Writing Your First Blog Post.

Writing your first blog post and doing product reviews.

The scariest thought in the potential bloggers’ mind comes as you think about writing your first post and doing product reviews. It’s this way because confidence is always low when you try something new and unknown. You might have done creative writing in school or done a hundred book reports, but this is a blog, it’s a new medium to take in and the world will be watching.

Writing You First blog Post

Yes and no. Someday the world will be watching, but no these are not new skills.

Doing product reviews is like writing a book report. You don’t have to own the product to write a stellar review because the internet is full of research (Google It). Sure, it helps to have first-hand knowledge and the photos with product help. But the idea around a product review is to outline the good and bad and sometimes we can’t see the bad if we are overwhelmed by the good in a purchase.

Example: We could be doing product reviews on socks and get a great pair. But the company may be sending out pairs with holes to a third of customers.

Example: We might enjoy a glass of orange juice but find the company has had 17 health-code violations in two years.

When doing product reviews do not just trust your personal results.

Dig deeper and do the research when doing product reviews. Digging for dirt on a product may sound counter productive to affiliate marketing. Readers, however will not trust a site that only gives positive reviews. People also surprise you and will buy something despite the negatives. Honesty is always the best policy when doing product reviews.

What kind of information to use when doing product reviews?

Every product is different when doing product reviews but there are some things that stay the same. There is a need to discuss features. Those are the things a product does to solve the other important factor Needs. Testing is huge, but social proof is even better so include some customer reviews. Always credit the source of the review. You will need to conclude with overall rating of value yes/no, or score.

Example structure for doing product reviews.

  1. Three reasons we need this product (Needs)
  2. Top 5 features of the product. (solutions)
  3. Full product details and description.
  4. Pros – why to buy the product or buy from the merchant.
  5. Cons, any negative feedback. You don’t have to write a bible but if the product is a dog let them hear the bark.
  6. Summary of review.
  7. Any points or rating system.
  8. Customer feedback from other reviews. (Social Proof)
  9. Customer feedback mechanism such as comments section on your blog. (more social proof and User Engagement)

When doing product reviews keep in mind that like everyone we can get it wrong. Get it right as often as possible and people will follow. Handle failures delicately. You may find someone who lost their family in a house fire from a faulty switch or defective tire. These people may be irate, but sooth them by asking them to tell their story and make your review better. See if they can help contact other people who have had this issue and offer to write a followup review. The effort t will be rewarded and show humanity and humility on your part.

When doing product reviews there will be trolls in them hills.

When reviewing products and companies in the home business field. I run into strong resistance from Scammers and well-meaning affiliates. I did a review on a company offering an unethical business model they hid under the promise it was drop shipping. In doing a product review make sure you are right and be prepared to have to do further research.

Embrace Trolls they feed you traffic

In my case I researched the product and ignored the pay plan which was a classic HYIP Ponzi Scam. (HYIP = High Yield Investment Program and Ponzi is a matter of promising cash for cash without product of value.) Since scams draw thousands of scammers they came to this little blog in droves and buried me in claims of if it’s paying me how can it be a scam. They also kept repeating that unethical didn’t make it illegal. They told me my ethics shouldn’t affect their wallets and it was like 30 of them reading from same speech.

The outcome:

I am still doing product reviews with a page one ranking they gave me for their program of choice, and I haven’t seen the program advertised in quite some time. Fact is when the government was done a lot changed in their business model due to fines. Because I was right before going ahead I gained readers and the blog grew.

Is there a real secret to doing product reviews to be successful?

Quality Review Post

Honesty is always the best policy. If you make a mistake, correct it in a public manner. It’s better to retract a claim and save face. Doubling down on oops makes twice as many mistakes. Above all keep on a rigorous schedule. Since my gold mine post, I sort of let this blog dilapidated while I worked on several other projects. I went from weekly or bi-monthly post to posting here and there. With no consistency readers left and I am basically rebooting the blog with a 90-day blogging challenge to get back to regular writing. Write a minimum of 1-3 times per week and you will do good with your blog but always start out with the 90-day blogging challenge to reach success before you cut back.

Summary: What we have learned about doing product reviews.

In this post you have learned that mistakes happen even when you try the product yourself. That product reviews can be done like book reports and you don’t always have to own one. You learned a structure for doing product reviews. You learned about trolls and organized criminal scammers. Then you learned about success steps to make your blog golden and growing. Doing product reviews is an awesome way to make your other content stand out, but look at creating reviews with a niche in mind for the best effect.

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8 thoughts on “Writing Your First Blog Post.”

  1. Hello Andy

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post on how to write first blog post.
    Product reviews always been my problem in writing a blog post. Every time I start to write, I’ll always get stuck where I can’t imagine how the product works since I don’t physically have it.
    I can see where you are going with the content structure you have shared above.
    I’m going to implement with my upcoming product review.


    • Samm, some of the largest consumer reports site operate almost entirely on feedback from readers and reviews found elsewhere. They just compile the data and while having the product is a boost you will find it just as easy to write a non-biased review by doing good research.

  2. Andy, thank you for sharing another awesome post. 

    Writing your first blog post can be an incredibly daunting experience. Writing that first post as a review post is an excellent idea. Product review posts give you a well-defined subject to write about. If you choose a fairly popular product to review then your research task becomes much easier as well. Using a consistent structure for review posts also makes it easier to write because you already know how the post will be laid out.

    I never really considered that writing a blog is much like writing a book report. That is a great comparison. That is especially true when writing product reviews as a book report really is a kind of product review for the book. 

    Have a great day and keep sharing these nuggets of wisdom.


    • Hi Mark. You nailed it. People think Product review eek because they don’t see that correlation but if you finished the 3rd grade in school you have written a few reports you had to study and research to find your answers. Even with a product in hand and personal knowledge of how it works your results could be in the minority so doing diligence and checking out other consumer reports is a great idea all the time.

  3. Hello Andy :), 

    This is an interesting post on writing your first blog post and even though the topic is aimed at new website owners and content creator, i sure enjoyed and learned a few ideas from reading through on writing a product reviews as i have experienced those fears you talked on.

    My biggest take away would be the value of honesty as you want people to be able to trust your reviews . Thanks

    • affiliate_ghost love the username. A couple of years back I had a review about a now defunct and government shut down Drop Ship product that was a total Ponzi scam and the troll they sent tried to eat me above but in the end the Government stepped in, I was proven right, and the controversy added a ton of sign-ups to another program I gave a positive review on without my even advertising that page. If your content is strong and your trust is established your results will be GREAT.

  4. Hi.

    Well written and interesting reading. What you write about “Example structure for doing product reviews” is definitely a keeper :). I’m writing previews myself and I have some problems, I feel stuck, and probably a bit depressed. Because of your post, it will be much easier now.

    Thank you very much.


    • AndrevjIt’s a pleasure to know I have helped you at least understand some of what is blocking your progress. Reviews get easier in time but are definitely cash cows even if you don’t give a favorable review to a product you can still be a winner overall.


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