest, and who knows, you may soon be the person your boss or ex-boss depends on most for more than just being a hard worker. Example: You rep their newest supplier for profits online.

What is this mystery to make money online easily and fairly fast?

Don't be a Survey Site Victim

Well, it’s not those idiotic survey sites, don’t bore me with that pennies on the dollar less than minimum wage crap. If you are doing surveys you probably know you are lucky to make minimum wage if you have a dozen people you referred to the business working with you. The effort in Survey sites is massive and the payout is about worthless in terms of changing a life or giving you a new outlook.

A Home Business or work at home opportunity should be something that is fun and makes enough money to satisfy your needs and even give you room to grow into a full-time income. I am here to tell you that added income could be as little as 30 days away and you might even fire your boss within the next 3 years working under 30 hours a week doing something you love doing.

So what is the easiest way to make money online?

The answer to your question is affiliate marketing. See every interest and business on the planet has products that relate to it and those products being sold online have affiliate programs that will pay you a commission or portion of each sale for bringing friends, family, and other hobbyists who buy these products. Remember I said your boss could be your best customer. Imagine if you are or were a Mechanic and suddenly opened the bosses eyes to new tools and training programs found 100% online through your affiliate links?

You never have to touch a single piece of inventory or make an actual sales pitch you just review the tools and training systems on a blog or website you run and show it to the people you know and people you meet. Hey boss, would you look at this? Click, Buy, Commission!

What tools are needed for the easiest way to make money online?

Start a Blog for Easy Money Online

You will need a blog, certain tools for keyword or search term research, and training. Luckily we can get those big 3 out of the way through one source that will cost you a minuscule $49 a month or $359 a year depending on how you choose to save money. I say save money because the professional Keyword tool included in this price is easily worth $49-$97 a month, the managed WordPress Hosting is worth another $30-$50 a month bought elsewhere and the training system is worth over $2,000 with an endless peer support system and weekly training webinars that would be an add-on of $47 to $67 a month in other programs.

Click here to read our Wealthy Affiliate Review and Here to read our Wealthy Affiliate Update. They are well worth your time and will help you make sense of the cost.

How easy is it to make money online?

I will not kid you or pull your leg. The first 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate are free and can be read through and implemented in a couple of days time. They will help you set up your blog, and learn to create a good structure and even write your first post. Some people have turned that knowledge combined with the Wealthy Affiliate in house affiliate program into enough money to afford to go premium out of profits. Others, however, have found themselves wanting more and upgrading to take advantage of the $19 first month offer in as little as 24 hours of joining. That offer is available for your first 7 days as a free member but we are talking about you and how serious you are about making money online.

Click here to and Join me at Wealthy Affiliate Now! Upgrade Today to Receive My 3 Million Monthly Visitor Formula as a Bonus!

You’re someone who wants the training and needs to know how to make online money. You want results in the quickest time possible and to be able to scale up into a life-changing amount at will. You’re most likely to go Premium the minute you see the value in the WA offer.

Are there companies you recommend for affiliate offers?

Here are a few of the biggest retail affiliate programs you can join. With them, you have access to thousands of merchants and hundreds of thousands of products in every niche known to man or woman. The best part is they are free to join and you could have your first check in hand in a few weeks time.

1. Amazon.com Their associate’s program is one of the largest online and the oldest.

2. Strong Future International. Also, one of the webs oldest affiliate programs both products from over 3 thousand merchants. The company is over 20 years old and handles everything from individual products and auctions to online games and shopper rewards programs like Rewardical. Their newest website offering helps people like you understand retail sales and increase sales for your own store or affiliate commissions using good techniques and up-to-the-minute Intel to get a jump on other affiliates. Read more about Ecommergy Here.

3. ClickBank.com This is the largest source of E-books and Digital Training courses online.

4. JVZoo.com is an upstart servicing the same categories as ClickBank with special focus on software and scripts for automation.

5. Share-a-Sale is one of the biggest multi retailer Affiliate Networks online. Hundreds of merchants offering over 1 million products paying commissions averaging 4-15% on products like soaps, lotions, electronics, and toys.

So here are some examples of what you could do to make easy money online.

I was a cook and kitchen manager. Some of my niche markets include recipes, and restaurant management tips. I can promote cookbooks, meal delivery companies, culinary arts programs at colleges around the world. Restaurant supplies, Point of Sale Terminals, Credit Card Processing and more.

I love collecting Sports Cards and Memorabilia, so I will have a running blog on my favorite sports team(s) and promote everything from collectibles stores and sales on sites like E-Bay and Amazon to baseball cages and tackling dummies for people participating in my favorite sports and let’s not forget the huge commissions on ticket sales and training camps.

Like to read? Review books for a living promoting authors, titles, and more using Amazon, promote their Kindle readers and Audio Books, find old books online and resell them for a tidy profit, or just use the affiliate programs to suggest them to your readers.

Fishing is a great niche for making boat loads of money online

Love fishing? OMG are you in for some nice commissions on everything from $1 lures to $40,000 fishing boats and seasonal guided retreats.

Any Passion can be a money marker online and help you earn money easily and quickly from home. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or even a Jack or Jill of all trades, you just need to love something enough to learn about it and care about others who share your interest enough to share your passion with them.

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Andy Anderson

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12 thoughts on “What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online”

  1. Hi Andy!

    Great review and as part of the Wealthy Community myself, I completely would recommend Wealthy Affiliate interested in making money online. However, I may not say it is the easiest, but one of the most effective ways to have success and earn money. I think people who really want to make money online have to put in a lot of effort and time to make it happen, but Wealthy Affiliate really guides you through all the process and makes it easier. 

    I hope more people joins the WA community thanks to your post. 



    • Compared with all other methods to earn a substantial amount online affiliate marketing is, in fact, the easiest. If you want to make money doing referrals or Get Paid to Sites like Swagbucks and ClickSense you need to recruit others, that’s affiliate marketing so now you are doing surveys and learning how to be an affiliate marketer for example? Name anything online you don’t have to learn to do and then learn to promote and I’ll take back calling affiliate marketing the easiest.

  2. Andy,

    In your opinion what is easier? Affiliate marketing through blogging, or marketing affiliate marketing? I am really leaning towards trying to make money via a niche area through blogging, reviews etc. because there are some things I am passionate about that I think I could help people find great products, at cheaper prices and then use affiliate marketing to do so. However, I am learning a lot about other MLM and PPC companies that seem to offer the ability for people (WA as well) to make substantial money reviewing, recommending, and training people in affiliate marketing instead.

    Just thought i’d ask your two cents, since you seem to have done both successfully.

    I just joined WA recently, and am loving the level of education they provide in their premium channels. For the insanely low price of $49 or even the year subscription (which is a huge discount), you get so many tools such as the keyword search and data engines, the WordPress SEO packs, etc. I priced it out and you can’t get any of that stuff for less, all in one place, and with the ease that they provide. On top of that, there is such a large support network within Wealthy Affiliate.

    Best wishes, and thanks for the tips in advance.

    • Ken, you summed up the WA experience nicely. AS to how I prefer I am finding it just as easy to be an affiliate of affiliate marketing as any other niche you choose, just you will find more crap products in the online business field. There are thousands of scams being run every minute of every day and you have to be on top of your game to out the bad ones while giving kudos to great resources.

      I spend a lot of time on other scam report sites and blogs to get feels for what is currently burying people and who the bad guys in marketing are. The time that I might have been using to go fishing to write a review of a local lake for example or try my newest fishing lures.

      There is also an abuse factor to take into account when deciding to review scams for example. My first big scam I outed sent over 90 members to try and scare me into shutting up. FTC said Andy 1, scammers 0 but it was tough for a bit. Still, I love what I do and am starting a site on my love of Baseball soon to continue my journey as a product affiliate as well.

  3. Making money online is the goal of any of us online marketers, especially in the beginning. Many sites promise quick money and pie in the sky, costing time and money. Your explanations are great and lay out the substantive and procedural aspects of starting a WA business. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliates?

    I  see that a large part of our efforts will have to involve reviews of websites, services, and courses. From your explanation, Wealthy Affiliates University has a fantastic program. I like how you described it as fully functional and honest. When I first encountered  WA, online I read a lot about it and researched many others and started out for free but realized that if my plan was to make money I had to be willing to put money in, so I became a premium member. You explicate WA contents, elements, and training process very seriously and succinctly. This is my first real venture into the online space and after much research, I settled on Wealthy Affiliates. I felt that they could deliver on the promises that most affiliate marketing sites make. You’ve helped hone my thoughts.

    Thanks for this good information. 

    God bless you!


    • Hi Ronald. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for nearly 5 years now and love every minute of it. My favorite part is peer to peer support within the community. We learn together, joint venture, problem solve as a team and the education is never outdated and always a steady stream so you can never feel complacent thinking you know it all because sure as shoot Jay, Kyle, and Carson will show you otherwise in short order.

  4. Is there any easy way to make money online? Even those crappy survey platform find it difficult to pay reasonable payback after services. Those that pay reasonable amount ended up being a scam at the long run. They are indirectly telling people that there is no cheep success. This wealthy affiliate of a thing is also not a platform you can start making enough money to be independent during the first two months. You have to work with your quality time, efforts, commitment,and patience before you can earn $1000 after six month or three years. This is for those that does not have shiny object trait. All this mean there is no online business that are there to get you rich quick except those ones that have bitter ending. Wealthy affiliate is just recommended because it is real and you reap whatever efforts you put in. Thanks for this review.

    • Stella, I was burned on the survey routine about 14 years ago. To date, the Yahoo mailbox I used back then still gets nearly 4,000 spam messages a day, so I know you speak the truth. You may note I said easiest not easy as nothing worth doing ever came easy. Wealthy Affiliate does work and people have reported the success of some degree in as little as 30 days and substantial earnings in as little as 6-8 months but it depends on 1. your attention in study. 2. Your ability to apply what you learn. 3. The volume of content you produce.

  5. Your article hit home for me.  I’ve been trying to earn a little bit of extra money online by signing up for surveys.  The amount of time I spent was ridiculous!  They seemed to never end and the worst thing was all the spam I started receiving.  It is definitely time for a change and it sounds like affiliate marketing is the way to go.  I looked into it previously and it sounded like too much work, so I went down the survey path.  Let me tell you, that was a mistake.  I’m reeady to work hard for myself, and not for someone else.  Great article!  Just what I needed.

    • Hello Mike.

      Affiliate Marketing is also one of the easiest ways to make money online. You will find that anyone making money with surveys has referred hundreds of people to the task of doing surveys for small chunks of income. In short, they had to become good affiliate marketers to make decent sums of money with surveys.

      Fast forward to being an actual affiliate marketer and the same referrals earning you pennies a month can be earning you hundreds or even thousands and ten thousands of dollars a month. You just have to learn about content creation and place the right products within your blog and posts.

      An example would be the fact I tie in Wealthy Affiliate and their Affiliate Blogger Training Platform into this post because people will read it and instantly seek the knowledge of becoming an affiliate marketer. The training there has really helped me step up my game and I had been online working as an affiliate since 2003 and didn’t discover WA until 2014.

      All you do is pair products that fill needs and you will make money online with affiliate marketing.

  6. Hi,
    Is there any easy way to make money online? Making money online is the goal of any of us online marketers, especially in the beginning. Many sites promise quick money and pie in the sky, costing time and money. Your explanations are great and lay out the substantive and procedural aspects of starting a Wealthy Affiliate business.

    I just joined WA recently, and am loving the level of education they provide in their premium channels. You explicate wealthy affiliate contents, elements, and training process very seriously and succinctly. This is my first real venture into the online space and after much research, I settled on wealthy affiliates. I felt that they could deliver on the promises that most affiliate marketing sites make. You have to work with your quality time, efforts, commitment, and patience before you can earn $1000 after six months or two years. All this means there is no online business that is there to get you rich quick except those ones that have a bitter ending.

    I found positive inspiration for this!

    • Yes, there are easier ways but no easy way to make money online. Nasrin, I have a feeling you will go far in this business because you have a firm grasp on what it means to earn success. I am glad to help you on that journey. I hope you fall even more in love with the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


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